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UK resident – selling a overseas property

A friend asked me how capital gain on a overseas property is calculated. I thought I will give an example enumerated by HMRC in its guidance. 92 more words


Exempt importations

  1. Agricultural and marine food products in their original state;
  2. Livestock and poultry yielding foods for human consumption;
  3. Breeding stock and genetic materials;

Polished and/or husked rice, corn grits, raw cane sugar and molasses, ordinary salt and copra are agricultural food products in their original state. 660 more words


Investment Taxation

Happy #FinanceFriday ! I hope all of you have used the skills you’ve learned from reading these articles and started investing for your future. With Tax Day just behind us, its fitting discuss taxation on investments. 458 more words



It is a business tax. Without any business pursued in the Philippines by the taxpayer, the tax cannot apply.

  • In the course of trade or business means the regular conduct or pursuit of a commercial or an economic activity, including transactions incidental thereto, by any person regardless of whether or not the person engaged therein is a non-stock, non-profit private organization (irrespective of the disposition of its net income and whether or not it sells exclusively to members or their guests), or government entity.
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Imposing GST on low-value imports doesn’t level the playing field

Kathrin Bain, UNSW

The government wants to extend GST to imported online goods under A$1000, effective from 1 July 2017, with… 894 more words


How rich are teachers?

With the details of the 2016 School Workforce Survey still awaited, we have to turn to data on salaries from the 2015 Survey, effectively reflecting pay during the 2014-15 school-year. 584 more words