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The Truth on Taxation

Let The Truth Be Told

After reading the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by author Robert Kiyosaki, my mind had began to grow a new perspective on finance and why the rich don’t get taxed as much as you think they do. 519 more words


Even Jeremy Corbyn Knows He Can Never Win A General Election

With the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn actually being the Leader of the Opposition becoming ever more likely, the debate has switched to whether he is ‘electable’. 859 more words

General Comment

The Singapore Elections 2015 Part 2 - Income Inequality

As I mentioned in a previous post, the elections in Singapore will likely boil down to 5 topics, (1) CPF, (2) income inequality, (3) healthcare, (4) childcare and education and (5) immigration. 632 more words


The Nevada Brothel Workers

When I was young, somewhere between the ages of 11 and 16, on Friday nights, my mother used to take me down to Hollywood Boulevard, so we could visit the different little shops they had there. 870 more words


An Overview Of Taxation of Non-resident Companies in Nigeria

It is a known principle of law that every entity, be it an individual or a corporation, is subject to tax to be imposed by a relevant tax authority within a year of assessment. 1,369 more words

Legal Articles

Finanzausgleich - quod licet iovi, non licet bovi

Dirk Löhr

Was sich der Berliner Jupiter leisten kann, steht noch längst nicht dem kommunalen Ochsen an.  Und vor allem der Berliner Jupiter hat den Steuerstaat fest in der Hand. 3,039 more words