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The causes of the American civil war

What caused the american civil war.

The usual answer is it was all about slavery, the north under Lincoln wanting to abolish it and the south with the large cotton plantations wanting to keep it. 132 more words


New Non Taxable Income: Salary at 3 Million per Month is Free Tax by 2015

Indonesian government will enforce new maximum limit increasement of non taxable income for individual tax payer. That Financial Minister proposal is already approved by 10th Commision of Indonesian House Representative and will be formulated to be official regulation as revision of Financial Minister Rule No. 324 more words


Get ready to file your tax return

The tax filing deadline has been extended by a month to 31 August but that should not be a reason to be complacent about it. It’s best to get over with the task as soon as you have your tax documents in place. 184 more words

Tax Saving

Taxing Mama Putt

I am not too surprised that many of the figures from Nigeria Statistician General, Dr Yemi Kale has brought about lots of questions from many interested Nigerians. 364 more words


Let's Talk About Form 990 Part 2 - Filing Requirements

In recent years, thousands of tax-exempt organizations have lost exemption status for failure to file a Form 990 for three consecutive years. In this article, we write about the filing requirements under the tax law because we believe this tax information is especially important for nonprofits to know. 389 more words

IRS Tax Compliance

Indonesian Big Market and Tax Compliance

Indonesian Republic is a Southeast Asian country which crossed by Equator located between Asian and Australian continent and between Pacific and Indian Ocean.

Beside the fact above as a developing country which has many residents at 250 million people approximately, has a lot of ethnic diversity scattered in many islands (around 17,500 islands), Indonesia being a big market for global business. 222 more words


time to unfurl the patriotism

here’s to a festive, felicitous independence day weekend for america!

what and how do the states celebrate?

let’s head back in time, when it once became paramount to separate from a country that had the audacity to impose taxation without representation. 165 more words

Fourth Of July