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Tax Competition: A Necessary Liberalizing Process to Discipline the "Stationary Bandit" of Government

Mancur Olson (1932-1998) was a great economist who came up with a very useful analogy to help explain the behavior of many governments. He pointed out that a “roving bandit” has an incentive to maximize short-run plunder by stealing everything from victims (i.e. 841 more words



It’s that time of year again. Yesterday I received in the mail a fat packet from my CPA containing a “tax organizer” designed to help me wade through my past year’s finances. 263 more words


New Lecture Owner Related Transactions in Limited Companies / Ägartransaktioner i aktiebolag

A few months ago I updated a lecture on owner transactions in limited companies, according to the Swedish Companies Act, tax laws and accounting standards (text in Swedish follows further below). 502 more words


Innovation & Taxation & Economic Growth

There have been some really interesting articles on innovation, hot desking & all things Brexit & Trump, very similar to 2016.

Yet the two items that are really the challenges in 2017 are taxation & economic growth. 495 more words

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The U.S. Citizen: Coerced and in Debt

Representation. Whatever the philosophical arguments there may have been between those revolutionaries who favored a government staffed through appointments or one based upon representation (no group to my knowledge advocated direct or popular voting- which did not occur until the 1820’s), the American Revolution in the late 18th Century was borne of and remained tethered to as its driving cause the fact that Great Britain had denied representation to the Colonialists, and yet felt free to tax them at will and for their own sole purposes. 1,913 more words


musings on salary cap

I had already considered the need for a salary cap, as mentioned in some older blogs. The fact that Corbyn and his team have hit on this, as a solution to inequity, has caused me to commit sume of my own musings to blogdom. 1,543 more words