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Tax reform, the hard way. How Morneau and Trump screwed it up

Tax policy by Leona?

A long, long time ago, I learned in business school the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance. Simply, one is legal, one is not.  1,383 more words


Five Weak Arguments against Tax Cuts from Bill Clinton's Former Treasury Secretary

Left-wing columnists at the Washington Post have hit upon a theme. In late October, Ruth Marcus wrote a column asserting that tax cuts are “dangerous.” 1,156 more words


Mitch McConnell’s Middle-Class Tax Hike

Also: Al Franken, should he stay or must he go?

Published: November 17, 2017 at 05:30AM


from NYT Opinion http://ift.tt/2AOpd7u

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GOP Tax Plan--2017

I listen to the lying toad Paul Ryan give his speech about the newest tax plan to get hammered through the House….his words made it seem like us poor working stiffs would be sitting pretty and that jobs would be thrown at us ad nauseum…..the problem is it is all typical GOP LIES……he had to make sure to state that there had not been a tax reform since 1986…..a typical talking point. 544 more words


Hot Take: Income tax is a bad tax regardless of political alignment

In light of Seattle’s upcoming court case on income tax, and the national fights over increasingly arcane components of income tax policy it’s time for a a hot take! 777 more words

Basic Income

An End of Year Financial Check List

Important for your Financial Health

By Patrick Bourbon CFA

The last few weeks of the year are often a mad rush so we thought that it is a good time to share this checklist of important items to consider before the calendar year ends, all related to your investments and finances so that you can reach your goals and dreams faster. 192 more words