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An open letter to Santa Fe's City Council: the Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax will only make the poor even poorer!

I am writing with extreme concern about the proposed “Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Tax Ordinance” and I’ll get right to the point: The ordinance speaks, at great length, about the health risks associated with consuming sugar but keeps a painful fact hidden within the Pre-K window dressing: Poverty is the main factor in an unhealthy diet and is also the main association with developing addictions. 443 more words


Business Taxation and Connecting the Dots on Tax Rates, Tax Base, and Tax Revenue

For more than 30 years, I’ve been trying to educate my leftist friends about supply-side economics and the Laffer Curve.

Why is it so hard for them to recognize, I endlessly wonder, that when… 452 more words


VAT Registration on purchased businesses

A new client, a husband and wife partnership, which was set up to acquire a dry cleaning shop as a going concern and at the same time to buy the goodwill and customer list of a clothing alteration business. 279 more words


Grundsteuerreform: Das Damoklesschwert des Bundesverfassungsgerichts

Dirk Löhr

Im Blogartikel vom 16.2. berichteten wir über den offenbaren Unwillen der Regierungskoalition, die vom Bundesrat im Herbst 2016 beschlossenen Gesetzentwürfe zur Reform des Bewertungsgesetzes und des Grundgesetzes (als erste Stufe der Grundsteuerreform) im Bundestag behandeln zu lassen. 321 more words


The Sun: The cost of money

My most recent outing in the Sun, which is more of a commentary than an opinion:

And yet, if one thinks about it, it’s not money we really want, but what money can get us, right?

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Subscriptions and Tax

Paying subs and deducting them as expenses because membership is work-related? If the organisation is not on the HMRC Approved List, your subs may not be tax-deductible.