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Trick & Trap


The Jewish religious leaders in Jerusalem were still looking for an opportunity to bring Jesus down (187). They bribed some men to pretend they were sincere, and they sent them to trick Jesus with questions.   186 more words


Scam Alert: Fake Phone Calls To Return IRS Refunds

The Internal Revenue Service is warning taxpayers of a quickly growing scam involving erroneous tax refunds being deposited into their bank accounts. The IRS also offered a step-by-step explanation for how to return the funds and avoid being scammed. 623 more words

Successful Business

Tired - a short story

Once upon a time, I worked at an accounting firm. I was running from the moment I clocked in until the moment I clocked out, and I even worked a Saturday. 165 more words

Another House, Are We Nuts?

We’re buying another house. We sold the last one in August 2017. Serendipitously, we sold before the new tax bill laid waste the deductions homeowners in high tax states held so dear. 883 more words


Citibank Weaponizes Finance To Target Political Enemy, Firearm Sales...

In 2008 the American taxpayer was a “client without a voice” when Citi-Group demanded a financial bailout. TARP followed as the largest bailout in history, and Citibank got the… 620 more words

President Trump Reluctantly Signs Omnibus - MAGA Community Feels a Little "Less Great" Today...

There’s no escaping the reality that today’s Omnibus spending bill is a significant slap in the face to Trump voters and supporters. The $1.3 trillion UniParty spending scheme is a bitter rebuke from the legislative branch. 987 more words

Prepare for possible surprises a year from now because of the tax law

The Miser’s 3 Things:

  1. Your paycheck probably went up because of the new tax law.
  2. You’ll want to check that you’re getting the right amount to prevent surprises on next year’s tax return.
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