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Bill Gross Sees a Bleak Future for Investors

Investors hoping that their portfolios will be able to pay for retirement are about to be sorely disappointed, according to legendary bond king Bill Gross. 570 more words

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It's complicated

A recent report notes that 39% of the world’s smokers hail from India, a number the Indian government is anxious to reduce.  To do so, it has increased taxes on cigarettes precipitously, a move that has worked to disincentive smokers in other countries. 292 more words

IRS Flips Pensioners the Bird

Your tax dollars are hard at work once again!

From Accounting Today:

IRS Decision May Save Pension Plans $18 Billion

“The Internal Revenue Service’s decision not to update mortality assumptions to reflect today’s higher life expectancy could help corporate pension plan sponsors save at least $18 billion in 2016 as they continue to calculate minimum funding contributions according to outdated models.” 401 more words


401k's - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I want to share with you items to consider before investing in a 401k.  Some of those items are the tax ramifications and the control over your money you will be forfeiting.  48 more words


Thoughts on Litter and the Financial Impacts

Pet peeves.

Many of us have them, but thankfully I don’t have too many. In fact, I consider myself to be a fairly easy-going person and take pride in how I always try to turn a negative into a positive. 430 more words


U.S. citizens living in Canada have a lot of extra tax-filing hoops to jump through

U.S. citizens living in Canada face an enormous tax-filing burden. Not only do they have to file Canadian tax returns, but they also must contend with U.S. 554 more words

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The Impossible Fight Against America's Stadiums

By Chris Heller

Pacific Standard

What’s America to do about its stadium problem?

Over the past 15 years, more than $12 billion in public money has been spent on privately owned stadiums. 360 more words