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Kimicata Corporation Has Underpaid Its Taxes by $26,429

Kimicata Brothers Inc. is grossly underpaying taxes for its land and has completely avoided paying taxes for its large commercial building. The picture below shows the Kimicata house and the hangar-sized building that it is using for its commercial operation. 62 more words


Kimicata Should be Paying 4000% More Taxes for Its Land

Can it really be true that the Kimicata corporation should be paying 4000% more taxes for the land that it is operating on? Property taxes are split into taxes for the land and taxes for the buildings. 223 more words


Use PsyWar Principles to Stop Clinton and Biden

By William A. Levinson

“Intelligence in 21st Century America” by Joseph Cotto explains how Americans can elect an empty suit like Barack Obama, and come close to electing ones like Al Gore and John Kerry.   231 more words


Know A Wilmington Senior In Need Of Tax Relief? Senior Tax Work-Off Applications Available

WILMINGTON, MA – The Senior Property Tax Work Program enables elders 60 years and older, with low to moderate income, the opportunity to work off a portion of their property tax by working part-time for the Town. 168 more words


Who's Image? Mark 12: 13-17 October 11, 2015

*This week is the first week out of six, of focusing on discipleship at Lord of the Hills Lutheran Church in Centennial, CO. We are expanding our stewardship focus to recognize that generosity is a spiritual practice and part of being made in the image of God. 1,510 more words


Constitution Daily: NCC Staff: No Taxation Without Representation!

Source: Constitution Daily: NCC Staff: No Taxation Without Representation!

It is not often that I blog about no taxation without representation and perhaps I should blog about it more, because it is a clear issue as well as constitutional violation. 544 more words

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