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Where US Taxes Go

Governments operate because of taxes (and going into debt). Where that money goes isn’t as obvious. According to Yes! Magazine;

Health care is the biggest item on your tax receipt.

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The Bigger A**Hole


Down in Fresno, the debate over what is and what is not “Free Speech” continues to boil over, thanks to Randa Jararr. Oddly enough, simply by putting that name into the Facebook post discussing what she said and the reactions to it, the Facebook algorithm will automatically pounce on it and limit the showing of the post to a grand ToTaL of roughly nine people. 157 more words


Tax record retention guidelines for individuals

What 2017 tax records can you toss once you’ve filed your 2017 return? The answer is simple: none. You need to hold on to all of your 2017 tax records for now. 337 more words


Nothing But Death and Taxes, Friends. Death and Taxes... and Hope

Dear Gentle Reader,

Last week was the most dreaded of the US “holidays,” even more so than Valentine’s Day. Yes, sadly friends, I feel that Valentine’s Day is on par with National Grilled Cheese Day. 415 more words

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the Whole > the Sum of its Parts

Tax Time!  I dread this every year, but realize of course that my money goes to things we need in the community – good schools, trash pickup, road maintenance, and the list goes on… yet I’m sad to see that money go out of my pocket, if I’m completely honest.  166 more words


Cutting Taxes Is The Easy Part...

As the new header says the GOP just loves to cut taxes but that is the easy part.  They just don’t seem to be up to the more difficult part of cutting spending, or at least cutting it where a majority in Congress will agree.  208 more words



Clearance Certificates

Australian Residents 

If the property you are selling is over $750,000.00 you are required to apply to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) for a clearance certificate.  588 more words