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With this CPA in Pensacola, FL, you will never go wrong with the IRS

Finding an efficient CPA will prevent you from having any complication with the IRS. Efficient public accounting services form the backbone of successful modern economies. Public accounting has become so crucial in these tough times when economic crises are the order of the day. 497 more words

More on the Deduction Fairy

By James Kwak

I wrote two days ago about the fairy tale that you can lower tax rates for the very rich yet avoid raising their actual taxes by eliminating those mythical beasts, loopholes and deductions. 473 more words


Talk of the Town, December 1, 2016

Larry Rifkin took the day off, so I was invited to fill in for him on Talk of the Town for the day.

First hour, I talk about Fidel Castro and the Southern Poverty Law Center, before welcoming Dr. 169 more words



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Tax code changes in 2017, how will they impact you?

Dear Mr. Market:

You’ve posted some very impressive performance since Donald Trump’s victory in the recent presidential election. While the debate will continue in regards to what changes will take place with the new regime in Washington D.C., individuals are contemplating how they will be impacted. 878 more words

Financial Planning

City Determines Path for Distributing Tax Increases

By Mark Gerlach

The City of Newburgh came to a fork in the road pertaining to its 2017 budget this week – distribute a tax increase among homestead and non-homestead properties, or dish out a sizeable increase to non-homestead properties, while homesteads would receive a tax decrease. 304 more words

How Many Jobs Did Trump (Pence) Actually Save?

Donald Trump is making America great again by handing companies trying to move abroad sacks of cash. Well, actually, Governor Pence did that, but don’t let the details about Federalism slow you down. 511 more words