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Personally Funding this GODFORSAKEN CITY

I AM LIVID. (Read all caps as if I’m yelling because I am.)

Two weeks ago, I got a ticket for having an expired inspection sticker. 587 more words


WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Long time, no see. No new update has been posted in this space for a few weeks, so allow me to jump around and offer a brief recap. 1,454 more words

Tom Mulcair Says NDP Won't Tax Super-Rich

This article shows some interesting data percentages on taxing the middle class and the super rich.Althou the posted date is past, ideas reflect attitudes and intentions of party candidates. 224 more words


Tax Time for Music Teachers

This is a re-vamped post from last year. Most sole proprietor or independent contractor teachers are knee-deep in tax paperwork right now, and I wanted to put out these helpful links again.

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Small Business Owner

From Naivety to Left-Wing Politics to Libertarianism - My Political Journey

When I was 16 I attended a seminar about exploitation at a local university. The seminar leader asked us to discuss how we are victims of capitalism. 783 more words


Filing Your Taxes

Its important to file your taxes according to the lovely government. Perhaps its all about “the man”, surveillance and the attempt to strip us of our money. 211 more words