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Why is April 15th the Deadline for Filing Taxes?

Doonan Tax Services provides tax preparation services to a wide variety of individuals, including doctors, lawyers, and civil servants. Doonan Tax Services offers one-on-one consultations, and when the client is satisfied with their tax return, it’s processed and filed the same week. 184 more words

April 15th

The tax hassles of owning and selling a cottage or second home

As summer winds down, and families prepare to congregate for one final long weekend at the cottage before the school year begins, the tax and estate planning issues surrounding the sale or transfer of your vacation property may become top of mind. 951 more words

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Let's Talk Politics

This week, I watched in horror as a city I find quite lovely became ground zero for a display of some of humanity’s worst impulses.  Hatred, prejudice and violence were on full display.   649 more words

Ted: Jonas Eliasson: How to solve traffic jams

Interesting Ted Talk on using government intervention to solve traffic jams. While it’s not presented by an economist, he uses a lot of economics concepts throughout the talk.

Meddling With Markets

Can we see fascism among us?

It is easy to see fascism in violent demonstrations, but what about more mundane examples?

  • Attacks on Muslims and other minority groups.
  • Organized attacks on public education.
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Are Illinois Taxpayers Being Shortchanged by Corporate Subsidies?

New ILEPI series shows giveaways often don’t deliver as promised, disadvantage underserved communities, and are outperformed by investments in education and infrastructure. 835 more words

If Companies Won't Pay Your For Your Data...


…then maybe we should make them. I’m getting ahead of myself here. With all of the hullabaloo about Mark Zuckerberg possibly running for president (though probably in the wrong party), it’s worth remembering just… 640 more words