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ACA Repeal: The Latest

The Senate proposal is out. The proposed law is 142 pages of (perhaps unnecessary) complexity, and, given the rushed nature, probable errors. But it’s out. 854 more words


Anti-Globalism: It's Time to Grow Local Economies by Giving Them the Tax Incentives, Not Corporations

If we want to save the American economy, we need to do it locally everywhere . No more hoping some corporation will move a plant or home office to our state; no more bribing the mega-rich conglomerates with tax cuts to create a few hundred jobs on our turf. 1,826 more words

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High Property Taxes: Why You're Paying So Much | Money

Income taxes are probably top of mind right about now. But for many homeowners, high property taxes are an issue year-round. What’s to explain why property taxes are such a burden in certain parts of the country? 11 more words


Don't Get Scammed By 'the IRS' [VIDEO]

A few weeks ago, I received a voice mail message that I needed to contact the IRS immediately or else I was going to be arrested. 342 more words

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RBS is moving hundreds of jobs to India, workers and taxpayers lose out

The Royal Bank of Scotland, which is 73% owned by the government, is planning to cut over 400 jobs in the UK to India, “as part of an ongoing cost-cutting drive”. 69 more words


Hurry Up And Die: The American Wealth Care Act

By Jason Taylor

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a “long game” of sorts by then President Obama. Knowing he couldn’t get all of Congress on board for what the true goal was “single payer” the Republicans did a “work around” and started dismantling Medicaid on state levels which cause insurers to drop out of some states. 1,301 more words

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Email #200: "fishing expedition"?

I am pleased that the President voluntarily submitted a new, 98-page financial disclosure form months before he was legally required to and that the Office of Government Ethics released the form publicly this month. 408 more words

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