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Bully this!

There has been much in the news about bullying and that is good.These tactics are destructive and have a lasting damage on their victims.Hopefully the age of the bully will be short-lived.However some of these strong arm individuals employ similar tactics in the business world and today I would like to single out the tyrants that control Uber. 227 more words


Miss Mousy

The other day, a lovely new friend gifted our cats a wonderfully charming little catnip mouse she had made. The ladies love it!


St. Louis Taxicab Regulator Files Suit Against Uber

ST. LOUIS (AP) – The battle between St. Louis-area taxicab regulators and Uber has escalated again with a new lawsuit that seeks to stop operation of the ride-hailing company in the region. 454 more words


Random cat picture, just because

Our beloved little Taxicab helping GJ make a drawing.


National Review Cover: Uber and Goliath

In the August issue, Kevin D. Williamson writes:

“…Uber’s ability and willingness to serve underserved communities and to provide a technology end-around for some of New York City’s most charged social problems — unlike the situation when you’re hailing a cab at 96th and Lexington, on the Internet nobody knows you’re black — have made it more difficult for the so-called progressives to dress up their cartel-servicing as consumer protection. 188 more words
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