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Random cat picture, just because

Our beloved little Taxicab helping GJ make a drawing.


National Review Cover: Uber and Goliath

In the August issue, Kevin D. Williamson writes:

“…Uber’s ability and willingness to serve underserved communities and to provide a technology end-around for some of New York City’s most charged social problems — unlike the situation when you’re hailing a cab at 96th and Lexington, on the Internet nobody knows you’re black — have made it more difficult for the so-called progressives to dress up their cartel-servicing as consumer protection. 188 more words
U.S. News

Uber über alles? Ride-hailing services are coming on stronger than ever.

Business travelers have spoken with their wallets.

It looks as if a major milestone has been reached in the battle between “old world taxis” and “new world… 794 more words


Taxicab Messiah

Taxicab Messiah by (Kidneythieves)

My god loved the whores and babies
My god never noticed a sin
My god grew and killed the daises
My god threw the towel in… 96 more words

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Does Uber spell Utter disaster for the Taxi industry?

The definition of the word Uber means “super, extreme, or outstanding.” Given the recent events and the way the Uber Ride Sharing system has bogarted onto the market, these terms could describe it both in a negative or positive light depending on who you are. 847 more words