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Italy vs. America: Battle of the Bureaucrats

Since the Bureaucrat Hall of Fame is getting crowded, I’ve decided we need a system to limit new entrants.

So today we’re doing an experiment. We’ll look at two separate stories about lazy and overpaid bureaucrats, and the comments section will determine which one actually is most deserving of joining the Hall of Fame. 1,064 more words


A New Member of the Moocher Hall of Fame

About one year ago, I decided to create a “Moocher Hall of Fame” to highlight how certain people went above and beyond the call of indolence in their efforts to sponge off taxpayers. 426 more words

Government Spending

Obama's New Budget: Burden of Government Spending Rises More than Twice as Fast as Inflation

The President’s new budget has been unveiled.

There are lots of provisions that deserve detailed attention, but I always look first at the overall trends. Most specifically, I want to see what’s happening with the… 1,124 more words


Great Moments in Wasteful Spending...or Great Moments in Bizarre Regulation?

Every so often, I share stories about the ridiculous and outrageous way in which the federal government squanders our money.

Big Government

The Amazing Adventures of Super Bureaucrat!

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no it’s Super Bureaucrat!

Actually, look to New Jersey, because you’re going to see a taxpayer ripoff that will get your blood boiling. 634 more words

Big Government

Block Granting and Decentralization: The Sensible Way of Reducing Rampant Medicaid Fraud

When you work in Washington (and assuming you haven’t been corrupted), you run the risk of being endlessly outraged about all the waste.

But not all waste is created equal. 524 more words

Big Government