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Get ready to file your tax return

The tax filing deadline has been extended by a month to 31 August but that should not be a reason to be complacent about it. It’s best to get over with the task as soon as you have your tax documents in place. 184 more words

Tax Saving

Military industrial complex structures U.S. economy

The economic role of United States military expenditures has been of crucial importance for at least 75 years, particularly in times of depression and recession. The current economy has never fully recovered from the Great Recession of 2008. 877 more words


Letter: Planning department project is innovative

Re: Developers to get ambassadors within planning department, June 1.

The City of Ottawa Planning Department’s Client Relationship Leader pilot project has come under criticism but it should be heralded as an innovation with the potential to save taxpayer money and foster needed economic development in our city. 267 more words


How we waste dollar$ on the Border Patrol drone program?

Click to enlargeMatt York/AP

A U.S. Customs and Border Patrol drone aircraft lifts off at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, AZ

Over the past two fiscal years, Customs and Border Protection – CBP – drones helped nab less than 3 percent of the drugs seized by agents in the few sectors where they were used, according to CBP’s own figures.

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City of Alexandria Launches Online Real Estate Taxpayer Receipt | News Release | City of Alexandria

The City of Alexandria has launched a new online Real Estate Taxpayer Receipt to help real estate taxpayers better understand what percentage of revenue funds each programmatic area of City spending. 330 more words


Restitution or Vacation in Jail?

Restitution is the act of returning something that was lost or stolen. In my view it is far better for a victim of crime to receive restitution than it is for him to have to pay for the criminal to go to jail with his taxes. 304 more words


Government plans to offer Corinthian students debt-relief package


The U.S. Department of Education announced Monday its plan to forgive the federal loan debt of students who attended Corinthian Colleges, a now-shuttered chain of for-profit schools operating under the names Heald, WyoTech and Everest colleges. 636 more words