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Happy Birthday, Taylor Schilling!

Happy Birthday, Taylor Schilling (Piper Chapman)!

July 27, 1984.

Taylor turns 31 today.


The Overnight

Making friends as an adult is hard. This much we know. Sex can be complicated, and awkward. This much we all know very well. But when posed with the challenge of making friends and breaking out of your shell despite all the misgivings of being socially or sexually awkward, it can be extremely challenging. 555 more words


I Watched Atlas Shrugged Part I So You Don't Have To

A disclaimer: I don’t hate Ayn Rand. Or, at least, I don’t hate her in the performative way that someone who falls on the left of social/political lines is supposed to hate her. 2,881 more words


Nighttime Shenanigans: "The Overnight" and "The Gallows"

Quick reviews for two movies that take place over the course of basically one night.

The Overnight

When I saw two elderly women get up and leave the movie theater before even half the movie was through, I thought they were making a mistake. 786 more words

Pop Culture

The Overnight (2015)

“I want to stay here forever.”

While sitting through The Overnight, squirming in my seat with a hand often covering my mouth, I felt a looming sense of dread. 603 more words


I LOVE THE NIGHTLIFE: The Overnight and Eden

First, a word from our sponsors. Ever wonder what a reader for a contest or agency thinks when he reads your screenplay? Check out my new e-book published on Amazon: Rantings and Ravings of a Screenplay Reader, including my series of essays, What I Learned Reading for Contests This Year, and my film reviews of 2013. 2,146 more words