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Movie Review: The Lucky One

An already sappy Nicholas Sparks book turned into an incredibly sappier movie. I watched this movie shaking my head pretty much the entire time going “Ok what are the odds of this?” I’ll give you the answer: ZERO! 491 more words


The Titan - Film Review

If recent sci-fi films are any indication, the 2040’s are set to be a rough decade for humanity. Netflix’s latest genre offering, The Titan, is set in a 2048 where nuclear fallout is making vast swaths of land uninhabitable and overpopulation is making life unsustainable, with the sole hope of survival being relocation off-world. 727 more words


Clip of Taylor Schilling and Tom Wilkinson from 'The Titan'

Here’s a short clip of Taylor Schilling and Tom Wilkinson in ‘The Titan’


Taylor Schilling

Cute video of Taylor Schilling with a fan

Here’s a short video of Taylor Schilling with a fan 

#THROWBACK | When @TaySchilling was filming #Descendants and was the absolute sweetest person ever. I’ve always loved her so much, but that day knocked it out of the park.

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Taylor Schilling