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Taylorsville Lake Report

This was another one of those days I almost wish I had stayed home. I got a late start and didn’t get to the lake till about 1pm. 359 more words

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A Simplified Perspective

Sometimes light and shadow need to rest and do so in the most simple and beautiful perches, which they seemed to have learned from the birds.


Algal blooms pose danger to livestock

Recent news reports of unsafe drinking water in the Great Lakes area has drawn national attention to toxic algal blooms. In Kentucky, cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, recently were found in Green River Lake, Taylorsville Lake, Barren River Lake, Nolin Reservoir and Rough River Lake at levels that prompted a recreational advisory. 772 more words


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Have you ever have a week when you should have just stayed in the house because you were not safe to be around? I had my week. 817 more words

Taylorsville Lake Fishing Report

I decided to go try Taylorsville Lake yesterday afternoon. The water was clear, down about a foot from summer pool and 71 degrees. The water was allot warmer than I had expected. 174 more words

Taylorsville Lake Report

My best friend Jack and I went to Taylorsville Lake this afternoon. The water was up about 6 inches. It was muddy around Van Buren and for about a half a mile into the main lake. 146 more words

Taylorsville Lake Report

I went to Taylorsville Lake this afternoon. The water was alittle above summer pool. The river from Van Buren up is muddy. The water temperature was 75 to 77 degrees. 217 more words