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Taylorsville Lake Report

Just got back from Taylorsville Lake. Thank goodness for the wind. It was very hot and humid and the only reason I stayed was the wind helped keep me cool. 225 more words

Taylorsville Lake Report

To be honest I hadn’t plan on doing a report on Taylorsville Lake. I went to the lake to try out my bass boat to see if the repairs had corrected the problem. 355 more words

Taylorsville Fishing Report

I went back to Taylorsville Lake today. I could only fish for about 5 hours, It was about the only place I could fish. All the creeks are running to high. 272 more words

Taylorsville Lake Fishing Report

I needed to take my bass boat out and make sure it didn’t have any issues. I will be taking it to Canada next week to go fishing. 310 more words

Taylorsville Lake Report

This was another one of those days I almost wish I had stayed home. I got a late start and didn’t get to the lake till about 1pm. 359 more words

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