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Will I Overcome? Not This Time

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My fortieth class reunion is tonight. I am not going. I would but the people I held most dear during that time on my life are not coming or have passed away. 628 more words


Anxiety Attack

I am having an anxiety attack – lawyer called and he had my stuff on hold as I have not gathered the paperwork he needs. “That is the easy part,” he stated. 283 more words

TBI Survivor

Critical - TBI Needs to Have More Awareness / Understanding

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I once lived in a world with the unknowers. Those who did not know about Traumatic Brain Injuries nor of the vast number of people who this, at times life long, issue effects. 1,320 more words

TBI Survivor

Infatuated with Life

via Daily Prompt: Enamored

Enamored, a word not often used in day to day verbiage.  Defined it means to be filled with a feeling of love, to be in love with, smitten by, or merely having a liking for something is to be enamored with something. 471 more words


Rhyme and Rhythm is Gone

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There is a rhythm to life that seems to stand upon the threshold of time. It is one that takes us through the days, the weeks, the years until we meet the maker of our life. 216 more words


Homage to God and Nobody Else

via Daily Prompt: Homage

As days pass and the years go by I seem to see many things in a different light. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I have survived near death. 746 more words


Ohio Buckeyes

Buckeyes – most think of  a football team.  Me? I think of the actual nuts of the trees that grow along the field on the west side of our home. 325 more words

TBI Survivor