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Online courses may widen achievement gaps.

The rise of online learning has forever changed the educational landscape.   Online courses enable a greater number of students to have access to a higher education without all the added time and financial costs that traditional campus learning requires.   206 more words

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[Video] The illusion of skin color.

From TED Ed:
“Nina Jablonski says that differing skin colors are simply our bodies’ adaptation to varied climates and levels of UV exposure. Charles Darwin disagreed with this theory, however, as Jablonski explains, Darwin did not have access to NASA.”

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25th Annual Southeastern Conference on the Teaching of Psychology


Please join us for the 25th Annual Southeastern Conference on the Teaching of Psychology (SETOP). Sponsored by the Kennesaw State University Department of Psychology and Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, the 25th Annual Southeastern Conference on the Teaching of Psychology is an opportunity for teachers of psychology to discuss and share experiences and techniques. 90 more words

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Two Webinars for Students and Faculty this Week! Jan. 15 & 17 (Advanced) Writing Article Reviews & (Basic) APA Writing. Register Today!

Do you help understanding journal articles and writing article reviews? Need help with APA writing formatting? Need some one-on-one tutoring with these subjects this week?  1,592 more words

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Two Webinars for Student and Faculty on Sept. 4 & 5: (Advanced) Writing Article Reviews & (Basic) APA Writing Format & Citations. Register Today!

Do you understand journal articles? Need help with APA or MLA formatting? What makes an effective PowerPoint or Prezi presentation? What’s the best way to use… 1,610 more words

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