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Thyme and Rosemary T-Bone Steak with Potatoes and Broccoli

Happy Saturday!

I don’t think there is a meal out there that is more satisfying than a steak. To be honest, I eat burgers more than I eat steaks, but when I do have a hunch for a steak, I just have to have it! 974 more words

Dine In

Beef Made Easy

Beef is not just beef. Shanks, briskets, sirloins, top side, ground, cubed, rib. It’s all the same animal, but it requires different cooking methods depending on where on the cow it comes from. 25 more words

Food And Drink

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Bysteak Steak House

İşte yine önyargılarımın beni yanılttığı bir yerdeyim. Hiçbir öneri ve tavsiyeye dayanmadan, Kabasakal’ın önünden geçerken görüp gidelim dediği ve önyargılarımdan ötürü bir kaç hafta gitmeyi ötelemeye çalıştığım mekan uzun bir aradan ve iki ziyaretten sonra buraya yazmak istediğim bir yer oldu. 394 more words


Steak Treatise: Cuts of Steak

There are many different cuts of steak, with many different names, and while there are significant differences between them, not everyone knows what they are. Considering how integral this is to the rest of the series, I’m going to review the basic types of steak, where they come from, and the pros and cons of each. 1,257 more words


The Good Samaritan

Everyone knows that one of the most brilliant things in life are the good samaritans of the world, who do something amazingly nice for you and just put a massive smile on your face. 498 more words


Big Ass T-Bone, Grass-fed!

It’s good to know a grass-fed beef farmer.  Even better is to be a grass-fed beef farmer.  We farm and sell grass-fed beef direct and as such, we need to taste a steak from everything we sell.   145 more words