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The WebRTC Race Begins Today

Editor’s note: Chip Wilcox is the CEO of Temasys.

As recently as 2012, it seemed that Web Real-Time Communication, or WebRTC, was so clandestine that the technology was a skunk works project, hidden in a back office somewhere in Silicon Valley. 910 more words


Gillmor Gang: Temporary Filling

The Gillmor Gang — John Taschek, Kevin Marks, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. Topics include Microsoft squeezing Facebook and Google messaging out, or did they says John Taschek? 74 more words


Trying To Hire A Diverse Team Of Engineers? It’s Not Just A Pipeline Issue

Editor’s note: Omotayo Olukoya is an electrical engineering and computer science student at UC Berkeley.

Recently, there have been a flurry of articles discussing the lack of diversity in tech. 1,012 more words


Why Greece Should Not Switch To Bitcoin

Editor’s note: Wences Casares is the founder and CEO of Xapo.

In some discussions about Greece exiting the euro, it has been suggested that Greece should swap… 496 more words


Beware The Pretty People

The tech industry used to be home to a disproportionate number of misfits and weirdos. Geeks. Nerds. People who needed to know how machines worked; needed to take them apart, make them better, and put them back together again. 1,020 more words


White House Drops 'Consumer Privacy Bill Of Rights Act' Draft

In a late-Friday release, the White House published a draft of its proposed Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights. You can read the full text here… 362 more words


Airbnb Is Raising A Monster Round At A $20B Valuation

Airbnb — the platform that lets travellers book private spare rooms and entire homes as an alternative to traditional hotels — is doing some booking of its own. 505 more words