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Book review: Toxic Town (Peter Little, 2014. New York Univerity Press, New Yo)

Peter Little provides an anthropologist’s view of how the International Business Machines Corporation (better known to most of us as IBM or even Big Blue and perhaps associated with HAL – the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey) managed its withdrawal from Endicott – home of IBM’s first plant. 400 more words

Contaminated Land

Businesses Tied to Local Surge in Leukemia Cases

Schmiddleton AP 12/25/2015

Three business, R.W. Decency a chemical company that makes tools, the tannery owned by Bai Corporation and Firstuni Corporation which manufactures cleaning supplies, have been implicated as the cause of a localized surge in a rare form of leukemia in the Schmiddletown area. 556 more words

The Cat Empire

Walking into the Enmore Theatre, the crowd would give a passer-by no clue as to who was playing in this welcoming venue. From teenagers rocking their Cat Empire merchandise to fans older than the band members themselves, everyone who walked through those doors just wanted to get lost in the music. 416 more words


2016 Renault Scenic TCe 130 Signature Nav

The latest trend in the MPV market is that people have been leaving it behind and buying SUVs instead. So Renault’s response with this all-new Scenic has been to make it look more like an SUV. 9 more words

Clinton receives millions from Dow Chemical; backs away from effort to ban toxic chemical that harms women

Source: NaturalNews.com
J.D. Heyes
September 7, 2016

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton embodies all that is wrong with American politics today, as she has proven time and again. 662 more words


Accelerating to Unconscious Competence

The four stages of learning or competence, often attributed to Maslow, show a natural progression and growth in competence.

  • learners start at unconscious incompetence – they don’t know they can’t do something…
  • 211 more words

2 Simple Steps To Improved Health

Source: iHealthTube.com
Walter J. Crinnion
July 5, 2016

Getting healthier has a lot to do with what goes in and around our bodies. Dr. Walter Crinnion discusses a couple of things we can do to see a drastic improvement in our toxic load and overall health. 14 more words