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Trip To Cochin |MyChronicles007 |TCE IV | Experience Sharing Post

As we are engineering students, we need a regular break from our routine life. Thatā€™s the reason why we go to various places nearby. So this time it is Cochin and moreover this trip has a special focus- Our last College trip. 243 more words

What Does Matters To Me

Locate a Tax Professional or Volunteer Tax Preparer near you!

So you’ve decided it’s time to file your taxes, but there’s just one looming issue: You can’t possibly figure out how to prepare these darn things yourself. 458 more words

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Shellebrate World Turtle Day! šŸ¢Ā 

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If I was to talk to my little girls about turtles at this very moment they most likely would mention something along the lines of kicking bad guys butts and eating pizza, while living under a manhole in New York City. 315 more words


What Are Your Data Telling You?

A BudgetĀ and Schedule Streamlining Review & Summary of Anaerobic Reductive Dechlorination of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

Several previous articles discuss simplifying and streamlining environmental data acquisition and evaluation. 1,187 more words

Environmental Consulting

Book review: Toxic Town (Peter Little, 2014. New York Univerity Press, New Yo)

Peter LittleĀ provides an anthropologist’s view of how the International BusinessĀ Machines Corporation (better known to most of us as IBM or even Big Blue and perhaps associated with HAL – the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey) managed its withdrawal from Endicott – home of IBM’s first plant. 400 more words

Contaminated Land

Businesses Tied to Local Surge in Leukemia Cases

Schmiddleton AP 12/25/2015

Three business, R.W. Decency a chemical company that makes tools, the tannery owned by Bai Corporation and Firstuni Corporation which manufactures cleaning supplies, have been implicated as the cause of a localized surge in a rare form of leukemia in the Schmiddletown area. 556 more words