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Vacation Soapbox: Raise Your Hand if You Spent Maternity Leave on a Beach

It’s August. The month that, at least for most of Europe, gets sucked into the vortex of sunny beaches and whiling away ones time eating tomatoes and day drinking. 1,120 more words

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Theater Mom Interview #2: Amanda Feldman

As women, we preface too many things with apologies. There’s an interesting article going semi-viral these days about how women use the word “just” too often, which is inherently apologetic. 1,946 more words

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The Regret We Can Most Live With

I thought I would be the kind of mom to take my kid with me, and fold him into my life. But what happened is the opposite and I’m not sure why…I subconsciously (now consciously) made the decision to make him first in all things.

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Diego in His Namesake City, or An Argument for Babies in the Workplace

Have you ever brought your five-month old and your spouse with you across the country for a week to the 1,000-person theater conference you’re producing? No? 1,277 more words

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The Amazing Women at TCG Dallas

I’ve been missing for the past few months, altogether consumed by the work that I love and that occasionally eats me alive. In this case it was the TCG National Conference in Dallas— a daring feat by my team that involved re-imagining the entire structure that the Conference had fallen into for years. 392 more words


Color Blind Casting: A Streetcar Named Desire

Are we really still talking about color blind casting?

I know this is old news — heck, the current Broadway run of A Streetcar Named Desire… 430 more words


Jacob G. Padrón’s Whatifesto

Theatre Communications Group
National Conference – Los Angeles, June 2011

New Years Day is typically a bittersweet a holiday for me, but not this year because of an unlikely friend: Facebook! 1,149 more words

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