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On Knowledge Sharing (Part 1)

Earlier today I organized a knowledge sharing session with the development team. The goal of the knowledge sharing session is to discuss the SOLID principles and writing better code. 317 more words

Let’s Code mit Jens Episode 12 released

Ich habe Episode 12 meiner Videoreihe “Let’s Code mit Jens” veröffentlicht:

Weiter geht es mit dem Kontextmenü für Städte.
In dieser Folge erstelle ich die Verknüpfung zwischen dem Koordinator und den Mediatoren der Kontextmenüs. 291 more words


Coding dojo... One year later

Last week’s coding dojo session was a special one, not only because we brought a cake :) but because it marked the first anniversary of those sessions at… 612 more words



*본 포스팅은 개인적으로 공부한 것을 정리하기 위한 글이며 강좌가 아닙니다. 잘못 이해하고 있는 부분은 도움을 받고 싶고 시작하는 분들에겐 도움이 되길 바랍니다. 알아가는 과정이기에 본문은 지속적으로 수정될 수 있습니다.


Test-driven & agile Analytics revisited

In 2014, I went to Berlin to attend “Digital Analytics Hub”, probably the best “conference” in our business. DA Hub evolved out of Gary Angel… 754 more words


Improved matching error messages in Extended-Mockito

I’ve recently made some improvements to Extended-Mockito in the area of failure messages.

In early versions, messages from a failure to match in a verify() 161 more words

Unit Tests

Spock Testing - template for Grails

Spock is an excellent unit and integration testing framework that works with Java and Groovy. It includes its own powerful mocking features and has a Behaviour Driven Development style. 184 more words