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Data Driven Tests with xUnit.net

Writing S.O.L.I.D. code doesn’t only apply to your domain model, UI code etc.. – but in fact also your test code!

In xUnit writing tests usually includes writing a bunch of methods with the attribute… 251 more words


Friction in Software

Friction can be a very powerful force when building software. The things that are made easier or harder can dramatically influence how we work. I’d like to discuss three areas where I’ve seen friction at work: dependency injection, code reviews and technology selection. 1,039 more words

Software Development

xUnit.net vs NUnit, a quick pragmatic comparison

At the beginning of our last project, which was a greenfield project on .NET Core, I was responsible to choose a testing framework, isolation framework and all tools and frameworks, related to unit and integration testing. 503 more words


TDD V1, Chapter 4: Parts 4-7

Part 4: First Impressions

“Well, we’re here… But now what should we do? Can we just… Go over there?” It was getting dark when the twins finally arrived near the entrance to the village. 2,177 more words


TDD V1, Chapter 4: Parts 1-3

Chapter 4: The First Pawn

Part 1: How to Build an Army

Each territory within the Chessboard World was seven miles from one end to the other. 1,788 more words


TDD V1, Chapter 3: Parts 7-8

Part 7: Attachment

“DC, where are Ailyn and Reaper? What the hell did you do with them this time?” When the twins appeared in the middle of Yuri’s freezing cold bedroom, they noticed that their avatars were absent. 1,121 more words


TDD V1, Chapter 3: Parts 1-3

Author’s Note

This isn’t really a disclaimer, since there was already one of those on the Table of Contents page… However, I’ll let you know ahead of time, that there’s a decent amount of sex in this story. 2,235 more words