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Building a Data Manager Part I: Setting Up

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This post is part of a series aimed at beginning PHP coders. Follow step-by-step from ground zero to build a simple data manager… 1,551 more words


Ruby On Rails : RSpec : DDT vs TDD ( Development Driven Test vs Test Driven Development)

The term DDT ( Development Driven Test) might sound like a new term to test practitioners in ruby community

To Be continue..

Ruby On Rails

TDD project summaries (KIXEYE & EA)

I recently spent two years at KIXEYE, building a test engineering group and integrating automated testing into every game team. Significant improvements in development time, scalability and operational cost/quality were directly attributed to the load-testing work I led, driven by metrics for the engineering, QA, producer and executive teams. 330 more words

Self testing code != TDD != Unit testing

Test Driven Development (TDD) has been a buzz-word in the industry for many years now, and with the increasing¬†popularity of frameworks that support isolation of components – and I’m thinking MVC here – TDD is a skill-set that is very much in demand.¬† 511 more words


Test driven development ( TDD )

test-driven development (TDD)

Test driven development is also called test driven design, TDD is a methode in which the unit testing is repeatedly done while on the development. 41 more words

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Test driven development and Behavior driven development


Are you confused with Test driven development and Behaviour driven development?

The testdriven development is Based on the Unit testing of each individual module, 92 more words

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