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Code Retreat Omaha 2015

Activity and community are very strong parts in development, most notably the Omaha Code Retreat (Code Retreat is a yearly meeting across the globe where developers find time to have fun and learn to be better developers.) held their meeting this November with the problem of solving… 441 more words

Learn To Craft at Microsoft

A few weeks ago I was able to attend an event hosted by Microsoft France about the software craftsmanship movement named “Learn to craft… 1,046 more words

Software Craftsmanship

On Pull, Entropy and Bottlenecks

A common scenario

Teams tend to work on features from the entry point in, pushing the behaviour through the system. In my experience this is almost always a bad idea, and I’m going to explain why, and offer some alternative approaches. 1,161 more words


Why I do TDD

People give many reasons for why they do Test-Driven Development (TDD). The benefits I get from TDD, and thus my reasons for practicing it, are given below, in order of most important to least important. 544 more words

Software Development

Concurrent Unit Tests with Service Locator

My talk at Microsoft Summit created a nice discussion with some of the participants about writing isolated unit tests when using the Service Locator. 1,305 more words


My Collection of Coderetreat Session Practices – Part 2

If you are looking for some new ideas for your next coderetreat your are in the right place. This posting describes a second set of 13 session practices for coderetreat. 936 more words


Expected exceptions

Sometimes you want to verify that an exception is thrown in your code.

Let me show you three different ways to verify that the expected exception has been thrown. 659 more words