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TDD Survey 2017

TDD Survey 2017

I created a survey on TDD .

The aim was to uncover any patterns in usage, and discover issues that people face. 1,091 more words


Early Access: JUnit 5

I was testing one of the news that are about to be released: JUnit 5. The first impression is that it has a lot of cool functionalities, such as parameterized tests, improved Exception assert, grouping tests by Tags and etc. 490 more words


TDD with .NET Core and Visual Studio Code

In this post we’ll see how to create a .NET Core solution with two projects with using nothing but the command line. Once that is setup, we’ll do a bit of TDD using Visual Studio Code. 1,126 more words

How To

Let's think about Test?

Actually not exactly how to start, learn how it works is a bit easy. There’s loads of tutorials for free that teaches how to do Unit Tests and UI Tests and teaches it proper good. 272 more words


Let’s Code mit Jens Episode 15 released

Ich habe Episode 15 meiner Videoreihe “Let’s Code mit Jens” veröffentlicht:

Aktuelles Thema: Posteingang
Nachdem nun der Posteingang geöffnet und geschlossen werden kann, erstelle ich ab dieser Folge ein List-Control, welches alle Transportanfragen kompakt darstellen soll. 544 more words


Samples of jUnit tests for old project

Today I wanna show some of the cases when Unit tests helped me do refactoring and keep eyes on codebase changes by programmers who works remotely. 782 more words

More tests, more fun

Since the Summits, there has been some interest in the test framework I keep flogging on this blog, and rightfully so, imnsho!

They say that no plan survives first contact with reality, and the same is true for those who have started to use the framework. 687 more words