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Testing your sharepoint repositories

In this article we will see how to test your sharepoint repositories, as we said before writing unit test for them isn’t easy. I don’t think you can test drive them or that it would help, at the very least it would be too slow. 642 more words


How to TDD - Part 2

As my previous post taught the basics of unit testing effectively, this guide is to give some more advanced testing scenarios that are similar to the real world. 1,328 more words



Test driven development.  My new love.  It starts with a failing test.  A FAILING TEST.  Not only do you write the test, but you need to set it up to fail.   82 more words

Test-Driven Development (TDD) – Part 2

In the part 1, I talked a little bit about the concept of tests… Now we’re going to see in practice.

FYI: For this example, I used JUnit 4 and Eclipse. 503 more words


Let’s Code mit Jens Episode 8 released

Ich habe Episode 8 meiner Videoreihe “Let’s Code mit Jens” veröffentlicht:

Viel Zeit ist vergangen seit der letzten Aufnahme.
Viel Zeit zum Nachdenken.
Ergebnis: Logistician wird 2D! 373 more words


TDD: The Way To Go (Prerequisites)

For us to be able to drive our development through tests, there are certain things that are required on the technical side to make this workable. 445 more words