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Test Driven Development

This is an older post from 2011, I’ve included it here for archiving reasons, and nostalgia – Kent Beck actually replied to me :) There’s been a lot of discussion about the effectiveness of TDD lately, from people like James O’Coplien (

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Getting started with C++ unit testing

I have been “living” in the C++ world since the very beginning (of my career). But lately I’ve noticed a rising interest in C++ unit testing and even got to… 1,151 more words


Socket.io integration tests with chai and mocha

Ah, all the goodies that you are building need to be of highest quality. But how is quality possible when no tests are in place? 2,416 more words


3 security lessons from TDD

The original article Three Lessons From Test-Driven Development that can be found at: https://securityintelligence.com/three-lessons-from-test-driven-development/

“TDD was born out of a collective realization that we needed to change the way software was developed and tested. 55 more words


How TDD changed my image as a developer and made a true professional

I have learned about the practice of TDD about two years ago, and I have to say – it didn’t sound that good. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about, and I already wrote tests, so I didn’t see any real value in TDD. 889 more words


[책] 테스트 주도 개발 TDD 실천법과 도구

채수원님의 책으로 작년 블로그를 시작할때부터 TDD를 공부할 때 보던 책입니다. TDD라는 개발방법에 대해 알게 되서 공부하기 위한 책을 찾는데 목차나 실습이 마음에 들어 구매했던 도서입니다. 실습은 자바 코드로 되어 있지만 저는 C#을 주언어로 사용해왔기 때문에 어려움은 없었습니다. 15 more words