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About the Authors Lajos Hanzo (//www-mobile.ecs.soton.ac.uk) FREng, FIEEE, FIET, DSc received his degree in electronics in 1976 and his doctorate in 1983. During his 30-year 3G, HSPA and FDD versus TDD Networking, Second Edition is the only book that contrasts the network capacity gains that may be achieved with the advent of adaptive antenna arrays and HSDPA-style adaptive modulation techniques in the context of FDD and TDD CDMA cellular networks. 247 more words

How to Tie a Tie (Instructions)

Either young or old,

You must learn this art.

But what’s the process,

Where to start?

Bring the cloth around back your neck

It will be loose before becoming tight… 254 more words

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Rubik's Cube

So a lot of you may be triggered just by the title, so am I.  Believe me.  This nightmare spontaneously reappeared in my life like an unwarranted ex-girlfriend.  215 more words

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Urges are strong of thine flesh

The soul shrugs moral despair

To be celibate against a tempting beaut

Is near impossible and unfair

That’s why there are secret doors… 7 more words

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The "Now" Syndrome

It’s a damn shame how people stumble unto an opportunity and squander what could be their only chance.  Just one more conversation, one more attempt, one more hour of effort could have been the golden ticket: the decisive moment.  207 more words

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I Fall on the Sword

Where is the Lord?

Is He in His Word?

I search the scriptures for meaning,

Recite them in hope for healing.

But my feelings stay the same: 99 more words

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Concentrated Energy: Discontinuation of HHWHAP

This topic has been on mind lately, but today really allowed it to manifest strongly.  This day and age, we all must exhibit some levels of multitasking.  196 more words

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