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Testing Web API

Continuing with my previous post on Implementing Web API Versioning using OWIN, in this post I am going to show how to write unit test for your Web APIs. 392 more words


Concurrent Unit Tests

In general, my heart sinks when I think I may have to write some unit tests for threaded code. This can be fiendishly difficult, and the secret with it is not to test things too absolutely, as timings and orders of events can be impossible to predict. 491 more words

From my reading list #28 - July 27th, 2015

Previously on my reading list #27

This week was the release of Visual Studio 2015. You can download it right here. Don’t forget that for small teams and open source developers… 240 more words

Reading Lists

Signalling between threads in Java

Various releases of Java have introduced more sophisticated concurrency patterns to Java. You don’t need to build your own thread pooling techniques, or queues between threads. 636 more words

Mockito Chaining

Dynamic mocks are great. I believe it was Martin Fowler who first switched me onto them. What we should be testing is how an object interacts with its surroundings. 381 more words

Taste JavaScript Unit Testing

Today I am not going to write , instead I found this  video more helpful as it gives you a real sense of testing.


The Virtue of Test Cases

The year was 2010. I didn’t think the interview was going well. Sitting across the table from me were the project manager and lead architect. We were in a comfortable north Dallas business park. 676 more words