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My experience in pair programming

My previous company is very famous for its pair programming, below are my thoughts


  • more efficient;
  • in conjunction with TDD, less bug;
  • easier to setup (when you are new);
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6th Sense

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

Last post I talked about the architecture of Mech Retriever and what it allows me to accomplish.

One of the major things it does for me is allows me to have decoupled code. 284 more words

Dealing with Legacy code

In the software industry, you rarely start a project on a green field. In most cases the project will come with a remarkable amount of legacy code [3]. 841 more words


Three issues (with solutions) when upgrading to Visual Studio 2017

In the last 2 weeks I’ve upgraded two (large) C# / ASP.NET solutions from Visual Studio 2015 to Visual Studio 2017. Good news? By and large things ‘just’ work. 237 more words

Software Development

Unit Testing

Unit testing is when you write a test for each unit (or each function/method) in a program. Each unit test is made up of assertion statements. 74 more words


TDD V1 Epilogue 2: The Cruelty of Karma

There are consequences to every decision and a reaction for every action. Karma wouldn’t allow anyone or anything to escape punishment for their sins. However, it was difficult to tell who was good or evil, when everyone was being judged for crimes that they hadn’t even committed yet. 783 more words