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Unit testing Angular & TypeScript using Jasmine

Unit testing is very critical for developing complex software products. Unit testing allows to make sure quality of software product is maintained over the period of development and avoid causing regression issues. 949 more words


AMA: adopting a TDD/BDD approach

João Monteiro asks…

I recently joined a small company where I am the only QA and the test automation suite was already written in a given/when/then style but rarely (if not at all) gets read by the rest of the team (product or developers).

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GulpJS and Mocha

So my first task now after my database is semi set up, start learning Gulp and Mocha.  I want to be able to do TDD and 100% coverage (if possible).   95 more words


New Programming Pattern: DRL Pattern aka MVC For Backend

MVC belongs to frontend, DRL belongs to backend, and business rules belong to source code. DRL stands for Data-Rules-Logic that is something for the backend what MVC is to the frontend. 557 more words


Uncle Bob and Test Driven Development

One of my new favorite ways to “procrastinate usefully” is by watching YouTube talks by Robert Cecil Martin, also known as ‘Uncle Bob.’ Bob is a software Engineer who currently works at… 509 more words

Uncle Bob

Testing: Set up shoulda matchers + VCR cassettes

The more I progress into my career as a software engineer, the more I realize the importance of test coverage. I don’t do TDD but find a lot of value to a decent test coverage. 501 more words


Learning Unit Testing and Test Driven Development

If you are interested in learning Unit Testing and/or Test Driven Development with Pluralsight, there are many options to choose from so I decided to write this post to give some pointers. 578 more words