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We are One with Each Other

We are light.

We are energy.

We are life.

We are not separate beings sharing an experience,

we are a single being sharing multiple experiences. 22 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Building Your Story 1 Character at a Time

Do you really understand your characters? Do you know what your character’s self-concept is? Can you state it in one phrase?

If the answer to these questions isn’t yes, then you don’t understand and know your characters well enough to write their stories. 164 more words

I can resist, I can...Oooh, Candy Crush

Have you ever started reading on a tablet or other hand-held device, but soon lost focus or interest? Not because the article or book was unappealing or uninteresting, but because you couldn’t resist that siren call of Candy Crush or Diamond Mine. 602 more words


We've All Lived Before

I did a review on a book regarding children and past lives, and while the book wasn’t all that great, the topic is still one that interests me. 964 more words


Shared NDE

This video illustrates a rare and wondrous occurrence: a shared NDE.

Come along now and listen to Scott Taylor describe his shared experience of death when his nephew dies. 29 more words


"A compilation of book reports with anecdotes"

Children’s Past Lives by Carol Bowman

Summary: Has your child lived before?

In this book, Carol Bowman reveals overwhelming evidence of past life memories in children. 626 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Choose Fear or Love

As Jim Carrey points out, we have to live our lives making fear-filled choices or love-filled choices. Love-filled choices bring more happiness and contentment.

To see how to make love-filled choices, read my book, “ 130 more words

Tricia Sullivan