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A review of "The City of God: Transgressions"

“The City of God: Transgressions” by R.S. Ingermanson

Summary: Can history be changed? Three people are about to find out.

It’s A.D. 57 when Rivka Meyers walks out of the wormhole into a world she’s only studied in books. 429 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Lighting the World...1 Book at a Time

As an author do you ever wonder why you even bother? Do you sometimes think that no one in the world is ever going to notice your endeavors? 528 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Anyone for Pie?

The pie that is chocolate is missing a piece.
The pie, which is chocolate, is missing a piece.

Besides making you hungry, the two sentences have a lot in common; however, they also have some important but subtle differences. 626 more words

Tricia Sullivan

A Review of "Accidental Ashes"

“Accidental Ashes: or that time I found out I was a demon, and all my friends were vampires and werewolves” by Sara Roethle

Summary: Last year Xoe’s life was turned upside-down. 645 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Yes, but with a caution

Mindspeak/Heartspeak by Sandy Nathan

Summary: Dr. Clarisse Hull is a brilliant theoretical physicist living in a world of schemes and hidden peril. Her revolutionary research manages to prove the existence of alternative universes, and she uses Quantum Physics to create portals in time space, which lead to other worlds. 414 more words

Tricia Sullivan

The Writer's Game - Sample 3


(1st chapter of a romance by Anne Obert)

“I’m gonna count to three, and then I start shooting!” The threat echoed down the hallway as I fumbled with the door. 476 more words


The Writer's Game - Sample 2

Shooting Off-Script

(1st chapter of a mystery by TA Sullivan)

“I’m gonna count to three, and then I start shooting!” the gunman shouted as he pointed his weapon at the hostages. 349 more words