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The Slurvians are Among Us!

Last week I received an email from a grade school teacher and friend asking for gently used clothes and household items. She went on to explain that these “hammy downs” would be used to help “diss dressed” families. 307 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Author bios...does anyone read them?

Author bios…does anyone ever read them?

It’s an interesting question to me, because I’m back to struggling with whether I should include a bio or not on my upcoming book; and, if I do, what information to include. 402 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Evolution of a Story (Part 4)

By the time I got back to my series, more years had gone by. So much had changed – in my life, in the world – I wasn’t sure how much of what I had written or plotted was even worth keeping anymore. 828 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Evolution of a Story (Part 2)

After several years of reading myself into a stupor, I once again pulled out my notes and bits of papers. This time, though, I actually managed to put together a high-level plot synopsis:  Katyra and Jarrod end up pursued by Lord Darkwind and his minions as they search for the starstone. 314 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Evolution of a Story (Part 1)

Twenty-five years ago, I came up with several great (I thought) story ideas based on some of my past life memories and past life remembrances of a few of my friends. 787 more words

Tricia Sullivan

A Visionary Journey

Teacher: one who imparts knowledge or aids in the learning process. Someone who shows you the path to enlightenment through the use of various means and mediums. 444 more words

Tricia Sullivan