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Mình nghĩ chắc chắn nhiều người vẫn còn nhầm lẫn giữa các khái niệm này. Có thể giữa T(time) và F(freq) thì rất dễ phân biệt. 385 more words

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Russian hackers are going to open source completely new network protocol for IoT

@tachyeonz : We — as a team (yes, that is our name) — have been creating a stack for wireless mesh-network with adaptive routing for some time. 21 more words


Why my mobile phone makes this noise near an audio speaker?

You probably heard this strange robotic noise from your speakers when a cellphone was nearby and about to receive a call or an SMS. But do you know why this audible noise interference happens and why the sequences of buzz is always exactly the same? 683 more words

Các phương thức chống xung đột trong hệ thống RFID

    Có thể phân chia các giao thức chống xung đột tín hiệu trong hệ thống RFID như một trong các sơ đồ bên dưới.

Hình 1: Các kỹ thuật đa truy nhập và phương thức chống xung đột. 402 more words


Next Generation Technology : 5G

During the last few decades, mobile communications have significantly contributed to the economic and social developments of both developed and developing countries. Mobile communications from an indispensable part of the daily lives of millions of people in the world; a situation which is expected to continue and become even more undeniable in the future. 94 more words