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Burst Transmission in GNU Radio Sample Streams with Eventstream

There are a handful of ways to transmit bursts of information using GNU Radio.   Perhaps most widely known is when using Ettus UHD based devices, burst transmit mode may be used to schedule bursts of samples within a properly tagged stream.   599 more words

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Simple GNU Radio Eventstream Based Burst Extraction and Plotting

Both gr-eventstream and gr-pyqt have been around and available now for a while on my github page, but not enough good documentation material exists for either.   1,152 more words

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Advanced mobile phone service is simply called as AMPS.The AMPS is standard system for analog signal cellular telephone service.The AMPS is based on the electromagnetic radiation spectrum allocation for cellular service.The range of AMPS is 800-900 Megahertz(MHZ) spectrum. 105 more words


I was involved in this project from July to December,2014 under the guidance of Sarang C Dhongdi, Lecturer, BITS PILANI – K.K.BIRLA GOA CAMPUS.

The project was on Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks and I have been primarily involved in performing various simulations on SUNSET.  126 more words

Jay Trends Merchandising Provides In-Demand iPhone Accessories

As the merchandising specialists at Jay Trends Merchandising know, the iPhone is one of the most popular technology products for business professionals. Many companies are choosing to buy iPhone accessories to resell to their customers. 145 more words

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Uniden BCD436HP & BCD536HP offically launched!

So early this morning, Sunday November 17th, I dragged my sorry butt out of bed at 04:55am (AEDT) in preparation for the 5:00am announcement from Uniden regarding their new line of digital scanners. 1,394 more words

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Time division multiple access (TDMA)

The modulation technique used in GSM is Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying (GMSK). GMSK enables the transmission of 270kbit/s within a 200kHz channel. The channel capacity in GSM does not compare favorably with other digital mobile standards, which can fit more bits/s into a channel. 1,215 more words