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One Bad Toyota 4 Runner

This may be the very first SUV on this blog lol. But this one is very deserved. New 2015 Super White Toyota 4Runner on 18 inch TE37 Large P.C.D. 25 more words

Tuner World

Walk a Mile in these Louboutins

FINALLY the day that I’ve been waiting for has finally come. I’ve been sitting on the wheels for months now and I couldn’t do anything but look at them and maybe even just mount them while the car is on jack stands so I can use my imagination. 713 more words

1st Degree Murder: Black on Black R34 GTR

Here’s another sick ass GTR I saw on Yahoo Japan. It’s very mildly tuned, with about 460HP which is plenty for street duties. Also, the thing I love most about this GTR is, of course, its sinister black on black exterior!

Photos via Yahoo Auctions


SWAT Racing: R32 GTR Attack!

This is definitely one of the sickest R32s not only in Japan, but around the world. Equipped with a gigantic swan-winged rear spoiler, you know this thing is meant for the track!

Photos via MINKARA

Got wing?


That Classic Look: Black Pearl R34 x TE37

I’ve been religiously checking out Yahoo Auctions recently for some fresh cars on sale in Japan and I’ve found quite a few gorgeous R34 GTRs as you can tell from my recent posts. 71 more words


Punit's Acura Integra Edit

Here’s a little filler for you guys.
Decided to go back and look at some older photos again from the summer and see if I can spruce up on my editing skills a little more for next year. 490 more words

"Ultra" Blue GTR

Well, I tried to be smart with the title of this post so I hope most of you guys get it lol.

Photos via MINKARA… 16 more words