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Monster R32 GTR

I think I’ve said it in earlier posts on the blog but the R32 GTR is over 25 years old and is definitely showing its age. 197 more words


GTR Stunner

White R34 GTR on bronze TE37; this is a combination that’s pretty hard to beat. Team this setup with a 600 HP power plant, and you’ve got yourself an automotive perfection. 36 more words


Green Eye'd Monsters Nissan Silvia S14 & S15

Today we are looking at two builds from a friend of mine from across the globe, Wan Nob. The two Silvias have a similar green and black theme, with a race/road set up. 210 more words


500HP of Black & White Goodness!

It’s another one of those Global Auto offerings and this time it’s a gorgeous R34 GTR producing 500HPs thanks to twin HKS GT-SS turbo chargers. 44 more words


Special Shade 180SX

Through my observations over the years, locally, it is relatively rare for car owners to go bonkers with the color combinations on their car. This is probably due to the hassle of finding the right hue and difficulties in matching the panel color if they need to repaint certain body parts individually, not to mention all the questions that will be brought up by potential buyers when it is put up for sale. 137 more words


Wheel Swap! TE37 x VS-XX

The guys came over last night to chill – something I haven’t really had time to do in a long long time so that was nice. 306 more words

Random Snaps

Just wanted to post a few cool pics from a local photographer – Orein Ferdinandus – that messaged me today letting me know about the pics he snapped of my car. 25 more words