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A Farewell For Now

Dearies, Kat just gave me the most exciting news! We’re going on a trip around the world! Apparently she’s been planning this trip for quite some time, but kept it as a surprise. 278 more words

Behind The Leaf: Silver Needles White Tea

Dearies we’ve talked about white tea before. This is such a delicate, delicious, beautiful tea. I know we’ve mentioned that there are two main types of white tea, White Peony (Bai Mu Dan) and Silver Needles (Bai Hao Yin Zhen). 359 more words

#FiveThings on Tea Storage

Our new series on #FiveThings will explore easy to remember facts, tips and teasers on all things tea, and how you can use them at home. 659 more words


Which teapot, which tea?

Different teapots are suited to different needs, and it boils down to what materials they are made from. Material can affect both the leaves and flavour, so to get the best brew out of your teas they should be prepared with the correct teapot. 428 more words

Tea 101

Brew it right

Tea time is easily the best time (or times … I’m guilty) of the day, but are you brewing it right?

It seems easy – just pour the water over the leaves and let it steep – but no! 480 more words

Tea 101

TEA101 - Tip Nine

Follow LoveforTea’s TEA101 series for brilliantly useful and interesting tea tips.

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TEA101 - Tip Eight

Follow Love for Tea’s TEA101 series for brilliantly useful and interesting tea tips.

Tea 101