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TEA101 - Tip Eight

Follow Love for Tea’s TEA101 series for brilliantly useful and interesting tea tips.

Tea 101

Dearies, I know you all love matcha! It’s the most popular topic that I write about. I recently realized that I’ve shared recipes and matcha on-the-go tips, but we haven’t done a post about how to have an authentically prepared cup of matcha. 502 more words

Tippy's Tea Of The Month: English Breakfast

Dearies, did you know that I just started a Tea Club? That’s right, I’ve recruited a few of my kitchen friends and we gather a few times a month to sit together and drink tea. 346 more words

How to: Have Matcha On The Go!

Matcha is all the rage these days, and with good reason. It’s quite delicious and packs a great long-lasting energy punch. Many of Kat’s friends have started getting into matcha, and try to make it in the morning. 216 more words

3 Tips for the Perfect Cup of Tea

Use filtered water

If you use tap water to make tea, your infusion will have the flavour of…well, tap water. And that’s just so sad. Defend your luxury tea from corruption by using a water that is pure; like spring or filtered water. 151 more words


TEA101 - Tip Seven

Follow Love for Tea’s TEA 101 series for brilliantly useful tea tips.


Behind The Leaf: Chinese Black Teas

Black teas can be grown and processed in many regions all over the world, and some of Kat’s favorite hail from China. I’m sure you’ve had a few Chinese black teas, but how many? 476 more words