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Four Unconventional Uses for Tea Bags

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, then you probably remember all the unconventional ways in which you can utilize your leftover coffee grounds. Well, we’re back for another edition, but this time our focus is on tea. 522 more words


Tea Tuesday: Relax With Herbal Teas

With the weather getting more than a little chilly, there’s no better time to warm up with a soothing cup of herbal tea. Making it is almost a peaceful process in and of itself—filling up a tea kettle, boiling the water, watching the tea as it steeps, and then finally, pouring it into your favorite cup. 532 more words


Spotlight on India

We’re picking up our globetrotting adventure to some of the most notable coffee-growing locales. We have explored their origins, growing methods, flavor profiles, and more. Hopefully, you have developed a new-found appreciation for these different cultures, and of course, their remarkable coffee. 501 more words



So, I decided that with the amount of different loaf cakes I have made that a loaf recipe every day until I can find no more might be fun… 232 more words

How to Celebrate National Hot Tea Month

Tea has been a treasured beverage for centuries, loved by millions across the world. With tea’s refreshing flavors and incredible health benefits, this is no surprise. 484 more words


How many calories does tea have?

Just when you think you cannot say enough great things about this wonderful beverage, here is another – by itself, tea does not contain any calories!  49 more words


Tea – caffeine in tea is absorbed differently than in coffee. Yes, it’s true.

Drinking 2 – 3 cups of loose-leaf tea, a day has its benefits. (If you have busy days and do not have loose-leaf tea on hand, opt for quality tea bags.) These benefits range from helping increase bone strength, building a better immune system, lowering cholesterol, to helping with weight loss.  82 more words