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Earl Grey Tea Cake with Lemon Tea Icing

I drink tea but I don’t particular drink tea every day. Earl grey is my favorite black tea. Every time I drink it, its fragrance and unique taste still linger in the cup and in my mouth  afterward. 543 more words

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The Dolce by Ferrero Rocher Pop Up in London

Here in London, just about anything goes. You can dress like a glamazon or dress like you’ve just rolled out of bed; both will work and depending on the camps you mingle with and the part of the city you inhabit, one will seem decidedly inferior compared to the other. 1,346 more words


Lemon Drizzle Cake

Happy New Year, everyone! In Tamil Nadu, for Tamil New Year’s Day it is the tradition to serve a bitter-sweet concoction to remind one that the year will contain both the good and the bad. 529 more words


Lemon Tea Cake

Some recipes you bookmark to try later and others tempt you so much that you rush to your kitchen, make it at the earliest and rest only after you have sunk your teeth in a slice. 247 more words

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Lemon Tea Cake

I have heard experts saying that baking is an art which needs perfection which comes with practice and time. Well i have been the kind of person who wants the recipe to turn out exactly perfect even if m trying it for the first time. 240 more words


Russian Tea Cakes

Shortbread and I don’t really get along.

We’re frenemies, if you will.

See, I love to eat shortbread. Buttery, crispy, tender. With a cup of tea or coffee? 433 more words


Baked - Raheny

Today in Dublin a beautiful tea cake was baked. I think it’s cruel that this beauty has to now be wrapped up for a few days before it is eaten.