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Five fun facts about: tea

1.   Earliest written records of tea drinking date to 10th Century BC China.

2.   Tea is the most widely consumed hot beverage in the world. 38 more words

Five Fun Facts

The Best of Queens, And Best of Herbs

Tea got its most popular start when it became fashionable at the English court following the marriage of King Charles II of England to Catherine of Braganza, daughter of King John IV of Portugal, in 1662. 337 more words


5 Interesting Tea Facts (Part II)

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Spicing Up Your Healthy Cup!

The health benefits of tea are numerous and known. Battling between myths and facts, the average tea drinker prefers taste in his tea with a few health benefits popping up. 417 more words

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5 Interesting Tea Facts (Part I)

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Loose Whole Leaf Tea – The Art Of Tea

If tea is a part of your life, as box of tea bags stacked in your cupboard, this blog would convince you to dig deeper and see just why… 356 more words

Tea Health Benefits

A Book Recommendation

For All The Tea In China, by Sarah Rose.

In 1848, the British East India Company, having lost its monopoly on the tea trade, engaged Robert Fortune, a Scottish gardener, botanist, and plant hunter, to make an illicit trip into the interior of China (territory forbidden to foreigners) to steal the closely guarded secrets of tea horticulture and manufacturing. 169 more words