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Ghost Town (2008)

If you were to tell me that a movie in which Ricky Gervais learned to be a better person both existed and was not terrible, I would laugh in your face. 255 more words

I was one of the most brilliant liars as a child. – Tea Leoni http://ift.tt/29celHa

Tea Leoni

Madam Secretary s2 ep 23

The second season of Madam Secretary has just finished on UK TV. And, perhaps a little to my surprise, I’m forced to reflect that it has stealthily become one of my favourite shows on TV at the moment. 251 more words


Madame Alexander...damn...I mean, Madam Secretary

I’ve recently become addicted to the CBS TV series “Madam Secretary” with Téa Leoni and Tim Daly. It’s another insider-White House series, this time with Téa as the unconventional Secretary of State called to duty when the man previously holding that position goes down in a plane accident (well, no accident, but you have to watch for details about… 604 more words


"If you've got one thing running through your veins it's guts..."

Do you have plans for Sunday nights? (I mean after football?). I’m sure there are plenty of things you could be doing. But I suggest doing something important – Watch Madam Secretary on CBS. 640 more words


DEEP IMPACT (1998) - Barely makes a dent

The following is my contribution to the Nature’s Fury Blogathon, being hosted by Barry at the blog Cinematic Catharsis from June 18-20, 2016. Click on the above banner, and read bloggers’ critiques of movies with the theme of Mother Nature striking back! 524 more words

Sometimes Low Self-Esteem is Just Good Common Sense

It took a long time for me not to hate Tea Leoni after Spanglish. I hated her character So Very Much which speaks to her talent as an actress because I love Elizabeth McCord on Madam Secretary so very much. 411 more words