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I don’t mean to be presumptuous that men don’t feel this, I don’t mean this, but I found that when my child was born, my first child, it felt like my heart broke. 6 more words

Tea Leoni

I’m not a huge fan of my work. – Tea Leoni http://ift.tt/1TtypEo

Tea Leoni

Pilots, Premieres, and First Looks & Around the Water Cooler: "Madam Secretary" (Reviewing Season One; MAJOR SPOILERS)

Reviewed by: Chief Couch Potato Kylie


Who: “Madam Secretary” is a political drama that currently airs on CBS, fall/winter Sundays at 8:00 PM. 3,423 more words

6 Reasons to Watch Madam Secretary

By Becka Wall – @beckawall

Forgive me, proponents of Netflix moderation, for I have binged. My latest conquest was “Madam Secretary”, the CBS drama with Teå Leoni as Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord. 415 more words

On Dr. Henry McCord's Expansive Curriculum Vitae

Don’t get me wrong, as a doctoral student in religious ethics I’m thrilled a main character in a network drama is a professor of religion. Madam Secretary (Sundays 8/7c on CBS) is one of the few shows I watch week to week. 783 more words


The Family Man (2000) - 2016 Film-A-Day 68

The Family Man is a ridiculously clichéd film that has nothing going for it, except that it stars Nicolas Cage who as always is a delight to watch. 254 more words

2016 Film-A-Day


Creator: Barbara Hall

Cast: Téa Leoni, Tim Daly, Patina Miller

Elizabeth (Théa Leoni)  is your leading lady, tougher and smarter than anyone around her, bucking convention to save the day and do what’s right. 172 more words

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