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Scientists confirm what conservatives always deny: Tea Party driven by fear of a black president

Conservative activists during the ‘Operation American Spring’ rally in 2014 (Stephen Melkisethian/Flickr)


Researchers at Stanford University found that when they showed white subjects photos of President Barack Obama with darkened skin, those people became more likely to support right-wing political organizations like the Tea Party. 380 more words

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Trump campaign notified of unethical conduct

The Trump campaign has been notified and passed all relevant material posted here, concerning the unethical conduct at Tea Party Nation.

Specifically the targeting, banning, and deleting of individuals by moderators that do not support Ted Cruz. 420 more words


Scot Sheely attempts to cover up

Tea Party Nation moderator Scot Sheely has been posting crap to justify banning folks with an opposing opinion and choice of presidential Candidates.

In the following post… 466 more words


Scot Sheely named in second IRS complaint

Tea Party Nation’s moderator Scot Sheely has been named in a second IRS complaint after violating the sites Terms of Service.

In the continuing saga of Scot Sheely banning the Freedom of Speech with anyone that disagrees with his political candidate (Canadian Rafael ‘Teddy’ Cruz) 182 more words


Scot Sheely named in IRS Complaint against Tea Party Nation

Tea Party Nation moderator Scot Sheely has been named in the following IRS Complaint.

a closeup of the ‘Details of Violation’ appear below.

See the exchange below and note how Scot Sheely himself is in violation of what he accues others and that after being confronted ‘edited’ his own post. 1,128 more words


17 Reasons Why We Believe Trump Voted For Obama In 2008

If you scroll below, I posted a recent Facebook post from Glenn Beck which I completely agree with. I wanted to attach a note from myself along with it. 2,024 more words

Glenn Beck

Donald Trump wants to make Chinese goods more expensive. Is that a good idea?

Donald Trump thinks China is pushing the US around, economically speaking. Beijing manipulates its currency and unfairly subsidizes domestic production to the detriment of American workers, in his view.

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