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Protests or Prayers for A Nation Divided?


After Barack Obama’s election in 2008, there arose a grassroots movement concerned about high taxes in America becoming even higher. This group became known as the ‘ 634 more words

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016 – Connect the Dots

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 – Connect the Dots

Time Magazine voted President-Elect Donald Trump as Person of the year for 2016. Before Trump supporters began to celebrate, Hillary Clinton would have been the Person of the Year had she been elected. 479 more words

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US Presidential Election: Politics Beyond Parties

by Sudip Bhattacharya   Follow @ResistRun

Poulami Banerji is my younger cousin and an all-around badass. Although only in her early twenties, she works for an USAID contractor, is an avowed intersectional feminist and volunteers for an organisation that provides free tutoring services to students in DC public schools performing below grade level. 2,063 more words

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Kelly McParland: Obama bumbled away control of Congress. Will Trump bumble it back?

With Donald Trump’s presidential hopes showing all the uplift of a rock falling off a cliff, Democrats are suddenly sniffing a victory that could extend past the White House into the Republican-controlled Congress. 683 more words

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How We Killed the Tea Party

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POLITICO  Magazine – Paul H. Jossey

Greedy super PACs drained the movement with endless pleas for money to support “conservative” candidates—while instead using the money to enrich themselves. 2,215 more words

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Top U.S. tax collector in impeachment hot seat

Before he became the top U.S. tax collector and the target of an unprecedented Republican-led impeachment drive, John A. Koskinen majored in physics, guided the country through the “Y2K” problem and ran a foundation that promotes youth soccer. 1,167 more words

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How David Brooks Created Donald Trump

Political establishment denounced bourgeois Tea Party. Now, they must face raucous working-class Trumpsters.

“Brooks is, of course, horrified at Trump and his supporters, whom he finds childish, thuggish and contemptuous of the things that David Brooks likes about today’s America.” 743 more words