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The answer is not in black or white

On the evening of April 4, 1968, King was fatally shot while standing on
the balcony of a motel in Memphis, where he had traveled to support a  692 more words

United States

Protests v. Riots

1st Amendment v. Criminal Acts – you be the judge:

Martin Luther, a founder of the Protestant movement/religion

Dr. Martin Luther King, 1968

Chicago, 1968… 85 more words



“Angry Racist” — “Violent” — “Tea-hadist” —  “Crazy” — “Insane” — “Taliban wing of American Politics” —  “No more popular than the KKK” — “Overtly Racist” —  “Hatred” — “

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The Little White Lies About the Tea Party's Racism

The Tea Party is not racist. The TEA Party is not racist. The Tea PARTY is not racist. THE Tea Party is not racist.

No matter how many times or how many ways you say it, you can’t deny it: The Tea Party IS racist. 954 more words


Col. Allen West responds to KKK remarks by liberal idiot

Once again another liberal hypocrite attacks the Tea Party. Democrat Allen Grayson compared the Tea Party to the KKK and conservatives are outraged about his stupid remarks. 24 more words

Does The Tea Party Movement Have Weaknesses?

Most of my friends and family are convinced that the Tea Party Movement in “racist”. It is clear that this, for the most part, is media driven, as the… 1,759 more words

Tea, anyone?

So, let me get this straight: Sarah Palin, ex-governor of Alaska, and former Vice Presidential running mate, stood in front of a confederate flag at the Tea Party protest this weekend in Washington, and accused President Obama of being a Muslim? 436 more words