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Alice's Tea Party

Stirring the spoon in the tea with the monotony of having attended one too many of these inane gatherings. Since my first, eager participation at the front table I've found my seat move closer and closer to the exit doors. 411 more words


Summer Reading: Love Came Laughing By

Across the gateway of my heart

I wrote “No Thoroughfare,”

But love came laughing by, and cried:

“I enter everywhere.”

Hello again, after a bit of a break here on the blog. 1,655 more words

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Trump's "Disappointment" - An Example of What AG Jeff Sessions Refuses To Address...

Many opinions are visible on the subject of President Trump questioning the focus and competency of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  With that in mind perhaps it’s worthwhile pointing out a simple example of internal DOJ corruption that AG Sessions is intentionally avoiding. 1,393 more words

A Magical Mad Tea Party For Your Kids

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The Golden Tea Party

Recently it was my Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary, their Golden Wedding.  To celebrate we organised a vintage tea party with many friends and family to help mark the occasion. 167 more words

Oskar & Ellen Fabric English Afternoon Tea Set

This tea set is PERFECT for your little one! All Oskar & Ellen toys are hand made and are excellent quality. We love having pretend tea parties with our set! 249 more words