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A Path Forward?

This is an interesting time to live in America. There is a divide in this nation and no end in sight. The politicians that We The People voted into office continue their centuries long act of never fixing anything because they are trying to fix everything, but doing it along party lines. 684 more words


Midsummer's Eve Tea

May your day be enchanted and ever so bright, filled with magical surprises meant to delight…

May you happen upon a tiny feast set just right, fit for the fairies and their sweet friends the sprites… 44 more words

Ron Johnson And Ted Cruz Join The Rand Paul/Mike Lee Opposition To Obamacare Lite

Tea Party senators claim to be “open to negotiation” yet insist on repealing Obamacare, which no version of the AHCA has come close to doing. 145 more words

(3) Baby steps

Efforts to dialogue with Dan Rodricks’ position (that is, take it seriously) led to a lot of confusion and self-doubt in my prayer time Friday morning 10/25/13. 490 more words

The Homeless Blogger

Unable to Govern Effectively, the GOP Searches for Unity but the Extreme Right Refuses to Participate

They may control Congress and the White House, but Republicans are the same old failures whose division was obvious during the campaign season. They have added one more fact to their internal problems; they cannot govern the United States. 574 more words