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Past Imperfect - #266

This is what happens when little girls have tea parties that are not properly supervised. Everybody eventually ends up in time out and the tea gets cold…


The Difference in Protests...Left vs. Right

So, I have been watching these far-left safe space loving cry babies get all wound up over words that are being spoken at college campuses and GOP events during the past few months.   364 more words

The Republican Titanic?

In the wake of the Acela Primaries, news reports are coalescing around the inevitability of Donald Trump’s nomination. This outcome has been reinforced by the apparent rejection of Ted Cruz’ VP selection of Carli Fiorina, and the seemingly unexplainable coalition with John Kasich. 760 more words


Lucifer in the Flesh!

Former GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner unloaded on Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) in an interview.  After calling the Texas Senator “Lucifer in the flesh”, Boehner kept going. 209 more words

Texas News

The Tea Party At Alice's, Free Verse Hippie Poetry

In front of the tall mirror leaning against the wall

the cat adjusted his hat

and stood up tall.

In the band he placed a feather and a clock on a stick… 311 more words

My Bohemian Life


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The loudening hum of the kettle brewing heated bubbles of water with the climatic tick signalling that the boiling process is complete. As the steaming water is ferociously poured into the dainty bone china cup, the tea bag releases its essence turing the clear water into a rich earthy tone. 366 more words

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Disneyland Tea Party

I got to attend a tea party while I was in Disneyland over my birthday. It was a special thing that they were doing for the 60th Anniversary Celebration. 261 more words