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Notorious Z Party activist exposes Burnie and the Pope

Fresh from coming out of the closet as a flaming Z Party activist, Tom tossed a bombshell into the Democratic Socialist Party primary elections.

Tom has learned exclusively that Burnie Sanders and the Pope are indeed the same person.  86 more words

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"Race-Baiting Rants, Xenophobic Fear-Mongering": Maine’s Racist Gov. Paul LePage Is A Preview Of President Trump

If you want a vision of the Donald Trump presidential future, look no further than Maine’s tantrum-throwing, race-baiting, loves-to-be-hated Gov. Paul LePage.

Since being elected in 2010, LePage has repeatedly made use of rants designed to rally white middle-class resentment and garner media attention for his pet causes. 724 more words


Trump Tweets the Truth and Republicans Hate It

Donald Trump must accept the criticism of Rush Limbaugh and Ted Cruz as an honor. These two radical TEA Party supporters claim that he is ‘not conservative enough.’ In plain English, that means that he is not an extremist, and might actually understand how the American political system is intended to function. 491 more words

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Ted Cruz Pulls Ad Featuring Porn Actress

The latest in a series of increasingly lame ads for Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) has turned out to feature an actress that appeared in soft porn movies including Carnal Wishes, Milf, Deviant Whores, Confessions of a Lap Dancer and Insatiable Desire.    82 more words

Texas News

Very Solid and Very Interesting South Carolina Poll - Donald Trump 36%, Ted Cruz 19%, Marco Rubio 15%...

A Southern Political Poll released today (full pdf below) conducted for the Augusta Chronicle and Fox5 is exceptionally interesting.  The poll data itself is deep, extensive, succinct and well presented.  548 more words