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Caldwell County GOP Convention

When:       Saturday, MARCH 11th
Location:  Caldwell County Public Library, 120 Hospital Ave., Lenoir, NC  28645.

Caldwell County Republican Party COUNTY CONVENTION and PRECINCT meetings. Registration begins at 9am. 158 more words

TEA Party

Political Differences, part 2

Strange that the alt-Right and the Tea Party each gained such prominence within just several years of each other–beyond a common antipathy to illegal immigration, they have very little in common. 88 more words

Politics And Society

How are they going to be remembered?

I know Immigrations and Customs Enforcement has a difficult job, and for the most part is made up of good people, but at some point, someone in the agency will have to think seriously about how he or she as an individual wants to be remembered. 167 more words

Back In The USA

Empathy Bridges and Empathy Walls

When I was formulating a way to move forward after the November election (see Moving Forward), one of the tasks I set myself was to develop more empathy for white working-class Americans who voted for President Trump. 911 more words


Screaming At A Wall

It’s a scene as old as time; the sweating, nervous politician trying desperately to answer the questions of an angry mass of voters. The mob gets more angry as the politician vacillates and tries to dance around the question until, finally, they come up with some excuse or other to leave the room amidst boo’s and denunciations from the crowd. 626 more words


Democratic Party Afraid To Emulate Tea Party Success: Move, Or Get Out Of The Way

You might think that a political party which stands accused of one of the most embarrassing and momentous political defeats in American history, one which was almost entirely due to a series of well-aimed large-caliber shotgun blasts at not just one foot, but all bodily appendages, would be prepared to carry out some serious introspection and to check in for an overhaul at the polity’s nearest service station. 448 more words