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Hazel Likes: Whittard's Alice in Wonderland Tea Set

Will you take tea with me?

Be careful, your cup is quite hot. Let it sit for a minute while it cools. Would you like milk? 505 more words

Hazel Likes

Candidate Marco Rubio Tells Jorge Ramos, in Spanish, That Obama’s Unilateral Amnesty Is A Good Thing and Should Be Part of Permanent Amnesty Solution...

Until substantive and factual information reveals something divergent I’m sticking to my initial researched opinion that Marco Rubio’s campaign bid is purely a decepticon maneuver to plow through the field, and aid his mentor Jeb Bush. 365 more words

The Clooneys, Armenian Genocide & Israel

The Clooneys:  Connecting the Dots on Armenia

The “greatest love story ever told” got off to a rip roaring start as the “greatest humanitarians known to mankind”…one of them the “greatest human rights attorney EVER” (even though she has not led nor won a case EVER)…went on to tackle what they consider one of the biggest genocide atrocities of the modern era. 2,249 more words

Barack Obama

Skyfall... mommy was very bad and other parental issues.


As usual I am exceptionally late to the party. It’s been three years since Skyfall came out and more than 50 since the first James Bond movie. 366 more words

Tea Party


You’ve got to love it! Republicans are keeping it real Gangsta in America. And the kicker, they don’t give a dam who knows it! Putting their favors for the Super Rich right in YOUR FACE! 817 more words

Our Engagement Celebration

In January, we celebrated our love with our respective families and grandparents. My parents hosted an Engagement Tea Party at The Hilton. We had the blessing of the rings followed by afternoon tea. 248 more words