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Dreamy Tea Storage Cabinet

I salvaged a classic secretary from 1920’s.  The owner was moving away and wanted to throw it out. Giving her $20, I told her that I would take it and fix it up. 212 more words

Special Post!

Today is a special day for me so, despite the fact I am sick in bed right now, I decided to celebrate in the only way I can. 436 more words


Tyme for Tea | Fremont, CA

You guessed it… ANOTHER tea spot! This time I took T to Tyme for Tea in Fremont. The location was down the street from us. So we decided to start our day off with tea! 411 more words


The English Rose Tea Room & Gifts | Pleasanton, CA

Being that my girlfriends and I live within less than 10 miles from each other and it is such a shame that the last time the three of us was together was in Napa in December. 306 more words


Famous films recaptioned: Alice in Wonderland

“Alice politely asked if she might have a gin rather than a cup of tea”

From the film Alice in Wonderland.


AG Dress-Up Affair

A summer wedding in AZ calls for a dress that’s not only pretty, but comfortable, so Caitriona chose this sweet flowered print trimmed with white cotton lace @ the neck, sleeves and hem. 200 more words

Which sort of Republican are they?

The current extreme-right Republican party owes its origins to the Tea Party movement that first manifested itself ten years ago in actions against taxes and government spending. 271 more words