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Tea Parties and Muslims

Last night I went to a candidate forum hosted by the Roane County Tea Party. Also attending were Allan Levene, Michael Friedman, George Ryan Love, and Rick Tyler. 679 more words


The T-Rex Files: The Tea Rex

It is a well known fact that t-rex’s love tea!

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Tea Party Favours

Tonight I took the night off from working out to do work of a different sort. I cooked dinner upon arrival at the home front (salmon, veggies, & salad) and sat with the hubby to eat and discuss our days. 199 more words

Lifetime Awards

CONsistently CONvenient CONservatives

2012 Quote Source:

“Conservatives will stand united in November. The stakes are too high,” Cruz said. “The Tea Party will show up en masse to support Mitt Romney.”

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Is There Anything Ted Cruz Doesn't Lie About (cont.)?

At the first Republican debate, Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) emphatically agreed that he would support the GOP nominee.  His pledge was unequivocal.  The curious thing about the question is that it was largely directed at Trump – who was already hinting at a third-party run if he couldn’t get the GOP nod. 227 more words

Isn't He Adorable?

Chris Christie on last night’s dumpster fire, otherwise known as Ted Cruz’s “endorsement” speech of Donald Trump at the GOP convention:

“I think it was awful,” Christie said.

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Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage at GOP Convention

Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) refused to endorse GOP nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday and exited the stage to a chorus of boos.  Even Cruz’s wife Heidi had to be escorted from the hall as epithets and insults rained down on her.  268 more words

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