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Tea Review: Electric Roast Huang Guan Yin by Old Ways Tea

Today I tasted this Electric Roast Huang Guan Yin by Old Ways Tea. After having the charcoal roasted version yesterday, I was quite curious for this tasting, to see how they differ. 370 more words

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Global Tea Hut mag + 'Swirling Mist' 2004 sheng puerh

I was really excited and intrigued when I was contacted on Instagram to receive a sample of some tea from Global Tea Hut. I had not really heard of them, but upon doing some research I learned that it is a monthly ad-free tea magazine and tea subscription, with members from around the world. 184 more words

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Tea Review: Huang Guan Yin by Old Ways Tea

I have truly been enjoying my experiences with Old Ways Tea. It has been a great learning experience, too, which I am greatly appreciating. Today I did a tasting of this lovely… 485 more words

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Tea Review: Adagio Teas Jasmine Phoenix Pearls

Earlier this month I had a birthday and one thing that people know I will always appreciate for my birthday is tea. Because my mother knows me very well, she got me a pack of jasmine tea because I love jasmine. 518 more words


Tea Review: Rou Gui by Old Ways Tea

This morning I did a tasting of Rou Gui by Old Ways Tea, a Wuyi Rock Tea. It turned out to be quite a treat. 367 more words

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Tea Review: Shui Xian by Old Ways Tea

The contents of this pretty silver pouch are Shui Xian, a charcoal roasted oolong from Old Ways Tea. The tea is composed of some larger sized leaves and the dry aroma is a fresh woody floral with charcoal undertones. 290 more words

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