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Downton Abbey Tea Review

Fun fact about me, I totally binged watched Downton Abbey upon the recommendation of my best friend, Matt. Matt was convinced I would fall in love with the show and he was so right. 470 more words

Day 4 of the tea advent calendar 

Hi everyone how are you? I know day 4 was yesterday, but again, I didn’t had the time to do it, so I am doing it now. 77 more words

Tea Review

Day 3 of the tea advent calendar

Hello everyone I didn’t had time to post my review yesterday I was very busy and finished too late. So today, I will review for 2 teas one now and one later on today so yesterday the tea was genmaicha it is a green tea from Japan with steamed rice and popcorn in it. 128 more words

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Day 2 of the tea advent calendar

Hi everyone its day 2 of the tea advent calendar review, and today its jumpy monkey. it is a mate tea and have a lot of caffeine in it I would say it is the tea way of having a coffee. 66 more words

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24 days of tea advent calendar review

Hi everyone its December firts yayyy!!!! I decided to do a review of each tea in the calendar. Today its snow day, it would be cool if it actualy had snow outside but it was not cold enought. 114 more words

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Podcast: Luke Cage; Season 1, Episode 4: Step in the Arena

Editor’s Note: In our on-going, slow, tea sipping review of the Luke Cage Netflix series we jump back, throw back into Luke’s past and get some much-anticipated information on why Luke is the way he is.

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Teami vs Bootea: Do they work?

These skinny tea posts are all over Instagram almost every day so of course I became intrigue. I decided to try these two brands because they are the ones that I see on Instagram the most. 446 more words