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Rockstar- Tea LC

First of all, I love this company! I felt very taken care of and have never had customer service like this! And customer service is big for me! 279 more words

Diving into More Flavored Teas and Tea Blends – Part II

We’re here for the second batch of teas from that set of 10 samples from JAS-eTea.com. My humans have pretty much narrowed down the list of vendors they will even accept samples from – the key is consistent quality. 495 more words


Diving into More Flavored Teas and Tea Blends – Part I

Howdy, humans! Your fave teapot here reporting on a total of 10 tea samples from our good friends at JAS-eTea.com. They’re “branching out” (har, I am a punny teapot… TOOOOOT!) beyond their usually line-up of such premium teas as ripe pu-erhs and Spring pre-Qing Ming green and white teas into the very popular and every widening area of flavored teas and tea blends. 494 more words


Sunday Sipdown

It’s back! With three posts…I again apologize. But as I said in an earlier post…the mood to write has been slim to none the last few weeks. 141 more words


Review: Bao Zhong (Taiwanese Oolong) from Dobra Tea

A close up view of the opened up tea leaves. I think it makes them look delish, but what do you think? Yum or yuck? 380 more words

Tea Review

Tea Review: Gen Mai Cha from Market Spice!

Not going to lie, it’s been a long couple of days. Perhaps it’s just the amount of stress I’m getting from school and the amount of personal problems going on, but it’s just been chaotic. 1,084 more words

Tea Review

My first time making matcha

Matcha green tea was thought to have first been created back in the 12th century, and is truly an experience from the preparation to drinking it. 592 more words

Tea Review