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Honzen Tea: Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Tea provided for review

A few months ago, Carol from Honzen Tea reached out to me and offered to send me a sample of her ceremonial grade matcha. 315 more words

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Fools Of Desire (F.O.D) Cafe, Rangiora

It had been a long time between drinks, and I was more than ready for a good cup when we got to Fools of Desire (known as F.O.D) Cafe for an early lunch today. 142 more words

Hamilton gardens, Hamilton

March 16, 2017: It’s a long, hot drive from Whangarei to Hamilton in late summer, and I was well and truly ready for a cup of tea and a light something by the time I got to Hamilton Gardens, in the city’s south. 91 more words

High Noon Tea Co.: Malawi Lilongwa Pearls, Guan Yin Blue Oolong, and Caramel Apple Herbal Blend

Tea provided for review

High Noon Tea reached out at the start of the year and offered some of their teas for me to try. They had a large selection, so I asked them to recommend what they thought would be best. 765 more words

Loose Leaf Tea

Teas Unique Reviews + giveaway!

A few months back, Teas Unique reached out and sent me some samples of loose leaf tea and matcha to try. I meant to post about it sooner, but it’s never too late to talk about tea! 391 more words

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Halmari Gold Orthodox Black Tea from Halmari Tea Estate

Assam, India, home of some of the worlds best known breakfast teas. Recognized for the intense, bold black tea flavors and full bodied brews, Assam teas are generally recommended to be served with a splash of milk and/or a sweetener such as honey or sugar. 850 more words

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Amoda Tea: Pear Berry Rooibos

Description: “The ultimate tropical tea with flavours of sweet berries, tropical fruits and coconut.” – via Amoda Monthly Box 126 more words

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