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Green Grotto: White Peach Oolong Tea and Strawberry Iced Tea Review

I headed back to Green Grotto for some lunch and also tested out some new drinks as well. In this review, I’ll be taking a closer look at their White Peach Oolong Tea and Strawberry Iced Tea. 719 more words


China ~ 1980s Chong Shi Cha (Insect Feces Tea) | Chawang Shop

Hello all! I am back once again with a tea review and this one is incredible.

I was doing a little research about heicha since I love it so much and I came across something called “chong shi cha”, which directly translates to worm tea or worm dropping tea. 601 more words

Tea Reviews

Chaozhou Tea Grower Review

Hi guys! I hope everyone is doing well!

About a month ago Chaozhou Tea Grower (@wudongtea) reached out to me on Instagram and offered me some samples of their oolong tea. 803 more words

Tea Reviews

Teami Blends 30 Day Detox

Hello everyone!! Sorry I’ve been MIA lately on the blog!

I’ve been so busy lately with a new job, moving, and my wedding! This has been such an exciting month for me! 900 more words

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China ~ 1992 Tibetan Kang Brick Tea | Yunnan Sourcing

Hello! Today I am back with a classic tea review, and this particular review will be quite interesting (at least for me) since I’m tasting a heicha that I’ve never had before. 629 more words

Tea Reviews

I'm Back! 2017 Yunnan Sourcing "Yiwu Rooster" Ripe

I apologize for how long it’s been since my last post, about two months now.  I’ve had a busy schedule at work and school, limiting my chances to blog, and on top of that I’ve been in a bit of an emotional rut, and just haven’t been inspired to blog when I have had the chance. 382 more words


Tea Shops From My Journey Home

Hi guys! I hope everyone is well! I am back in North Carolina and I had a great time at home! It was so nice to see everyone! 700 more words