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new tea tuesday: holiday fruit and spice

The last new tea tuesday post featured  Harvest Spice from Steeped Tea and I got some great responses from those of you who follow that part of my blog! 357 more words


Traditional Medicinals, Breathe Easy

It is time to savor another herbal tea as daylight savings time ends.

I smell smoky lavender, pine, light citrus, and anise. I can also smell a hint of mint. 53 more words

Brandon C. Hovey

new tea tuesday: harvest spice

If it wasn’t obvious from my post last week [what i want: fall edition ] I will restate it again.  I LOVE AUTUMN.  This is my season.   509 more words


Metolius (late)

Quite a bit ago now I had the chance to sample a few blends from Metolius tea in (you guessed it) Metolius, OR. They’re organic, whole-ingredients type of teamakers, which is wonderful because where else are you going to get actual mini chocolate chips in your tea blend. 429 more words


new tea tuesday: matcha? what the heck is that

So what the heck is matcha and why should you drink it? Good question.

First of all what is matcha?

A very special Japanese green tea powder which to simplify is harvested in a way that allows growers to identify and pick the most flavorful and textured leaves. 421 more words


Fit Life Tea - Where and how to buy

What is Fit Life Tea?

Fit Life Tea is a company that specializes in manufacturing 100% organic tea blends. It is world-famous for the purity of the ingredients that is uses and the attention to detail that they convey to every product they make. 100 more words


Terrific Toffee T2 Review

There is something about a Wednesday at about 8pm that makes you have a sweet craving. Could that be my new found obsession, the Great British Bake Off, creating the ultimate cravings? 211 more words