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How to Replace Your Irreplaceable Teawares

Some of you humans who have read some articles here about my cousin teapots made by Wedgwood, Louisville Stoneware, and others, have asked about how to value their pieces and how to find replacements. 449 more words

Tea Wares

The Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones

The Celebration Teapot is the perfect teapot for any occasion. This exquisite gift package contains a beautiful and durable 40 oz. borosilicate glass teapot with a removable loose leaf tea glass infuser and two jasmine infused green tea flowers.  79 more words

The Teapot Tree…Real or…?

Little Yellow Teapot here. As harvest time approaches and you humans start prepping for Halloween, I want to tell you about the teapot tree. Is it real? 651 more words

Tea Wares

Techniques to a Happy Teapot

I’ll let you humans in on a little secret about us teapots: the happier we are, the better we steep tea. So, I’m sharing with you some more secrets on how to keep us happy. 3,053 more words

Tea Wares

5 Reasons a Pastry Fork Is Indispensable

A pastry fork is totally indispensable. True. Have you ever tried to hold a plate in one hand and cut a piece off that slice of pie, tart, or other goodie residing on it with a regular fork? 671 more words

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Explore Teacups & Mugs with Our Guide!

As a little teapot, I understand the need for a good teacup or mug. But there are so many that how do you humans choose between them? 149 more words

Tea Wares

Your Guide to Tea Steeping Vessels Is Here!

My cousin teapots are legion, and their styles are about as numerous, as shown in our Guide to Teapot Styles. And they are certainly the top choice, as far as I am concerned, for steeping most teas. 123 more words

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