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Zisha Clay – Not Just for Those Tiny Teapots, It Seems

By Aaron D. Peacener
as told to A.C. Cargill

Teapots hold great appeal for me, especially those made in China of zisha clay. I have even been known to refer to myself as “that crazy teapot guy” (a proud banner to bear!). 1,639 more words

Tea Wares

How Old Are You in Teapot Years?

Many people compare their lifespan to other creatures by saying something like “In human years that dog is 50.” Well, having a teapot that is roughly 7 years old but who thinks he’s more like 40 years old, it started me wondering how old I was in terms of the average lifespan of a teapot. 329 more words

Tea Wares

The Piao I Multiple Infusions Teapot vs. a Gaiwan

Recently, I jumped the gun and commented on something without checking it out first (not the only time). A photo from a tea shop in Australia featured glass teapots with infuser baskets. 820 more words

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Unboxing Avantcha + Tea Tips

Goodies for the foodies! We’ve received some new toys to play with from Avantcha Tea. Ms. Eat is crazy about tea and has been one wanting a clear set to add to her growing list so she was especially ecstatic about this set! 712 more words

Product Talk

Taking a Look at Teabook Steeping Glass and Others

Note: I just saw the most sugarcoated review on another blog of this steeping glass and the “tea subscription” package it came with, so I feel compelled to be totally honest here instead. 737 more words

Product Reviews

Why Those Tea Tins Are a Bad Idea for Storing Your Teas

by Little Yellow Teapot (a tea steeping marvel and occasional contributing author to this e-zine)

The other day on Twitter I saw this photos of tea tins posted by The Tea Smith. 842 more words

Little Yellow Teapot's Adventures