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Explore Teacups & Mugs with Our Guide!

As a little teapot, I understand the need for a good teacup or mug. But there are so many that how do you humans choose between them? 149 more words

Tea Wares

Your Guide to Tea Steeping Vessels Is Here!

My cousin teapots are legion, and their styles are about as numerous, as shown in our Guide to Teapot Styles. And they are certainly the top choice, as far as I am concerned, for steeping most teas. 123 more words

Tea Wares

My Cousin Teapots Are Quite Stylish!

We teapots around the world are all cousins. And as humble and lovable as I am, my cousins are, too. Some are a bit showier than others. 116 more words

Tea Wares

The Tea Trolley

“Clang! Clang! Clang went the trolley…” sang Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis. But it was definitely not a tea trolley. It was just some big, noisy contrivance that ran along rails laid down in the streets of St. 551 more words

Tea Wares

5 Reasons to Use a Kyusu

Say “Kyusu” (kee-OOO-zoo) and someone might kiss you (or slap your face). But the humble kyusu is a great asset for your tea time, dear humans. 833 more words

Tea Wares

Choose Your Path to Tea – Asian, European, or…

Pursuing the enjoyment and knowledge of tea is a real journey, and there are several paths you can follow. There is the European path, the Asian path, the Middle Eastern path, the American path,… 610 more words

Tea Enjoyment

Meet 2 Fab Teapot Makers!

We teapots are essential to your tea time, dear humans, and fortunately for you we come is an astoundingly wide array of styles. We also seem to be a very attractive thing for potters to make. 940 more words

Tea Wares