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Full Day of Intuitive Eating #4 // New York Adventure {Jicama California Style Shrimp Tacos + The Coffee Bean}

Today’s eats follows me around my adventures in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of: New York City.  New York is my spirit animal. No matter how many times I’ve been in the city, it never fails to take my breathe away.

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Food Diary

2PAC, Trees and Cinderella.

I definitely shouldn’t work with children anymore.

Last week, I was Cinderella for a 3 year old little girl and after my first hour of magic, we sat down for lunch. 746 more words

I guess this is withdrawals.

Was feeling totally blurgh earlier, I guess it was because I hadn’t drunk coffee.

I still haven’t drunk coffee, but I did have a cup of tea and that made me feel better. 30 more words

Sunday is here! Can we please go back to Friday?

Hello everyone!

How’s everyone Sunday so far? I hope you all have a great relaxing weekend with your loved ones or just some relaxing time for yourself :) I just finished my chores around the house and now I’m ready to enjoy my “me time”, haha. 227 more words


First Post and Week in Review

It’s been a bit of a dim week here at SunTea. I’ve been sparring with a nasty cold/flu virus and haven’t really had the time for proper rest and recuperation. 906 more words


Why I bake

So many of us like to believe that if we eat right, exercise frequently, practise moderation and stay positive, we will be healthy — physically and mentally. 222 more words