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Varieties Of Tea With Health Benefits

Tea has been around for centuries and is thoroughly enjoyed by people around the globe. Besides being refreshing and delicious, tea provides an array of health benefits. 763 more words


Wednesday Wanderings X

Tonight I am having trouble centering my thoughts for a blog post, so will just write another Wednesday Wanderings post. This is the tenth in the unconnected series :-) 355 more words


Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond the sitcom starred Ray Romano as a sports journalist who lived in a home that only had a living room, a kitchen, and a front door. 2,467 more words


Vendor Snapshot: Denong Tea Company

The Denong Tea company started in China in 1998 originally in Yunnan province in the People’s Republic of China. After 7 years of operation, the company moved into manufacturing their own puerh tea and trading it directly with consumers through physical stores. 342 more words


Calming Chaga Tea

Chaga is an amazing mushroom that is full of minerals and antioxidants, and was used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Not only is chaga good for us, but if a Birch tree is infected, chaga will grow over the wound and prolong the lifespan of the tree. 202 more words


Deconstructing the Anti-Inflammatory Diet: What to Drink

As a doctor, I see patients who put a lot of effort into their diets when it comes to deciding what foods to eat, but they sabotage themselves unknowingly by making poor choices when it comes to what they drink. 580 more words


Love and Caffeine

a cup of tea is so much more

than a porcelain vessel filled with stewed leaves

below the surface is so much more

than milk and honey… 898 more words