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Reusing those Keurig K-Cups.

Do you ever wonder if there’s more you could be doing with those used K-Cups instead of just throwing them away?

Well, whether you ascribe to sky-is-falling alarmist environmentalism, or you simply enjoy reusing items for a myriad of other purposes, I’ll share with you what I do with those disposable plastic cups. 287 more words


[HK] Classic High Tea in Classy Mandarin Oriental

In my previous Le Parloir post, I have expressed how much I love high tea. It has become a tradition whenever I visit Hong Kong. In case you don’t know, Hong Kong was colonized by the Britain, hence a huge part of their culture is strongly influenced by the British. 535 more words


A little pumpkin never hurt anything

I’ve been wanting to whip up a batch of Sticky Fingers Gluten Free scone mix for a few weeks now. And well this morning seemed like the right time. 221 more words


Simple Saturday pleasures

Saturday finally arrived, with no plans, a stack of books I want to read, and a stocked refrigerator with several things already cubed, diced, turned into a paste, and spiced the way I like it. 340 more words