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I Teach Therefore I Am... On Blood Pressure Medication

My current status: Medical Leave of Absence. That’s right!! Absolutely, 100% necessary. I knew it was “ABOUT THAT TIME” when I started googling, “Mental Rehab Facilities”. 954 more words


Looking forward

After the rain.

Spring arrived in 48 hours. After months of grey skies, rain, sleet, snow, hail and wind, the sun came out and the tulips bloomed last weekend. 451 more words


2000 Posts On DonCharisma.org

This is my 2001th post on DonCharisma.org …

Good grief is it that many, who knew ?

I could post a long list of achievements, but, for me, the biggest achievement of all is all the great people I’ve come to know on WordPress.com … has to be the most enriching aspect of doing a blog ! 61 more words

Don Charisma

Confessions Of A WordPress.com Support Volunteer - Final Day

It’s interesting to document one’s findings and learnings as we go along, I do it mostly for creative writing exercise, “serious” writing doesn’t interest me much. 1,121 more words

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"Sorry seems to be the hardest word to say..."

To say the words…
I’m sorry.
I was wrong.
Will you forgive me?

… all require a heart of humility.

It is something I have strived for all my life! 163 more words

Motherhood, Parenthood And Childhood

Getting Rid Of Beep Beep Boop Editor - The Easy Way

Many MANY people are unhappy with the new “improved” WordPress.com editor, nicknamed “Beep beep boop”. Here’s a simple solution.

I’ve seen some of the methods for restoring the classic editor, all of which I felt a bit overly involved and cumbersome. 763 more words

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STOP - Taking Things So Personally

I’m sure 99% of people do it to some extent or another, it’s in our natures to do it, no big deal that’s life ! 291 more words

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