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Building your character. Deep subject.

We aren’t born with character, it’s built. We develop it ourselves. But what kind of character to you want to have? 214 more words


Want To Teach Legos?

A college is looking for a “Professor of Legos”, and YOU can apply!

Want to make over $100,000-a-year playing with Legos? The University of Cambridge in England is looking for a “Professor of Lego” to study Legos, figure out ways to incorporate them into education, and analyze the role of Legos and other toys in kids’ lives worldwide. 39 more words


A Culture Starter

As in sour bread dough starter.  Not the San Francisco sour dough bread version but as in the way bread used to be made.  The way it was intended to be made.  385 more words


Do You Want to Join Our Group? #12MonthsBlogging

Much has been written about the efficacy of teachers reflecting on their practice through blogging.  

As teachers, we often ask students to reflect on their learning; since we are the lead learners in our classrooms, shouldn’t we be reflecting too?   500 more words


Life after recess - The food coma and the sugar high (Free Lesson Resource)

It’s after recess. There are 2 groups of students.

  1. The ones who are sleepy
  2. The ones experiencing sugar high

We’ll have to pick our battles here. 274 more words


Childlike Minds

Hi Peeps,

Today’s Quote

“The Mind of Kids need something More to do with their time during the day, away from the TV, Games, and Sports…  They must have MUSIC and Art Language to express Love; The sounds of Physical and Applied Science can be visually seen, heard, felt, smelled, touched, and tasted, with each Good Note.” ~ Jon Barnes          

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