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Set your minds on things above!

Many of God’s children are ensnared by Satan today, by getting them unduly concerned with what is happening in the world. He persuades them that it is their duty to be well informed upon current events–that it is necessary for them to “keep up with the times” and take an intelligent interest in what is occurring in different parts of the earth, and particularly with the political and social conditions in their own country. 150 more words


keep trying...making mistakes.

“There is no such thing as a perfect performance.”

I tell this to every pupil, group or choir i work with.

And i defy any honest musician to say otherwise. 87 more words

Thought For Today

Meditation in schools: a holy grail or a serpent?

I only started to really practice meditation just a few weeks ago, though I consider my yoga practice to be a type of meditation in and of itself. 1,549 more words


Anyone Can

Be the role model for your children. Children are like sponges. Teach them at an early age about meditation (if they can sit still long enough). 13 more words

A Passion for Art

For those of us who love to teach, seeing the light of passion for art in a young artist’s eyes is such an amazing thing. Amber Schmidt received an honorable mention at the Concordia University-St. 178 more words

Teaching Japanese in Las Vegas

Las Vagas was definitely a strange and random place to have my first experience teaching Japanese but I took the opportunity as it came. We had done a couple of classes all together and it was extremely helpful in my personal Japanese learning. 255 more words


The day my daughter discovered her guardian angel's name

I have taught and have been teaching my daughter how to honor her intuition from a very young age.  She is now developing it and understanding to honor those gut instincts or feelings she may get.  384 more words