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Istana Nature Guided Walk

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For five times a year — that’s Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Labour Day, National Day, and Deepavali — the Istana opens its gates to the public. 52 more words


The Writers' Blogk: Observation 4

  1. Integrity is everything and open-mindedness is anything when you write, whether for yourself or for the masses.
Kait King Author

Not Just Yet

I was taking a walk outside of my house and as I was looking at my Dogwood Tree, the first thing that I noticed was something white hanging from the limb of the tree. 336 more words


Easy way to teach kids love Maths (Counting)

Mathematics is my favourite subject. But how do I make Ishaan understand the subject. If not for marks (in Indian mentality) counting (Add/subtract/divide/multiple/percentage) is important for life. 185 more words


The Beauty Mark

My six-year-old granddaughter, Caitlynd, discovered a small freckle on her upper left arm and tried to scratch it off. When I asked her what she was doing, she burst out crying, “I have a thing on my arm and I can’t get if off.” 531 more words

Moral Reads


I used to study to be an elementary school teacher. Why?

Two reasons. I love kids. Why? Two reasons, They are as genuine as people get. 148 more words


How's the View?

Beth and I went to breakfast this morning and then ran a couple of errands. We went to one store and parted ways to retrieve our items. 186 more words