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The Art of Muay Thai ...

Muay Thai is not only a sport, but an art that reflects a rich history and culture”

(Mr. Punnawich Sewatadul; Owner of Mhad Mao Muay Thai Gym) 164 more words

Shout out to Brian Mendler

Currently I am working as a 1st grade teacher in a district about an hour from my home. I started this position about 3 weeks ago; I am a Long Term Sub for a teacher who went on maternity leave. 202 more words


The Mannequin Challenge - for the Classroom

I have been waiting all year to try out the Mannequin Challenge in my classroom! Finally I had the opportunity this week to get my students to “freeze in time” for this awesome task. 162 more words


Festival, Waterfalls, and Bed Sheets full of Potatoes.

The school I work at here in Ecuador has a very high percentage of indigenous students. The majority of my male students wear the long braided hair and classic white linen pants with their uniform every day, while the girls have their long skirts and frilly white sleeves under their school sweater vests. 314 more words

My Wild Child

Nowadays, it’s easy for parents to give in to iPads, phones, or any other source of technology to distract or placate the little ones. This is what may be ‘screen time.’ I am guilty of resorting to this too, however, I like to have it as the last ‘educational-show/game’ option, if  I need to quickly prepare food,  calm him in public (or in the hospital, like last week). 311 more words

Samson Bear

Hugs to All

I went for a run today. It was my typical lunch-time run: about three miles.  I ran alone.  When I got back to the building where I work, I saw two co-workers who were finishing a similar daily run.  598 more words