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So last year I was put in the hospital due to organ failure. I hadn’t been able to drink or eat in so long that my body was shutting down. 166 more words

Be taught and teach the correct way

I’ve been taught a lot of things from a lot of different people. Some methods used were not very good. I’ve been beat in the head with information and all it did was make me feel nervous and upset.. 195 more words


In trying to teach my 18 year old to be more positive – don’t let things you cannot control, control you – I learned I was the pot calling the kettle black. 179 more words

How Do You Juggle Writing With Your "Life?"


During this holiday season, I’ve decided to share some of the insight and experience I’ve had, as well as lessons learned.

A number of people have asked me some questions, and here is my answer to one of them. 51 more words

Method To My Creative Madness

Comparison is useful also for the purpose of amplification

Comparison is useful also for the purpose of amplification. Not only does one Scripture support and illuminate another, but very often one passage supplements and augments another. 256 more words

Arthur W. Pink

"But...Why Teach?"

I get the same questions all the time. “You’re going to teach? With that paycheck? In public school? In your home stateIn this… 779 more words


Puyo, Amazon

In the month of September after several cancellations, I made it to the Amazon. I planned on being there for an entire week, as I was doing a technical exchange for TEFL. 320 more words