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30 Days of "What they taught me"- a journal...Day21

A few days ago my 7 year old Julia confessed to Daddy that she wished Mommy had taken her to school sometimes instead of him. “That baby takes up al her time” she said. 1,095 more words


30 Days of "What they taught me" - a journal...Day20

Two nights ago Julia was watching a movie, probably the best kid movie on Bullying I have ever seen. Her older sister, Melanie, was grounded and couldn’t watch it with her which left Julia on her own. 551 more words


30 Days of "What they taught me" - a journal...Day19

Today was a full to the brim with inspiration day for two ladies of our house. It almost didn’t happen. I turned and tossed myself awake so many times last night wondering if I should go (I’ll tell you where in a sec) that I don’t know if I slept at all. 832 more words


Today I awoke to a sense of flying, at a velocity I am fairly sure I have never flown. I imagine it is like what it will feel like to travel inside… 1,115 more words


30 Days of "What they taught me" - a journal...Day18

I got a toddler. And she is the most adorable little thing you’ve seen. I am telling the truth. The pictures don’t do her justice. She is just so cute! 699 more words


Personal Pentecost

Midnight quickly approached at Laurel Lake, but the night was just getting started.  A handful of teenagers walked through a field in darkness guided only by a couple of flashlights and a desire for more than the ordinary. 661 more words

Teachable Moments

So An Owl Walks Into A Bar. . .

As I was busy making dinner recently, my son sat at the kitchen counter with his laptop surfing the internet for ‘funny videos’ – feats of daring, epic fails, anything to while away the time before dinner was ready. 370 more words