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Positive Examples & Teachable Moments: Saving the World through Environmental Education. Interview with Carolyn Waters

{Annually we feature & interview people in our ‘tiny’ community that engages our minds and hearts in what it takes to leave a tiny footprint} 2,036 more words

You Should Make Him Share

“You should make him share”

It was said  in a stage whisper, so that I could hear it but also so the little boy’s caregiver could hear it. 228 more words

Early Childhood Education

Water Bottle Caps and Parenting Magic

How many of you have tried to encourage your child to do something by telling her, “It’s easy! Try it. You can do it!”

I am raising my hand right now, too. 694 more words

Everyday Homeschooling

Purposeful Mess

“So, how do you feel about mess?”

It’s a question I pose during my workshops on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) for early childhood educators. 303 more words

Early Childhood Education

How Good Are We at Managing Money?

Not very, as it turns out. The Atlantic online has posted a 2014 piece from journalist Moises Naim entitled “Most People in the World Have No Idea How to Manage their Money”.   392 more words


Teachable Moments

They come at weird times, and in weird ways. Before we get started, take a moment to learn about this rock, here. It’s worth the read. 646 more words


Soft Drinks and Stop Signs: Fun Homeschool Memories, in Two Chapters

Chapter One: Cultural Studies with Dr. Pepper

A few weeks ago, my six-year-old asked what Dr. Pepper tastes like. His favorite YouTuber likes Dr. Pepper, and Ranger was pretty sure it must be fantastic. 706 more words

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