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ON LIBRARIES: Fake News and the Teachable Moment

Every librarian and teacher knows the magic of the teachable moment. Something occurs in the life of students or in the world and suddenly the kids are eager to find out more.  624 more words

On Libraries

Time to Tame Financial Clutter

You might feel like pitching those invoices and statements piling up on the counter. Before your paper shredder goes to work, check this list on how long to keep financial records. 230 more words

Money Saving Tip

I often try to explain one of my biggest gripes about being blind to sighted people, but more often than not, they don’t understand the obsurdity of it until they see it first hand. 602 more words

Car shopping? Don't get taken for a ride

When buying a car, it pays to shop around – for your financing as well as for the car. Because finding the right car and the right loan are really two separate financial decisions. 655 more words

Money Saving Tip

Psalm 103 Proclamation

Psalms 103! Wow what an amazing word to start off a new year! As you read every single word of this chapter know the Lord provides, forgives, and blesses.   397 more words


Finding Your tribe & Finding Yourself, by Christina Calk

Parents who are raising children with special needs, including those with physical, learning or emotional challenges, may find themselves feeling overwhelmed. The importance of pairing up with other families who are facing the same difficulties cannot be understated. 196 more words


7.345 million teachable moments

I just counted the amount of time between this past election day (9th November, 2016) and when the Electoral College votes in 2020.

All told, there are 1501 days separating them, and as each one has 24 hours, with 60 minutes in each hour, that gives us 7,345,440 minutes to pass till the next president (after this next one) is installed. 1,070 more words