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Exercising the “Extracurriculars”

I hear that women are supposed to be great at multitasking, but I think my genes must have missed that memo. While my mind often tries to go a million miles a minute, doing anything practical tends to require my full concentration. 997 more words

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Regressing Toward the Mean

I remember being fascinated by the concept in statistics called “Regression toward the mean,” which involves the idea that extreme cases (of either exceptionally excellent or exceptionally dismal results) are usually mere outliers and will typically be followed up with more average and expected results. 702 more words

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

“When will the market settle down and be right for me to invest in some stocks?” my young nephew recently lamented.

Is there an ideal time to invest? 193 more words

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Being the Parent: Enforcing Painful Consequences

Last Tuesday, I had to do one of those really tough things that parents have to do sometimes. I had to enforce a really painful consequence. 718 more words

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Educating an Advocate

I never aspired to become an advocate. I didn’t know enough about the issues, I couldn’t balance that with my work and family life. I promised myself that I would focus on raising good kids, being a high quality educator and overall trying to be a kind human being. 325 more words

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Things That Are Easier Than Teaching Seventh Grade

Before Christmas, my boss and I joked that we were just slouching towards Bethlehem – simply focusing on getting our bodies in one piece to the holiday break. 390 more words

Teachable Moments

Consumer Protection Week Is Here

Scammers and unscrupulous businesses don’t care about age or how tech savvy you are…they’re looking for gullible consumers. And, they find millions.

That’s one reason the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – the nation’s consumer protection agency – is highlighting March 5-11 as Consumer Protection Week. 429 more words

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