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Teaching Kids How to Play

It seems to so counter-intuitive to us adults that children need to be “taught” how to play. After all, they are kids! It is what they do! 343 more words

Early Childhood Education

Irrational fears, trust and control 

“Aren’t you nervous to be flying Malaysia Airlines?”

No more than usual…

Cheap flights to Japan made the choice a no-brainer for March holidays but truth be told I am a nervous flyer. 167 more words

Teachable Moments

Making inferences...

“Ms Stephanie, I think I’ve got a connection,” a little voice piped up.

It was the last day of term, The class had just finished reading… 553 more words

In The Classroom

The tendency to grumble and complain....

I once listened to a sermon by David Platt. He began by reading Psalm 150, and concluded this reading by saying, “Praise the Lord.” Humorously he asked the question, “what if that last line said, let everything that praises the Lord have breath, how many of us would be living? 697 more words

Bible Study

Marching on. 

Can’t believe the left picture is from back to school night this year and the right from last week. Progress.

I’d be lying if I were to say it’s smooth sailing from here on out. 521 more words


Pointing out problematic behaviors

If the world was perfect, this is how pointing out problematic behavior would go:

Person 1:
Person 2: This statement is problematic for the following reasons.

611 more words

Wordpress Listens

I’ve been a bit scarce in blogging for several reasons. New house. Helping daughter. More responsibilities in my consulting.

And, at WP I wasn’t able to render photos as I wished. 616 more words

Teachable Moments