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Invertebrates are Better with Butter

It’s all well and good, not joining personally in the educational crayfish hunt, but next thing you know, your preschooler has a net full of tiny gasping creatures and there’s nothing for it but to woman up and help get them into their welcoming bucket of water. 881 more words

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Altruism is concern for others, often strangers, without regard to any perceived benefit for the donor. True altruism isn’t all that common. Many charitable donors give for tax reasons, or to get their names on imposing buildings, or to stand out among other rich people in the eyes of an admiring public. 444 more words


I want to be his hero

This morning, while I was grabbing a quick shower, the boys spotted one of Aiden’s birthday presents at the top of the cupboard. I explained that Aiden’s birthday wasn’t for another week and that he couldn’t have it now, but Cam was determined to get it for him. 549 more words

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Is Crowdfunding Good for You?

If you are an entrepreneur or investor, crowdfunding may pique your curiosity. But the crowdfunding craze may not be what you think.

In its original form in the early 2000s, crowdfunding was collaborative fundraising, associated with starting a website to raise money for a product or one-time event. 639 more words

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Tesla announces update to self-driving system after fatality in May | Technology | The Guardian


Now in version 8.0, Tesla’s autopilot system update would ‘probably’ have prevented the fatality.

Note CEO Elon Musk’s statement that driving will never be fatality or injury free, all we can do is improve the “probability of safety.” We need to compare the effectiveness of an autonomous driving system with normal human drivers, not a theoretically perfect solution. 42 more words

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Xiaomi's robot vacuum sucks more than its peers

Source: Xiaomi’s robot vacuum sucks more than its peers

Xiaomi’s vacuum cleaner robot isn’t revolutionary, but it does manage a few key achievements that make it a valuable example of real world robotics: 127 more words

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