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Swept Away

A co-worker and I recently inspected a fast food facility, and we noticed that they had a problem with roaches in the kitchen (my co-worker quickly spotted one crawling along an electrical cord).  171 more words

Public Health

Mixed Blessings of Nostalgia

There’s a lot of appeal to nostalgia going on these days, from Trump’s “Make America Great Again” to ISIS members longing for the purity of a bygone caliphate untrammeled by debased Western values. 558 more words


The importance of teaching empathy

“I like Daddy better.”

This sentence hit me in the face after I told Cayden that we’d had enough screen time for the day, and so he would have to find something else to do other than Xbox, TV, Nintendo, Kindle or phone. 824 more words


Meg Directs a Siege

We had a perfectly adequate summer off, doing Vacation Bible School and, um, trips to the hospital, and when the second week of August hit, I up and started our school. 655 more words

Everyday Homeschooling

Ellen Catching Heat for "Racist" Twitter Post

We live in a very politically correct world so this story really comes as no surprise.

Everyone’s favorite human being (and voice of the beloved Dory) has cause a bit of a stir by posting the following meme on her twitter account: 242 more words

In The News

Words to Say with No Mouth to Open

So, sometimes just sharing pictures is enough.

Some of these drawings, like the one above, are from my first sketchbook, lasting from about February 2015 to November 2015. 192 more words

Coping Now

Name That Woman, Round Two - A Summer Reading Quiz

In my last post, I described seven women (real-life and fictional) who have awed and inspired generations of readers. The catch is: I didn’t reveal their names. 702 more words

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