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Let Your Kids Help in the Kitchen! Here’s How:

My friend Sue Gregg shares my passion for giving kids the chance to learn through everyday, real-life activities. In her cookbook, Lunches & Snacks, with Lessons for Children… 859 more words

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10 Tips to Be a Good Online Investor

Having an online investing account is as easy as click, click, click…and you’re set to buy and sell stocks, bonds or funds you want. No waiting, no problems, right? 325 more words

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Too Hard to Save? Sweat the Small Stuff!

At some point, we have all wasted money on something. But many consumers make a habit of it. Ironically, these same consumers often complain they have no money to put into savings. 485 more words

Teachable Moments

Is Mobile Banking Safe for You?

So you use a mobile phone or tablet as a calendar, credit card, map and storage for voicemail, texts and photos. Who doesn’t? You may soon do all your finances and banking via smart phone too.  670 more words

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Stretching Comfort Zones (2 min read)

Where does fear come from? Are we born with it? How do we control it? What effect does fear have on us?

One phrase from John Maxwell’s book “Laws of Growth” he mentions making a habit out of stretching comfort zones. 531 more words

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Why Is Financial Health Such a Big Deal?

You probably encounter young store clerks who can’t make change without the digital register. You likely know kids who own nearly every electronics gadget advertised. Some teens in your neighborhood might drive fancier cars than you. 494 more words

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How to Start on Your Investing Path

Fearful of what the future holds for your money and investments? Learning to invest—and perhaps losing money along the way—is not unlike some other risks we’ve learned we can take…driving a car, starting a business, getting married, having children, moving. 394 more words

Teachable Moments