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Children's experiences of classrooms: drawing on the authority of their own voices

Eleanore Hargreaves

I was advising my daughter about her education when she remarked, ‘Well, I’m not like you!’

Children may experience classroom teaching in ways that, as teachers (or parents), we have not imagined. 847 more words

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Fidget Spinners to Loaded Guns

Last year my colleagues and I had a collection of fidget spinners that we’d confiscated. They’re supposed to help kids with attention problems to be more focused. 527 more words

Teachers Of Middle School Aliens

How to Fix the Substitute Teacher Shortage

People miss work from time to time; it is an unavoidable fact of life. In education, substitute teachers help to fill this void; however, I have yet to see a school district that has a surplus of subs. 667 more words


GeoCapabilities in Kenya

Nathan Onwonga is an educator in Kenya who, three years ago, initiated a Geomentorship programme for primary and secondary schools. A key aim was to reflect on the role of geography on the lifelong learning of students and how it contributed to the economic and social well-being of their communities and working towards achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. 246 more words

Publication: Research lives of physical education teacher educators

Research impact:  This paper aims to provide insights into the research worlds of an international group of mid- and late-career physical education teacher educators. Specifically, it explores participants’ motives for research engagement and choices, and investigates what challenges and facilitates their research efforts. 145 more words


Potential Tragedy Snuffed

I don’t usually answer my phone when I don’t recognize the number, but for some reason, I did today.

My colleagues, parents, and I received a recorded phone message this afternoon from our principal briefly explaining an incident that occurred right after school. 459 more words

Teachers Of Middle School Aliens

Rampant Apathy and Learned Helplessness

Twelve years ago in central Oklahoma, I began my teaching career in middle school in an area infested with gangs. I’ve probably learned boatloads more than I’ve taught. 265 more words

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!