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A sharply defined critical period for language acquisition: Hartshorne, Tenenbaum & Pinker 2018

A critical period for second language acquisition: Evidence from 2/3 million English speakers

Hartshorne, J. K., Tenenbaum, J. B., & Pinker, S. (2018). A critical period for second language acquisition: evidence from 2/3 million English speakers. 992 more words

Red alert for English

TeachVac, the free National Vacancy Service for teachers, trainees and schools today warned of a ‘red’ alert for schools seeking to appoint a teacher of English. 466 more words


Teach Me to Teach

This week, for whatever reason, I had several folks ask me what it takes to become a teacher. A few friends. A couple of acquaintances. One student. 1,841 more words


ALERT: GOP Legislature in Michigan Considering Legislation to Harm Teacher Education Programs

Mitchell Robinson, a professor of music education at Michigan State University has published an urgent warning about ill-considered legislation that Michigan is considering in an attempt to punish teacher education programs. 612 more words


EdNext: How Not to Rank Teacher Preparation Programs

Education Next is a conservative journal that can be counted on to support education reform in all its manifestations.

However, today it is releasing a new study finding that the most ineffective way to rate teacher education programs is by the test scores of students taught by their graduates. 507 more words

Teacher Evaluations

On the Greatest Virtue

Juliet Macur, the author of this recent NYT article, in an unrelated interview was asked, “What is your favorite virtue?” “Kindness,” she answered, and then added: 305 more words


Not very ambitious

I understand that the Secretary of State is going to tell the NAHT Conference of another plan for sabbaticals for teachers as part of a retention drive to keep teachers from leaving. 497 more words