“Enough is Enough”: D.C. Students Take Action for Detroit Public Schools

I call Detroit, Michigan, home. While I didn’t attend Detroit Public Schools (DPS) after Kindergarten, I am still very aware and connected to the troubles and triumphs that happen in the school system because they affect my family, friends, and people who look like me and my students. 596 more words

Teacher Feature

Ooh baby baby!

L-D history teacher adds another little bundle to her family
By: Bryana Woodson, Entertainment editor

   Last week one of L-D students’ favorite teachers added a new addition to her family. 199 more words


Teacher of April

By Amber Anitora

Because of her years of dedicated teaching at Sterling High School, Sally Zinn is April’s Teacher of the Month.

She has taught at SHS for eight years and started teaching 27 years ago. 183 more words


Dear L2L,
It is that time of year again. My kids are OUT OF CONTROL! We just got back from Spring Break and now they are WILD. 580 more words


Getting Rhetorical With Students Vote 2016

Over the last two weeks, at almost any point during our reading block, you could walk in and hear students involved in heated but respectful conversations. 348 more words

Students Vote 2016

Teacher of March

By Gracie Bacon

In honor of being so relatable to his students, Brad Hessler has been nominated as the teacher of the month. Hessler grew up in Sterling, Colorado, and graduated from Sterling High School in 2003. 158 more words


Teacher Feature: Ms. Robinson - Discovering who we are, ourselves

Our Head of English, Ms. Robinson discusses the importance of cultivating a personal identity within an increasingly connected and homologous world. Discovering who we are exactly is not only worthwhile and rewarding, but is very much the cornerstone of making clear and informed decisions. 1,131 more words

Teacher Feature