Decorated office gets 'reaction' from chemistry students

by ADÁN RUBIO//Staff Writer

Posters, banners, pennants, bumper stickers, and sports memorabilia are all items one may find at a sporting goods store or a gift shop. 721 more words


Teacher Feature: Class Hook

EVERY GOOD BOOK begins with a hook to capture the readers interest and attention. This reigns true for our students favorite classes or memorable lessons. Sometimes we run out of ideas for out to grab our students’ attention, but we would like to share a fun website that that uses our students’ favorite TV shows and movies or the subject you are teaching. 49 more words


Stories behind a teacher's desk


The common notion is that relationships are built by communication. Socializing is a fundamental part for the majority, without a doubt.  Making conversation with our teachers is easier for some, difficult for others. 469 more words


Teacher Feature - Kat McAndrews and her Digital Portfolios

Kat McAndrews, a sixth-grade science teacher at Berry Intermediate, has decided to throw caution to the wind and jump headfirst into new ways for her students to show themselves as learners and scientists. 876 more words

G-Suite For Education

Teacher feature: Mrs. Marbrey


TreAna Marbrey (still known by many as Ms. Hundley) is a fun, puppy-loving, caring counselor and track coach here at Cerritos High. Her passion for running dates back to her four years of track while attending Gahr High School, where she was also homecoming queen her freshman year. 296 more words


Excuse me, ridiculous excuses coming through


Teachers always hear the “I left it at home” and “I forgot,” but on occasion they hear completely absurd excuses. Throughout their careers, teachers encountered interesting and ludicrous responses to students’ absences, tardies, and homework. 325 more words


Art professor uses passion for comics to create teaching aids

by DEZ MENDEZ//Feature Editor

Living two lives, Marc Watson doubles as a beloved comic book creator and professor.

Watson moved to Lubbock in 1999, having grown up in El Paso. 756 more words