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This Is Why Tenure Matters

Being unemployed has allowed me the opportunity to reconnect with friends I haven’t heard from in months or even years. The non- or former teachers have more time to talk, so we’ve met for lunch or dinner or coffee. 444 more words

Why Is the State of Florida Trying to Destroy its Own Public Schools ?

The Assault Shows No Signs of Waning

It sounds like an impossibility: the prospect of a state’s government working doggedly to destroy one of the very institutions it is charged with protecting and advancing. 2,085 more words



If this were a work of fiction, last year’s job loss and unemployment might have still happened. But then things would have fallen into place, a new job would appear, and the teacher would make a victorious comeback. 755 more words


It’s been a rough few days.

Well, honestly, it’s been a rough year, personally and professionally.

And nothing’s getting better. 553 more words

The Albatross

Growing up I was a straight A student. Even the possibility of a B was enough to put me in a panic and a state of depression. 731 more words