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Psyched About Learning

Being a second year PSP student, the opportunities seem to be endless. I loved being able to sit in on a psychology class (not only because it’s the most interesting class I have ever taken) because our school’s Psychology teacher is wonderful. 185 more words

Teacher Observations

A New Way to Teach

Observing teaching styles is always interesting because every teacher truly does teach so much differently than their colleague, and that being said, I do feel that my preferences are based on my own learning styles. 211 more words

Teacher Observations

Teacher Observation- Questioning

P2- Practice differentiated instruction. To me P2 refers to using a variety of approaches to support students use and understanding of academic language to meet the diverse needs of students. 538 more words

Teacher Observations

Foolproof Tips on Obtaining a GREAT Announced Teacher Observation!

I wasn’t “feeling” observations, and this post popped into my head.


Spoiler Alert: Don’t take me seriously!:)

1. Create a lesson you will never use again. 48 more words

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Why Do Teacher Observations Still Stress Me Out?

“Never will I name a child,” I often said during my final month as a student teacher, “Devon.”

My second placement as a student teacher was a disaster.   697 more words

Teacher Observation- Utilizing Technology

Teacher Observation- Utilizing Technology

H4- Honor family/community involvement in the learning process. To me, H4 refers to creating opportunities for family/communities to be informed and involved in students’ learning. 948 more words


Preplanning Helps

I recently observed Mrs. A, with whom I will be working for the rest of the semester, and learned some good lessons for prospective teachers. The major reinforcement from this observation is that preplanning is of paramount utility to many other aspects of teaching. 762 more words