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Stressful Excitement: When Families of our Students Visit the Classroom

When I was a student, the last thing in the whole entire world that I wanted, was for my parents to come to school with me.  904 more words


Using Google Forms for Walkthroughs with Email (Updated with autoCrat)

Google Forms have been extremely popular amongst schools and school leaders.  Using Google Forms to do walkthroughs has been my practice for several years.  One of my first posts on this site was a tutorial on how to use Forms to collect walkthrough data as well as to provide emailed feedback to teachers.    484 more words


The Stress of Being Observed by a Colleague

After having been teaching for over 16 years, you’d think I’d be comfortable when peers or mentors join my classroom to observe me, my students, and my teaching in order to provide me with feedback to help me grow and develop as an educator.  1,322 more words


The Gifts of Imperfection in the Classroom

My teaching isn’t perfect, my family was not perfect, and, as far a personal development, I have a long way to go. So why am I supposed to pretend otherwise when I step in front of impressionable teenagers who are looking at me to model what it is to be a human in the world? 735 more words

Uncovering And Addressing Student Trauma In The Classroom