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This year is already trying to test me

As I stare down the looming start of school date, I’m already being challenged as an educator. Even though my first day with students is Wednesday, and I’ve already managed to make copies of things and plan my activities, all I can focus on is the number 37. 536 more words

Being A Teacher


Sigh… The only thing I can stifle out of me as I read the closing lines of this novel. Is that it? Is this all it boils down to? 70 more words


Weekend Coffee Share: Inservice.

If we were talking over coffee today, my eyes would probably be red and bloodshot from crying…

This is the last Sunday before Inservice begins. If you’re looking at that word and not sure what it means, you must not be a teacher. 933 more words


Were My Directions Unclear?

Me: (after listing all the ingredients I’d like in my salad) “And then I’ll also have some avocado, chopped up in the salad please.”

Guy: “Do you want just the avocado chopped, or the whole salad chopped?” 67 more words


My FaceĀ 

Just ran into a school parent while running in the park.

Parent: “So I heard a rumor you left the school? And classroom teaching completely?” 42 more words



That moment when a parent who gave you hell for 4 years of your teaching career somehow tracks down your phone number and calls you to say that she is sorry for everything she put you through, and she acknowledges the role she played in her children’s in-school difficulties, and she says that she heard that you are leaving the teaching profession so she didn’t want you to depart without knowing that truly, deeply, she really does appreciate everything you did for her and her two sonsĀ over the years, thus providing you with the perfect feeling of satisfied closure as you end your classroom career. 37 more words


No Need For Sentiments

“I’m cutting off your work email account at 5pm on Friday.”

— my Assistant Principal, to me, as he hugged me goodbye for the last time.