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Teacher Needs a New Pair of Pants

You guys… here’s the thing… and I apologize if this sounds ridiculous and shallow and absurd and makes you want to gouge my eyes out… but, here’s the thing… 447 more words


Weekend Coffee Share: Meltdown

This weekend, if we were discussing life over coffee, we might very well be doing so at the New Boy’s place. It’s just about time I either decide to introduce him to my social circle, or decide if I might need to cut him loose. 992 more words


The Digital Natives We Teach Are Creating A Number Of New Challenges.

Digital natives are individuals who were born during or after the surge of digital technologies (the internet, mobile devices etc.).  Because the majority have been surrounded by tech from an early age, they are used to it and are usually very good at it.  224 more words


Teachers, eh?

Just now I was in my local Woolworths store on my way to work.

The cashier was chatty.

“Much on for the day?”

“On my way to work.” 190 more words

True Story

184. Kids are smooth.

I’m in a bit of a love hate relationship with the ten year old kids I am teaching – if you know me then you’ll most likely have heard me complain about them once or twice (on a much too regular basis). 204 more words


What's the Problem with Teacher Observations?

Anxiety and fear are some of the emotions that are aroused in many teachers of the mere mention of  the words “Teacher Observation”. While for others, observations are just another day in the life of a teacher.   443 more words