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Impeccable Timing 

That moment when your FOURTH GRADE student has an accident of the #2 variety in his pants just as the assistant principal comes to observe your teaching. 12 more words



On my prep, I overhear two 5th graders in the hallway:

Kid 1: “What time is it?”

Kid 2: “8:62″

Seriously– how do you still not understand the fundamental concepts of time?!? 34 more words


Tales From the Classroom: Buffalos, Horses, Penguins and Aliens.

Have we reached the end of school yet?! For crying out loud how can there be 11 1/2 days of school left in this school year?! 389 more words


I’ve been caught! Tragic. I had to block that puppy right up.


September vs. May

It’s May and we’re out of…

–Markers that work, except yellow.  We have lots of yellow.

–Pencils, but this isn’t new.  We’ve been out of pencils since March. 129 more words

5th Grade

Go ahead, Lady. Rate me on THAT. 

That moment during the superintendent’s visit when your student projectile vomits in the hallway.

No, I didn’t pay him to do that.

But it was fucking perfect.



That super liberating moment when you realize you don’t care at ALL about today’s visit from the superintendent. Lady, you do NOT know me, you do NOT know my kids, and you do NOT know my school. 43 more words