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As It turns out, I'm not funny. 

As I was walking through the corridor to the library, one of my Y10 students smiled and said, “See you later’ alligator!”

I stopped her and asked if she knew the difference between an alligator and a crocodile. 104 more words


He'll Be Right Back! 

Repairman: “Oh my god, it’s so hot in this classroom!

Us: “Yes sir it is! The heat goes too high and we can’t control it. Please help!” 85 more words



I have the worlds worst cold. again.

Seems I come home with a new germ every time the snow comes.  I was doing pretty durn well there for almost a year! 474 more words

A Recovering Perfectionist: My Sickness Manifesto

For the past 2 years, I’ve been teaching kindergarten.  As adorable as my kids are, they are also germ-mongers.  Some of them have yet to master the skill of hand washing WITH soap, and have been known to sneeze and cough directly into my mouth.   582 more words

The Student Becomes the Teacher

After I posted Yes. That’s Exactly What the Beatles Were Going For., someone alerted me to the fact that the song “Blackbird” was, in fact, inspired by the civil rights movement. 114 more words


Nerds For The Win

I am sure I have previously mentioned at least once that I am a massive nerd, both academically (I don’t mean that I’m super smart, goodness knows my summatives can prove the opposite, I just mean that I find nerdy academic stuff interesting sometimes) and fangirl-wise. 891 more words

Yes. That's Exactly What The Beatles Were Going For. 

Analyzing The Beatles’ song “Blackbird” with 4th graders…

Us (after listening to the whole song): “The lyrics repeat ‘blackbird fly’ over and over. What do you think this song might be about?” 38 more words