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My Face 

Just ran into a school parent while running in the park.

Parent: “So I heard a rumor you left the school? And classroom teaching completely?” 42 more words



That moment when a parent who gave you hell for 4 years of your teaching career somehow tracks down your phone number and calls you to say that she is sorry for everything she put you through, and she acknowledges the role she played in her children’s in-school difficulties, and she says that she heard that you are leaving the teaching profession so she didn’t want you to depart without knowing that truly, deeply, she really does appreciate everything you did for her and her two sons over the years, thus providing you with the perfect feeling of satisfied closure as you end your classroom career. 37 more words


No Need For Sentiments

“I’m cutting off your work email account at 5pm on Friday.”

— my Assistant Principal, to me, as he hugged me goodbye for the last time.


Quote of the Day

“Mrs. Crumpett, you can’t know what it means (referring to his earlier comment ‘once you go black, you don’t go back’)”

“I’m in my 30’s, I know what that means.”

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Woman Crush Wednesday. We're Fancy!

I’m about to kill two birds with one stone – Woman Crush Wednesday and Track of the Day!

This tune celebrates the ladies that go to gym to look good for themselves, women who are “book and street smart”, ladies who are confident and have vision and know what they are about. 57 more words


The Colour of Water

I always say I don’t read much, not for pleasure anyway – occupational hazard. But this year while in search for a cool idea for my classroom walls, I found this book collage on good-old Google. 175 more words


Seems Reasonable 

“I had an itch.”

— Kindergartener, when I walked into the bathroom and saw her standing in front of the sink with her pants completely removed.