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Oh. Right. 

“Yeah that’s not going to work.”

–Starbucks barista, deadpan and unamused, when I opened my Facebook app instead of my Starbucks app and repeatedly tried to scan it. 14 more words


Final Week

“Stop agonizing, you still have ONE FULL WEEK of vacation left!”, I said to myself this morning after a night full of back-to-school dreams. And I felt much better. 32 more words


Back to School. aka The One with All the Memes.


I know some of you have already returned to school. With students and everything. I’ve seen your nicely organized, pretty classrooms on Instagram. Hooray for you, but today marks the first day of the new school year for me. 399 more words

A Day In The Life

The Top 15 Student Quotes (SQOTD) from My First Year

In honor of the fact that my classroom will be filled with the future leaders of America in so short a time, I figured I would compile a list to honor the tradition that will be starting again. 255 more words

Crocodile Tales

That Teacher Look

Once upon a time, back in my own high school years, I made my mother miserable with my clothing choices. I don’t really have any good excuse…I don’t THINK I had a traumatic brain injury that would lead me to believe that a size 14 (which is what I truly was back in high school) would look good in a size 10 pair of pants. 584 more words

Crocodile Tales

Raisins in the Air

The first assignment that we do every semester is the following prompt:

“What do you want to do in the next five years, and how will you get there?” 587 more words

Crocodile Tales

9 Students Every Teacher Will Recognize

I was not a model student. In fact, I was a huge pain in the classroom. I was disruptive, annoyed by any teacher that asked me to work, and talked incessantly. 932 more words

Crocodile Tales