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I think I handled this with aplomb

Kid: “Miss Emily, can you please look at this for me?”

(This = the inside of his gums, where he had a huge, raging canker sore) 174 more words


No. No you may not. 

“Excuse me, may I have some of your coffee? It’s just that I’m very tired today.”

–Kid, 9 years old, after waking up from his mid-lesson rug nap.


Thanks for asking, kid!

But your blank stare indicates that perhaps you disagree.


If anyone has an extra sense of humor, I know 28 nine-year-olds who could use one.




For the first time ever, someone at work walked up to me, gave me a genuine pat on the back and said with 100% sincerity, “You did great work today. 49 more words


Are We Racist?

On Friday, our 4th grade class had “book buddies” with a 1st grade class (it’s exactly how it sounds– 1st and 4th graders are paired up, and they read books together). 172 more words