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Look At Him Now!

Moments ago in CVS, I ran into a former student of mine who is now in 5th grade…

Me: “Hey there, kiddo!”
Kid: “Oh hi, Miss Emily! 140 more words



Sitting down to tutor…

Me: “Sorry we have to do this on such a nice weekend day!”
Kid: “Oh, I don’t mind! I like when you come to tutor me on weekends.” 39 more words


Racism. I think?

That moment when you have to tell an asian kid to stop making fun of other asian kids for being asian.

They didn’t cover this one in graduate school.


Mixed Emotions

Kid: “How old are you? You look late 20s.”

Me: “You’re my new favorite person!”

Kid: “How bout Miss ? She looks younger than you.” … 6 more words


Not What I Was Craving 

That moment when you’re proctoring a test in someone else’s classroom and you see a box that says “perishable, open upon arrival” and you get excited thinking it might be cookies, so you take a peek inside. 7 more words


Professional Problems

Guys, what do YOU do when YOUR giant yellow Judy clock won’t fit inside your work bag?

What’s that? You don’t own a giant yellow Judy clock? 40 more words


Kids Have The Darndest Ideas

Kid (super excited): “My friend and I wrote a whole thesis about why and how human blood can be used to power cars. Because blood has iron. 61 more words