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Sick Day

The kids are sick. So I’m home sick with them.

And, almost as if on cue, the monstrous cough I’d been fighting for weeks — and thought I had the better of — has resurfaced. 501 more words



I forbid my learners to use pencils in class.You see, they strive too much for perfection. They write everything in pencil then rewrite it all in pen and, like magic, they produce perfect work – but all the content incorrect. 170 more words

Love & War

This Shouldn't Happen

Just a short addendum, and then I’m going to shut down the part of my brain that thinks about these things (or try to, at any rate). 361 more words


Where do They Stand on Education??

It is that time again.  When the world is focused on politics, politicians, and how much crap they can sling at each other without crossing that very subtle line.   144 more words

Teacher Problems

You Know You're Tired When...

After teaching yesterday and then spending the night at school supervising the antics of my graduating Year 12 students, I have entered my 29th consecutive hour of being at work and awake. 68 more words


A Common Scenario for Teachers

Me, the week progress reports were due:
“ACK. Why did I wait until now to start filling out my grade book? Once I get this done, I’m going to set aside some time every day to work on my grade book so I’m never this far behind again!” 27 more words