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Maybe This is Why I'm Sick

Me (while tutoring, trying to open kid’s magazine to the assigned homework article): “Hmmm…it seems these pages are stuck together.”

Kid: “Yeah. Probably a booger.” 6 more words


Right. Or They Peacefully Resolve It. 

Reading a story in which the two main characters are fighting, I urge the kid to make a prediction about the outcome. 


Me: “So let’s think…what are some things that usually happen in real life after two people get into a disagreement?” 14 more words


Serious Potential 

In a lesson about classifying units of measurement…

Co-teacher: “So ounces and pounds measure WEIGHT. What do inches, centimeters, and feet measure?”

Student (raising hand enthusiastically): “Stuff!” 34 more words


My Students Were Worried About Me

Student 1: “Miss Emily! Feeling better?”

Other 29 students: <silence. No aknowegement of my existence.>

It’s good to be back.


Sunday night cramming and torn fingernails

Here I am, back at my usual Sunday night cramming. My nails and cuticles painfully ripped and pulled down to the quick — that’s one sure sign of my anxiety level. 623 more words

Life -- The Universe -- And Everything

Friday:  The Gateway to a Weekend of Grading

I wake up with knowledge that it is Friday, and after the initial realization that I have to go in to work today, I am thrilled for about 13 seconds. 238 more words