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Teacher Problems

Seeing a full moon Sunday night:

Most people: “Oh how beautiful!”
Teachers: “Shit’s about to get real!”

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I think a lot of teachers can relate to this!

Quote of the Day

“Two year olds don’t produce sperm.”

(Don’t ask me how this subject came up in Algebra 2 )

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Student Wisdom #7

Student 1 to student 2: Teacher is pretty mad. And she’s right.

(Thank you, kid. You try your best to make me mad and then feel bad about it) 466 more words


Daily Planner and Journal - 18.10.17 "The little f*ckers made me cry and f*ck the receptionist" edition

Happy hump day, dear friends.

By the way, why is it called hump day? I’m not a native but I had this idea that hump…uh…meant something else… 1,741 more words

To-do Lists

Math is a Waste of Time

Bad attitude student: Why are we wasting all this time on this long problem?

Me: Buckle up, buttercup. This is Algebra 2, we’re going to be doing problems that take much longer and involve multiple pages! 18 more words

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Who left me in charge?

Me: My dog’s name is…
Student 1: !
Student 2: What kind of dog is he?
Me: Remember, you met him.
Student 2: Oh the small one? 64 more words

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I’m not gonna lie, I almost miss this.