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Teachers are human beings too.

When you become a teacher you know that you are going to have to deal with the misconceptions that Teachers aren’t human beings. That we are some sort of emotionless robot. 723 more words

Slimming World

The Teacher's Snow Day

One of the great, beautiful parts of being a teacher is enjoying a snow day. It’s on of the perks of educating the little snowflakes-a day of hot chocolate and nothingness.   171 more words

Crocodile Tales

Working to the Students needs?

Today was a day where the student and their needs seemed to be a difficult choice to make. The groups that I deal with both had a deadline for a project which was stressing them to considerable degrees; some claimed not to know that the deadline was today while others complained that it had been changed which was causing the stress. 1,085 more words

Teacher Problems #72: Inability to Process Practical Life Skills

Me last week:

NOTE: My brother is a kind and caring individual and he did teach me how to make a fire so I wouldn’t freeze to death when I was home alone. I am grateful.

On parents , and Pleading Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

Do parents really believe the shit they sprout or are they just trying to convince you of it?Do they even hear what’s coming out of their mouths or they think I’m just fucking gullible? 427 more words


Driving home

Today as I’m stopped at a red light, one of my students (A) crossed the street directly in front of me. He didn’t notice me, so I gave a little honk. 113 more words

The Crumpett Files

So good, don't need to revise...

How many drafts of the same narrative do I have to edit before more than two errors are fixed?

The Crumpett Files