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Teaching Middle School is going to be the death of me

Student 1: Miss, have you ever kissed a boy?

Me (hanging my head): What does this have to do with math?!?!?

Student 2 (forcefully): Of course she has! 33 more words

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Is It An Emergency?

Guys. I repeat those 4 words at least 12 thousand times a day. Any other teachers out there who can feel my pain? For real. If you’re gonna piss yourself, then go to the bathroom. 660 more words

What a *good* day...

I am not a teacher, I do not like kids, and I’m going to bed at 5pm like a muthafuckin’ rockstar.

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Staying after school

Student: Imma stay after today, Mob.
Me: I have a staff meeting. You can stay in my room and I can work with you later… 113 more words

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A Teaching First

I’ve never had a student interpret “put your pencil away” as “stick your pencil down my cleavage” before… today. 😳

To clarify… she stuck her pencil down my shirt. 12 more words

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Something happens to people as they get older. We get scared a lot more easily. (When I was a kid, I was obsessed with flying on planes. 479 more words

Grading Highs

While grading one young lady’s math notebook, I noticed that she’d done about 5 assignments two or three times each.

I couldn’t figure out why and then on the last page I saw that she’d repeatedly written, “Bitch, cunts can’t pass blunts” and then it all started to make sense… 

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