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"Oh, man, I could suck on it FOREVER."

– kid, age 9, who I was relieved to discover was referring to a lollipop.

Well, sort of relieved.

Kid was REALLY into it.


Sick and Personal Days

Remember when you were a kid and you walked into your classroom and saw a substitute teacher in place of your teacher? Oh the possibilities! Will they be nice? 643 more words

Parent Teacher Conferences Are Over

“Hi! I’d like one of everything you sell. And also a straw.” — me, right now, at the wine store.


Things That Make Teaching Worth It

Kid: “When my mom comes for her parent/teacher conference tonight, just remind her who is Miss Emily and who is , because she doesn’t know.” 23 more words


Ebola Mom, Part 19

(Continuation of Ebola Mom Part 18, and part of the Ebola Mom series)

Three things, Nanc:

1. I’m going to go ahead and NOT accept your apology. 55 more words


Tomorrow's Lesson: What is a numeral? 

I kind of want to give him full credit, though.