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It is that time of the school year when I pull into the parking lot and have to wipe my tears with a crumpled receipt from my purse because I ran out of tissues months ago. 1,167 more words


Insider Advice

A parent of one of my students came in for a meeting…

Parent: “Some of the kids have been calling my son a ‘whiny little bitch’ at recess, and it’s really hurting his feelings. 51 more words


Being Honest With My Students #213

He did laugh out loud in class when he received this.

Mission accomplished.

Things That Make Me Smile

You know what's fun?

Blasting “A Little Less Conversation” on repeat just so I gesture to random passing cars: ‘Come on, come on Come on, come on…’ and then wildly head bob and arm dance through ‘Don’t procrastinate/don’t articulate/Girl it’s getting late/gettin’ upset waitin’ around… ‘Just so I can scream out (raising my hands with 🤘🤘) ‘OWWW!!’ 35 more words

The Crumpett Files

Your Life Story in Six Words

April and May are stressful months for students and teachers alike. We all dread the testing that comes with the close of another school year because it makes summer seem so very far away. 334 more words

Lesson Plans

The Perils of Dating a Teacher 

These are the kinds of stories you will hear if you make the mistake of asking your teacher significant other how her day is going. … 25 more words