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Learning in the Guru-Shishya Parampara

Tabla like any other Indian traditional art (or I could traditional art period) has always been taught in the traditional guru-shishya parampara. According to Wiki – 618 more words


The Classroom Battle

Progressive and traditional approaches have long been involved in a battle in terms of how the relation between teachers and students should be addressed. As David Buckingham put it, “progressive approach is condemned for its liberal sloppiness, its lazy celebration of children’s experience, and ultimately its rejection of teaching, while traditional approach is depicted as a form of educational terrorism, in which children are drilled and intimated into acquiring arbitrary, disembodied fragments of information” (Buckingham, 1998:03). 1,123 more words


Misconceptions About Classroom Management

Like most teachers I have always thought that when one talks about classroom management, of course you’re talking about discipline and order in the classroom. After all, a well-managed classroom should be composed of students who are behaving well and a classroom that is orderly. 620 more words

EDS 111 EJournal

Love and romance: Can there be any legal impediment?

The heart has reasons of its own which reason does not know.

This famous quote was the Supreme Court had to say about the love affair between a teacher and her student. 881 more words

Teacher's Day!

With September 5 observed as Teacher’s Day in India, just round the corner, let me take the privilege to drop a note on the dignified and equally phenomenal art of teaching. 748 more words

Diary Of A Young Writer

English Minglish!

Tuesdays with Morrie authored by Mitch Albom, recommended by two of my Professors and read years back still quarters in the premier list of my favourite non-fiction reads. 623 more words

Diary Of A Young Writer


What if I’d been less timid in days gone by? Such as when teaching Freshman English at USC.  Aged twenty-two, I would sit cross-legged on the front desk in pencil skirt and white linen blouse, imparting my view of life to a group of sorority and fraternity pledges, a few Korean War vets, and several members of the Freshman football team who sat slouched against the back wall, exchanging… 330 more words