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A "Just-in-case" Note

Or as we say in Spanish, a “for the flies” note! :D

Dear all,

I’m writing this because the winter holidays are approaching, aka Christmas, and most people tend to engage in two kinds of symbolic activities: going out for a drink and giving presents. 247 more words


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A Teacher's Bill of Rights

I  To ensure that there is authority commensurate with responsibility for the instructional task. The teacher has the right and responsibility to ensure her professional needs are met before engaging in instruction. 259 more words


A Successful Online School is Based On Relationships

“Students do the bulk of their learning independently. They make their own way through online lessons, digital texts and multimedia, and follow links to extra, explanatory resources. 118 more words


Eid Al-Fitr 1437 | Greetings

As-Salam alaykum waRahmatuLlah waBarakatuH to you and yours.

It is Eid!

AlHamduliLlah we have scaled through the financial difficulties to make it to the Day Of Fast Breaking. 143 more words

E-Learning Expert

You Can’t Win Them All

Teaching can be very satisfying, but it isn’t easy. I (Clive) just received my course evaluation for last term and was reminded that “you can’t win them all.” I thought the course was my best ever, and most students rated it as “excellent.” But some just said it was “very good” (hmmm – why was that?) and one gave it a “good” or “moderate” on every item (what’s their problem?!). 147 more words


Getting to Know Our Students

I (Clive) have long believed in having a warm, friendly class community and a good teacher-student relationship. However, my understanding of what this means continues to grow. 291 more words