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New York judge rules that it is racist to expect teachers to be functionally literate

This story is from The Stream.


A federal judge in New York has struck down a test used by New York City to vet potential teachers, finding the test of knowledge illegally discriminated against racial minorities due to their lower scores.

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New study: voucher program improved odds of poor students graduating by 21 percent

The Daily Signal reports on the study.


Private school choice initiatives have become increasingly common across the United States. Far from being rare and untested, private school choice policies are an integral part of the fabric of American education policy.

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Bad Deal in Baltimore

Wall Street Journal
Progressives and unions gut a charter-school reform.

May 18, 2015 6:37 p.m. ET

The Baltimore riots produced national lamentations about urban poverty, but don’t expect much to be done about it. 529 more words

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Teachers union calls Superintendent Gent's email to teachers "disingenuous"

The head of Palm Beach County’s teachers union says Schools Superintendent Wayne Gent’s explanation of a proposed pay raise is “disingenuous,” saying he is not being forthcoming about how much the raise is worth this year. 1,148 more words

UK's largest teacher union tells teachers they MUST promote the gay lifestyle to students

Dina tweeted this article from the UK Daily Mail.

It says:

Schools should be forced to promote gay relationships in sex education lessons, union leaders say.

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Solidarity with New York Teachers

From one city of Pittsburgh school teacher to the teachers of New York-

I met Megan as we were getting on the subway shuttle today.  She teaches Middle School Special Ed. 155 more words

New York City

U.S. millennials perform horribly on technology tests compared to other countries

This is from the leftist Washington Post.


There was this test. And it was daunting. It was like the SAT or ACT — which many American millennials are no doubt familiar with, as they are on track to be the best educated generation in history — except this test was not about getting into college.

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