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Another Day, Another Assaulted Teacher (Video)

The penalty for assaulting a teacher should be greater than for assaulting a stranger on the street corner, because our education system is doomed unless teachers are given unprecedented protection from harm. 300 more words


We Are Not Doing Nearly Enough to Protect Teachers

How on earth are we going to attract the best teachers to a profession that is so appallingly bad at protecting the health and safety of its own? 314 more words


Teacher Forced to Defend Moving a Child to the Front of the Class

A complaint to the Anti-Discrimination Board against a teacher for doing nothing more than sitting a child to the front of the classroom is a move that should concern all teachers. 367 more words


10 Tips for Teachers on how to Improve Their Work/Life Balance

For most of my working life I have been a full time teacher and primary caregiver for my dear children. The immense workload has forced me to become more organised and has necessitated a high level of routine. 1,021 more words


News Flash: Teachers Make Mistakes!

When I was a student teacher I was openly criticised in front of my class for calling myself an “idiot”. At the time I thought it was a bit harsh and the word is hardly a swear word, but I now accept it was very unprofessional of me. 271 more words


Is There a More Undervalued Career than Teaching?

Teaching is not necessarily as difficult as some make out, but it surely is under appreciated:

The survey, by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, found only 39 per cent of Australian teachers surveyed believed society valued the profession. 253 more words