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What are We Doing to Protect Our Teachers?

I want an assurance to my fellow colleagues that we are being looked after. That our protection is a top priority.

The video above depicts a student allegedly coming to the aid of his female teacher. 201 more words

Teacher Welfare

The Gift of Teaching and the Other Gifts that Come With It

It is fabulous to be appreciated. Teachers are often taken for granted, ridiculed, disrespected and bullied. So when we are given a compliment or a gift, it can make provide the strength and optimism required to manage through the hard times. 81 more words

Teacher Welfare

Add Years to Prison Sentences for Hitting a Teacher

If you assault a teacher your legal penalty should be greater than if you committed the same act on a stranger. It is absolutely essential that we protect our teachers by making an example of students like the one above. 53 more words

Teacher Welfare

Teachers Want to Be Liked (Video)

Teachers are not paid to be liked, and sometimes it’s better for the students when they’re not, but it makes the job so much more satisfying when your students care about you. 68 more words


The Epidemic that is Teacher Bullying

Some will watch the teacher in the video above and think that he looks soft, weak and defeated. I think he handled the situation brilliantly. 130 more words


Now IS Are After Primary Teachers!

ISIS is evil, and it can only take an evil organisation to make teachers the target of terror. Teachers almost universally choose their profession based on the desire to give back and make an indelible contribution. 209 more words

Teacher Welfare