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Teachers Need to Fight Hate With Love

I really loved the first part of the teacher’s response. It is balanced, persuasive and strong. I wasn’t as big a fan of the sarcasm at the end. 90 more words

Teacher Welfare

People Find the Stabbing of a Teacher Funny

A teacher gets stabbed by a crazed student and 69 of his student friends signal their approval:

A judge has blasted the ‘sick’ people who ‘liked’ a Facebook post of the 14-year-old boy who stabbed a supply teacher in a racist attack.¬† 209 more words

Teacher Welfare

Imagine if Teachers Were Treated Like Sporting Stars

I am quite happy doing my job without fanfare but I think this clip is very clever indeed!

Click on the link to read Exercise Tips for Busy¬†Teachers… 56 more words

Teacher Welfare

Acoustics & Education

Did you know a good acoustic environment in a classroom is an important aspect to achieving effective provision of education and has a benefit to staff welfare? 649 more words


Exercise Tips for Busy Teachers

My personal tips would include requesting the classroom on the top floor and dispensing with the comfortable teacher chairs.

The following tips are courtesy of . 1,017 more words

Teacher Welfare

Another Day, Another Assaulted Teacher (Video)

The penalty for assaulting a teacher should be greater than for assaulting a stranger on the street corner, because our education system is doomed unless teachers are given unprecedented protection from harm. 300 more words