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Wellness: A Guide for Teachers

To sustain our work as teachers, we need to take care of ourselves. Wellness as a whole is important, but it’s also essential to look at specific elements of wellness that are all equally necessary to sustaining when the going gets tough. 795 more words

Therapeutic School

Guest Post via @DariaPizzuto: Winter Recess: Time to Replenish, Reflect, and Renew

The beginning of December. I can feel the heaviness in my step, hear the annoyance in my voice, and see the lack of creativity in my lessons. 480 more words

Guest Post

World Mental Health Day 2016

Monday 10th October is World Mental Health Day 2016.  This event is recognised by the World Health Organisation and is a reminder to all of us of the prominence that mental health plays in all of our lives.  8 more words

Guest Post via @DariaPizzuto: Teacher Well-being: Worth Talking About?

September comes about and we teachers start to excitedly set up our classrooms, gather the best, most authentic and meaningful resources, and put together fun and challenging lessons. 631 more words

Guest Post

5 Things Every First-Year Teacher Should Know That People Won't Always Tell You

So you’ve just landed your first teaching job . You are super excited to share your great news with friends and family, and you are overjoyed about your new career. 615 more words


A love letter for art teachers...

Summer is here and before you all head off to the beaches, hiking trails, travel destinations or your own backyard to spend time with family and friends, I want you to read this letter I wrote for you (and all art teachers everywhere). 158 more words


Free 5 Day Self-Care Reset Challenge- Are you In?

Back by popular demand and with perfect timing now that school is out or almost out, join the 5 day self-care reset challenge because it’s fun, all about YOU, a wonderful chance to give yourself some TLC and a great way to unwind after a super busy school year. 110 more words