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Managing First Day of School Jitters for Students!

Happy Tuesday, September 5th!

While I have always loved the first day of school, millions of children (and some adults) do not share my feelings. So, I constantly look for ways to help my students ease the anxiety of the first day of school. 379 more words

Welcome to TWU New Teachers!

Welcome to another school year! Only this time around, most of you are teachers rather than students. The purpose of this blog is to help provide support, encouragement, and continued development for teachers who are in their first, second, or third year of teaching. 669 more words

New Teachers

Wellness: A Guide for Teachers

To sustain our work as teachers, we need to take care of ourselves. Wellness as a whole is important, but it’s also essential to look at specific elements of wellness that are all equally necessary to sustaining when the going gets tough. 795 more words

Therapeutic School

Guest Post via @DariaPizzuto: Winter Recess: Time to Replenish, Reflect, and Renew

The beginning of December. I can feel the heaviness in my step, hear the annoyance in my voice, and see the lack of creativity in my lessons. 480 more words

Guest Post