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My Class Routine In Uni

With having such a strict teacher teaching me, I stress out a lot over my reading and writing class. You need to preview, you need to review, and you need to listen to the teacher in class. 987 more words


Right way of living 

All the teachers and Gurus in the world are also born from a women’s womb. Everyone accumulates knowledge either from their own experiences or someone who is born before them .Wec cannot find 100percent truth behind everything nothing is permanent so whatever we do today may be someday we will not be able to perform that rask so we don’t have To stick to any belief,nothing will last forever,slowly we have to leave,otherwise we will be forced to leave,as,it’s the law of nature , we shouldn’t enforce our beliefs on anyone just because we think that it’s right cause we are taught that way but others are not so how can we make others believe what we think is right. 69 more words

#1 The hard beginning.

Hello! To be honest i’m not quite sure to start with this, cause it’s a very heavy/emotional topic for me to talk about, and i have never really opened up to anyone about my problems before this year, but i will give it a try! 943 more words


A letter to you... his teacher...

My concern is you are dealing with a brilliant little boy who is taking medication in order to help make him “school” teachable. I’m risking his well being to make life easier on you. 135 more words



“I think to myself, what a wonderful world.” I am in that place with Louis Armstrong today. A few weeks ago a film company announced on Facebook that they wished to screen a film in Battambang and were looking for places and audiences. 203 more words


.:COMIC:. | Los Idiotas ❤

Chatting with my 4th period teacher while she was grading papers.. some people just don’t even try- 


Panel I: Teacher is grading papers at her desk… 44 more words