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Yoga is embarrassing

It’s about 5am right now in my corner of the world. I’m awake. I’m hungry and thirsty so I’m taking care of that. My mind is restless, so this blog is my way of trying to take care of that. 558 more words


Different Is Beautiful

“Well, that was different.” I heard this as I walked with an amazing student of mine who was, like every other school day in his life, experiencing pure fright while he walked down the noisey jungle of a hall towards the safety of his classroom. 329 more words


Oh what fun this was! My original design was nothing like the final door, but I’m confident that we stand a chance at winning this year. 74 more words



The most important teacher that you have…is your own intuitive knowing. But remember, when a teacher ceases to learn (they) cease to teach. Such a one becomes rigid and fixed—a signpost, perhaps, but not a teacher. 12 more words


Are you an 'extraordinary' leader?

Having read a few @staffrm blogs and various Tweets today, it has reminded me of the importance of being ‘true to oneself’.  Often, we find ourselves in situations where our persona changes, or we alter our personality to fit the circumstances.   198 more words

The Key to Success: E-Book Pages 66


  • IV: Whom Mankind shall love
    • Every man and woman must finally take the place where he and she are best fitted to be, and do the things that he and she can do best, and the things about which he and she really know…
  • 247 more words

Teresa Giudice: I'm Becoming a YOGA Teacher!

When you think of zen, peace and tranquility, think of Teresa Giudice.

We know that last sentence likely threw you right out of your tree pose, but that is just what The Real Housewives of New Jersey star and recent jailbird would like you to believe. 6 more words