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Holiday Party Reflections

We have three holiday parties each year here at Wiley Elementary School: Halloween, Winter, and Valentine’s Day. (The Winter Holiday class party is called such because there are many different holidays going on at the same time.) The students love them, parents come out in full force to support them, and the teachers appreciate all of the love and attention and chocolate. 512 more words

Fourth Grade

Adjusting to a Substitute

This has been an odd year for me in terms of time away from the classroom. For the past four years, I have been on various committees and inquiry groups and task forces that have met during school hours that I have had at least one full-day or half-day absence a month throughout the year. 473 more words

Fourth Grade

Classroom Celebration

At the start of the year, we started filling our jar with pebbles. Each pebble represented a compliment that the class had received from another adult in the building, including teachers, staff, and our principal. 373 more words

Fourth Grade

Learning Without Devices

My classroom is a 21st century technology-enhanced learning environment. That is something I am very proud of and work hard to accomplish each day. There are some teachers who allow modern technologies to take over in the room and others who are downright fearful of them. 531 more words

Fourth Grade

Funeral for a Friend

We went to a funeral for a friend in my classroom today.

Actually, we didn’t go to a funeral; we actually held a funeral.

And, to be fair, it wasn’t so much for a friend as it was for a phrase that has been overused in my classroom this year. 407 more words

Fourth Grade

Special Days

Today was a special day, and yet it was a very typical Tuesday in my classroom: My students started the day by writing about our classroom jobs and trying to decide which one was most important (one girl, always finding a way to answer prompts by not-answering them, insisted that every job is important; she was correct), then we spent 75 minutes in our guided math block (we are working on division of whole numbers) before having an indoor recess (the wind chill had dropped from 18° to 14°) and then going to Dance. 345 more words

Fourth Grade

Inquiry-Based Learning with Front Row

I have been using Front Row in my classroom for the past two years to provide my students with differentiated math instruction. This year I also started using it with my guided math groups to help me plan for targeted instruction and make sure that I am giving my students the level and variety of work that they need to improve their math skills and strategic thinking. 562 more words

Fourth Grade