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Students changed? No, teachers did. - Student's review on education system

*Teacher: Read professor, tutor, teacher or any that suits you best.

There are many teachers with many different styles of teaching and many different ways of grading. 685 more words


Meet Jenny Anderson

Jenny Anderson, K-5 STEM and Design teacher
Casita Center, Vista, CA.

“Being a connected educator is three-fold. First, you need to build a strong rapport with your students. 208 more words


/deɪ fɔː / Browsing books and slipping class

The topics of the day included the emotional connection millennials seem to have with coffee and also their complete disregard for proper retirement planning. Oh, dear. 100 more words


One person who's honest about what's not working with restorative discipline

Chalkbeat posted a surprisingly candid interview with an assistant principal of a school that is implementing restorative discipline practices with uneven results. The honesty is a much-needed corrective to the usual silver-bullet style success stories we hear about a school’s new approach. 627 more words

A Model Substitute

I sometimes substitute teach at the elementary level. I showed up to a classroom one day, adorned with my official substitute badge on a lanyard around my neck, to find an observer standing outside, waiting for me to arrive. 685 more words


/deɪ θriː / The Lumberjack and Kloof Street Hipster

Armed with a greater sense of disillusionment our band of hipsters took to the streets of town in order to capture the perfect nonchalant class picture. 236 more words