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Edcamp Sharjah

Edcamps are free, organic, participant-driven, un-conferences that empower educators to maximize professional learning experiences and peer networks. It’s not just for one day it’s a professional development program and a movement. 248 more words

Parent Rant - Long

I know that we all have those parents that just make us want to scream at them to stop, or make us drink. Well, I just need to vent it out, sorry. 1,264 more words


How A Small Town U.S. History Teacher's Classroom Shaped Me

I could seriously write an entire book on the lessons I learned from my High School U.S. History teacher (except for what I learned in his History class, as evidenced by the fact that I received a 2 out of 5 on the college entrance exam). 772 more words

Blog Post

Who REALLY Knows What Angels Are?

I have an interesting tid-bit for you today and it’s about Angels of course. Now here is where Angel information gets fuzzy. 1,156 more words


Do we need to attract an increased number of older entrants into teaching?

Yesterday, I commented on one aspect of the new Secretary of State’s interview with The Times newspaper. Today, I would like to look at another area he talked about; recruiting older people into teaching. 643 more words


CPS rant

I just sent a student home after she told me she was scared to go home. When I called cps (for the third time in 2 months) they acknowledged how bad things must be for her. 46 more words