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Pleasure trumps exhaustion.

Woke up today to a post from one of my sisters who had seen facebook photos of my weaving class at Super Cool Summer School… 79 more words


Classroom Touchstone Creed Assignment

ASSIGNMENT:  Now that we have looked at the different positive character traits and virtues, and reflected on the qualities found in a community of virtue, decide on a Touchstone Creed for your classroom that will be the vision that will frame everything that happens inside your classroom. 645 more words


Humor in the Classroom... Do They Get It?

As we head into a 3-day weekend (some of us), I feel light. I wanna have fun and be silly to celebrate Independence Day!

And that has me thinking about silliness and fun in the classroom. 309 more words


What will your verse be?

I became an English teacher because of the impact that my senior English teacher had on my life. I became a teacher because of the impact that several of my teachers had on my life.

57 more words


On the "Don't Teach" meme - " Practical" knowledge in Architecture

There is this meme going around about asking folks not to teach immediately after they graduate. This I cannot make a judgment about…. I leave it to one’s sense of self and judgment about one’s own life journey. 582 more words


Why High Schools' biggest problem is Lessons

A major problem in High schools is their lessons. Those short 1 hour sessions that relate to a specific subject, where in most cases, the teacher stands and delivers ‘learning’.from the front. 536 more words


7/2/15: Daily Post

I am currently on board the RailRunner, returning home from a day in Socorro. I do enjoy these bus and train commutes; it is a long day (3 hours each way), but I still manage to have a great time. 260 more words