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It is that time of the school year when I pull into the parking lot and have to wipe my tears with a crumpled receipt from my purse because I ran out of tissues months ago. 1,152 more words


Why Now?

Yesterday was interesting. I gave a test. I’ve given a few tests this year. I always give the kids a study guide (required) with all the test questions and then they can use an index card on the test, with anything they need on the card. 736 more words


The Sky is Green

Pretend for a moment, I meet you in a cafe, and we are waiting in line for coffee. We strike up a conversation, because you notice that I am especially attractive in my yoga pants and fluffy sweatshirt, and I notice you are drinking the same fru-fru coffee as me. 717 more words

C S Johnson

The Great Smarties Candies Refocusing Strategy

Q. What do Smarties candies (the American kind), Orwellian Doublespeak, Union solidarity, Hamilton, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the New Jersey Turnpike’s Joyce Kilmer Rest Area have in common? 5,578 more words

Upcoming Travel

Follow along next week as I travel to Guatemala City, Guatemala then take a bus between and around volcanoes as I travel to Tapachula, Mexico and explore the beautiful Mexican state of Chiapas. 23 more words