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Today involved two different fights, one a cafeteria-clearing brawl that took at least four adults to break up, and that wasn’t the one where a staff member got injured.   60 more words


Ebola Mom, Part 28

(Part of the Ebola Mom series)

I was being sarcastic. I’m pretty sure she just hates you.


Boys to Men

Nothing was more rewarding, adorable, awkward, or terrifying than 28 fourth graders working together to write this poem about love. For the record, a boy chose the topic “love” and a boy chose the metaphor “butterflies.” 38 more words


Using Prosody in the Chilean Leaning Context

By: Emma Bates

In my time teaching, I’ve found that some aspects of English grammar are difficult to teach without incorporating a certain amount of pronunciation into the grammar lesson. 288 more words


Sucking Up Only Works If You're Right 

Teaching metaphors in poetry.

Us: “So we want to try to compare bigger concepts to everyday objects. For example, ‘life is a staircase’ or ‘anger is fire.'” 24 more words


Queen Victoria British International School

At this point, which was about June or July of 2013, I was starting to really stress out. I was just about finished with my time as a volunteer for Teach and Learn with Georgia. 839 more words


It's Like Speaking Another Language

There are times in teaching when I look at my students and wonder how we can be so entirely different. It’s not because they come from wildly different cultural backgrounds, or maybe it is. 812 more words