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The secret world of childhood....

One would think that after having been a child myself, raising three children, being a teacher for a kazillion years, being with my grandchildren frequently, the secret world of childhood would not be such a mystery. 316 more words


In a Nutshell

I’ve been playing around with Nutshell now that I deleted all my texts and made room on my phone. One video was inspired by the place I live. 196 more words

Slice Of Life

WNTT... If you yearn for recognition

Firstly, apologies for disappearing for such a long time! It has been a non-stop month… A new position at work to get used to, a bereavement, the emptying out of my former address to get it sold, and a couple of celebrations. 447 more words


Implementing CrossFit Kids into the PE curriculum

CrossFit. Defining fitness by increasing work capacity across broad time and model domains. Helping more people to move, and move better. And something I was desperate to develop within a school setting. 824 more words


Getting revision right

This year we have taken a strategic approach to revision with Year 11. We have been trying to make the most of everything we have learned over the past few years about the learning process, memory, recall and deliberate practice to deliver a consistent message to all students. 982 more words


Knope to dope

When you live next to a drug user (dealer) there are several things which can happen to you as a neighbor. You can start to get anxious, paranoid and stir crazy. 582 more words


Happy Penguins

….tell kindergarteners that they can dress up their penguins and they instantly become ‘happy’ penguins

We started our project by painting our background with ribbons of watercolour. 108 more words