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Those That Can... Teach? By @ASTSupportAAli

Yesterday I phoned my mother (mummy), and asked her to suggest a location/time for me to take her out to lunch. (During the holidays I make every effort with my family! 1,119 more words


How Can I Sound Like a Native Speaker?

A good friend of mine is from India. She moved to the United States many years ago. Recently, she confessed to me that she has felt frustrated since moving to the US. 956 more words


Summer: Why Teachers Teach, Right?

Yes, it is that time of year that every teacher has been waiting for, right? The countdown to our summer days has begun! If you are like me, you will have at least two months (well, sort of) off from work. 728 more words


Commencement, cats, and giving things away.

On an unusually cold and cloudy morning, I processed in to graduation with the other faculty of the college, just behind my favorite colleague. We faculty with our robes that represent the various fields we give to the students. 727 more words


Combating teacher’s stress in a classroom

My general rule for stress relief is to orchestrate classrooms that rely more on the students than the teacher to lead the learning and contribute. 655 more words


Notes to Myself

Have you ever made notes for yourself about a course? It wasn’t always part of my teaching routine to systematically think about course design during the term. 741 more words


Brazil's educational system

I’ve been teaching for 8 months and it has been a crazy ride. I’ve never imagined I would enjoy it so much even though sometimes I get exhausted. 493 more words