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Is education really broken?

I recently viewed a TEDx talk titled ‘The surprising truth about learning in schools’. Other than the talk having an eye-catching title, there was nothing really surprising about it, as I think Will Richardson hits on a number of things that have been said before by other researchers. 521 more words

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Family Storytelling at Thanksgiving

After the pumpkin pie is put away, take your phone and sit with a loved one in a corner.  Ask some thoughtful questions.  Listen and record (video or audio) their responses. 81 more words

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Music Lovers Are Problem Solvers

Problem solving stretches far beyond a math lesson, into every facet of a child’s education. When you use music as an intentional strategy, you’re building music lovers who will be problem solvers. 172 more words

Teaching And Learning

Guest Post: Failure Should Be Mindful Not Mindless, by Chris Wasden

Last week I did an interview for a Podcast with Dr. Travis Good. He kicked off the interview by asking the following question:

In your book, you talk about failure being the spark that ignites the innovation cycle.  1,323 more words

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SCHOOLS ON TRIAL: How Freedom and Creativity Can Fix Our Educational Malpractice

Are America’s schools little more than cinder-block gulags that spawn vicious cliques and bullying, negate creativity, and true learning and squelch curiosity in their inmates, um, students? 459 more words

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Guest Post: Why Special Needs are So Special to Me by AXS CEO Troy McClain

I have learned there is nothing more rewarding than giving back through teaching, educating and inspiring others to do great things. I’m blessed that I have the chance to follow the lead of some great practitioners in both business and life. 475 more words

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