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Cultivating Faculty Voice for a Better School

What matters most for the learner’s experience–and what I care about most–is the development and promotion of voice and exploration.  I feel just as strongly that the one item missing in that statement is the cultivation of… 595 more words

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3 Survival Tips for Parents & School Projects

Your son Aaron has had a good year with Ms. Kelly. At the last conference, the only concern she repeated was that he needed to get his work done on time. 306 more words

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Building Equity in the Classroom

This is not a blog post about investing in classroom shares, nor is it an article about starting a stock market club for your students. This is really about excellence in pedagogy; specifically, I want to discuss what should be among the highest of the teacher’s aim:  to elicit engagement and questions from each and every student, every day, in order to create a high caliber educational environment in your classroom. 558 more words

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Moving From Curriculum to Enrichment in the Math Classroom

Where and why exactly are we failing in math education these days? Why has the USA been failing in the world math competitions for so many years?   754 more words

Teaching And Learning

Life with a Yorkshire Terrier

If your children are lucky enough to enjoy life with a Yorkshire terrier, you’ll recognize our Teddy.

Happy. Self-confident. Highly intelligent. Persistent. Protective. Noisy. Wags a lot. 98 more words

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Who Was X in Your Family?

On the day I received my bachelor’s degree in music, my father told me that I was the first person in his family to graduate from college.   137 more words

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William Shakespeare for Parents

I bet you’ve never thought of looking to William Shakespeare for parenting help, but I have.

When one of my daughters was a teenager, she fell in love with Shakespearean sonnets. 220 more words

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