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My Mother the Yodeler

“Yodel-ay-hee-hooo!” sang my mother in the car. She had a natural talent for it, learned it as a camp counselor, and once she got going, she’d spin the yodel part like this: 59 more words


Buried Treasure: X Marks the Spot

Before students write a story, ask them to draw an illustrated map.  Visualizing, creating, drawing, painting, coloring, and discussing a map stimulates the imagination in ways that words sometimes cannot. 123 more words

Teaching And Learning

An Education Spring "Why Not?"

Your students take forever to settle down and start the Do Now. Or you wish there was something new to add to that unit on European history. 56 more words


Verdi Starts the Day

In one school in which I was principal, I played classical music over the intercom to start every day. It  created a happy atmosphere and gave every adult and child something to share.   56 more words


Ultramarine Utopia

There’s nothing like the blues of the ocean for clearing the head, lifting the spirit, and finding utopia.

Every season at the beach has its unique beauty and tone.   91 more words

Teaching And Learning

Teddy the Terrier

What’s blue and tan and smart all over? Meet my nine-year-old Yorkie, Teddy.

Don’t assume what you read about Yorkshire terriers to be true, like making good lap dogs. 211 more words

Teaching And Learning