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A Comparison of Learning Strategies

Study by Carol Witney & Wei Wei

Infographic By Wei Wei

The infographic below is of an investigation into the learning strategies employed by two groups of students at our university. 64 more words

Critical University Questions And Ideas

Critical Thinking Study Part 1

By Matthew Cowan, LSU

Sometime last year we embarked on an investigation into what it actually means to expect our students to demonstrate critical thinking in their classwork, examinations, and assignments. 160 more words


Are international schools bad for you?

By Matthew Cowan, LSU

A newspaper article did the rounds on social media in Vietnam recently because it reported that some influential people in Vietnamese society believe early second language acquisition dilutes the identity of Vietnamese children. 751 more words


The Asian Century White Paper: A response from on the ground in Vietnam

By Matthew Cowan, LSU

The Australian Government’s recently released and much maligned Asian Century White Paper has come under sustained fire for failing to measure up to expectations. 1,447 more words


What principles guide your teaching practice?

By Mark Hershey

Mark Hershey has been living and teaching in Asia for over a dozen years.  He is especially interested in theories of learning. 1,835 more words


Does the university entrance exam stop Vietnamese students from thinking critically?

By Dr Wei Wei, LSU

Every summer is a headache for Asian students who have almost finished high school as university entrance exams arrive. A good exam score is interpreted as the primary indicator for a wide range of things, for example, the students’ efforts, intelligence, learning strategies and learning outcomes, teachers’ capabilities, efforts, commitment, schools’ facilities and efforts. 1,018 more words


The 'C' word

By David DeBrot, LSU

‘An organization is not an entity of its own – it is a group of individuals.’

It’s a strength, not a weakness… 1,117 more words