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Cool Your Jets, Teachers. I know I have.

Between my writing and dramas and other pursuits, I do this regular thing called my day job where I teach for a living. I really do enjoy it. 593 more words

Teaching & Education

Education At It's Whiniest

I’m pretty freaking tired.

A lot has been going on in my life–and I mean¬†a lot, giving some huge evidence that the cliche ‘when it rains, it pours’ is a real live thing. ¬† 330 more words

Random But Real

Ramblings on Latitude and Longitude Using a Lightboard

Fall 2015 my university commissioned one of our on-campus engineers to design and build not one but two Lightboards. If you aren’t familiar with what a Lightboard is you’ve come to the proper blog. 583 more words


60 Seconds on Teaching (Actually 75 seconds)

This is not my TEDTalk by any stretch of the imagination. In my wanderings and associated interactions around campus I’ve met a few people involved with teaching and technology. 1,378 more words


Overcoming the "College Students As Children" Mindset

In 2007 I began working for a nearby community college, my third such institution in Kentucky. In Kentucky, the community college system operates by a set of guiding principles and policies yet each institution also operates as a sort of franchise. 2,866 more words


Staying Enthusiastic As Higher Education Sickens

I know. My post’s title is morbid, especially coming on the heels of my previous post about the passing of my director and mentor. He would have appreciated the irony. 1,765 more words


In which I think about teaching

I’ve been a bit of a lax bloggificator of late. I had a good run back there in October/November of posting every week, but I think, if we’re honest, we all knew that wasn’t going to last didn’t we? 475 more words