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Professors Have A Point

Here is the original essay by Mark Bauerlein published Sunday, May 9th, “What’s the Point of a Professor?” I encourage all to read first, then reread, if necessary. 1,996 more words


The Case for Homework

Kevin Gannon (Grand View University; Twitter:@TheTattoedProf) wrote an excellent rebuttal to an essay published in the New York Time recently. Mark Bauerlein, himself also a professor ( 3,955 more words


Let Kids be Kids. Let College be College.

I’m an educator. I want kids to succeed in this world. I want them to work hard, learn difficult concepts and idealistically walk into the world like they can make a difference. 657 more words

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In which I muse on London Book Fair

Last week was London Book Fair, the UK’s annual gathering of the publishing industry where agents, publishers, and booksellers come together and do vast amounts of publishing industry type stuff. 596 more words


No Time Off For Good Behavior

In most, if not all, of the states in the United States education is mandatory for all children of a certain age. Generally, students between the ages of six and eighteen must be receiving education whether public, private or in the home. 324 more words


The Secret to Finding Happiness

To introduceĀ an experiment, I asked my students if anyone had found any money in the last month? Their ears perked up. They looked at me to see if they needed to call the principal because i had cracked up. 146 more words


New Level of Absurdity Reached! Achievement Locked Even More!

I’ve written several times about nonsense in Higher Education. Administrators in Higher Education love bureaucracy like zombies loveĀ brains. Some bureaucracy has to exist. We want to make sure people are treated fairly. 1,712 more words