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My rather comprehensive headline pretty much says it all about what you can expect from another Podcast from Poet, Presenter and Producer Patrick Widdess, who recently recited his way to the runner up spot at the Made In Roath Summer Poetry Festival Slam, missing out on the first spot by the narrowest of conceivable margins. 64 more words

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TEFL 101: Frequently Asked Questions

Some people are able to pin point exactly the moment that they decided that they were going to pursue a TEFL adventure abroad, for others it is more of a slow build up than a sudden realisation – however you come around to it, soon enough thoughts of sunshine and new surroundings and cute children and idyllic classrooms begin to fill your mind.  1,023 more words


Life at the Southernmost Point

Florida has honestly been one of the greatest things to happen to me in these past few years. As strange as that might sound. I think it’s a mixture of the constant sunlight that keeps me happy each and every day, the laid back nature of the people living here, not having to deal with school anymore, and the fact that I get to live with my dad again for a bit before leaving for Colombia that makes me so ecstatic. 811 more words

A Plug for Phter Koma

Phter Koma have a new website!


Thanks to Amber, the daughter of a good friend of mine, who is extremely clever at building websites.  Not only did she create the page but she also donated the page costs to us.  386 more words

Travel 2014-2015

Bem Vindo á Lisboa Becky! :) (Monday 1st June to Sunday 7th June 2015)

Introduction – This has been quite a busy week, both before and after Becky arrived. The week was normal with work, lunches and dinners, etc. Perhaps more often than usual as I knew that I wouldn’t be able to while Becky was here. 1,287 more words

TEFLtastic updated nearly every day (really!)

You certainly wouldn’t think  it from the number of actual posts, but under the hood (also known as the classroom activities section) new links to my articles and worksheets are added several times a week. 75 more words

Teaching English As A Foreign Language

Standard Introductory Post...

Standard Introductory Post…

Well, hi. I am sitting here and find myself at this point. The point where I have finally stopped procrastinating, and making excuses, and what not, and have actually started a blog. 1,014 more words