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Calming the wanderlust within

As I walked through the familiarity of Vienna’s streets last week, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I drafted a blog post in my head as I was gazed about my surroundings: my tiredness immediately disappearing and my drive and spirit reignited once again. 430 more words


Tenses review - a quickie

Having started teaching adults again, I faced a serious problem – forgetfulness :) Especially, on the more advanced levels I meet people who used to learn English, and they can speak fluently, but when confronted with ‘let’s review perfect aspects today, eh?’ they go suspiciously silent. 132 more words


Idiom of the Week: "At the drop of a hat"

Whenever I hear idioms; either on the television or on the radio, always make me laugh as I make a mental note and add them to the list here at… 102 more words


Does Jihadi John have a CELTA?

A lot of news sources are reporting that Mohammed Emwazi, allegedly the ISIS member nicknamed Jihadi John, did a “Celta” course before unsuccessfully applying to teach in Saudi in 2012, but… 92 more words

Teaching English As A Foreign Language

You Can Call Me Miss Hylton.. and put your hand up before you speak!

After six gruelling months of self-study and a lot, and I mean a lot! of reading and note taking, I have finally completed my TEFL course, studying the 120 hour master class I just finished my final exam and am now qualified with my first ever A!

Idiom of the Week: "Back to the drawing board "

I never really thought of this saying as an idiom; as I have heard it so many times and to be honest I have never really thought about it fully. 79 more words


Wordle Wednesday: Animals at a Zoo

Carrying on from last week’s Wordle Wednesday theme of animals; I thought that it would be a good time for animals in a zoo to make an appearance. 69 more words