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A to Z: TEFL

Todays post for the A to Z Challenge is: TEFL-teaching English as a foreign language. This is something I’ve been considering since we first went to Thailand to find the cause of the tsunami when I was still working for Oceaneering. 330 more words


Getting Over a Teaching Slum

Let’s face it. As much as we love our students, there are some days (read: weeks) where you simply just CANNOT bring yourself to teach or to even prepare your lessons for the week. 928 more words

Facebook in the classroom?

Have you ever felt tired with your students checking their mobiles and Facebook updates in the classroom? Maybe you’re annoyed with their “I was just checking the word in the dictionary” when you perfectly well know they’re simply messaging their Facebook friends? 481 more words


2011 Summer Au Pair Job in Spain

Okay, so I mistakenly believed that my adventures as an Au Pair could be written in one blog post. Alas, I had far too much to talk about, and I found that the more I wrote, the more that I remembered. 1,935 more words


Where to find English books in Daegu, South Korea (Part 1)

“But are you able to find English books over there?”

People who love me are often concerned about whether or not I’ll be able to sate my need for books in South Korea. 485 more words


How to survive life in Korea: Be flexible and open to beautiful encounters

Friday morning, 8:35 AM. My co-teacher and I were standing by the window, basking in a sliver of sunlight and enjoying a soothing cup of tea. 544 more words

South Korea

Just a teacher...

Slightly random Sunday morning blog post – get a coffee!

I have mentioned a number of times before, that when you teach English to foreigners; you tend to be so much more than “just a teacher”. 642 more words

Thoughts And Musings