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Teaching Assistantship

I have been funded through UMBC through a Teaching Assistantship, and have had the pleasure to act as the TA for IS 303. This experience has allowed me to both refine and develop a number of skills. 44 more words

Work Experience

Teachers with 5+ Yrs Experience: What Are You Learning of Late?

I have just begun my 23rd full time year of teaching and 18th year in the public school classroom.

During the course of this week, I   341 more words


Faculty Profile

This blog elaborates on my experiences and achievements as a teacher.  I share the invaluable lessons that I have learnt through my interactions with my students.

Achievements Of A Teacher

A fitting manual of English

I’ve been teaching English for two years already and I find it the prettiest way of interacting with people sharing your knowledge. All I had is my eternal love to English and passion to tell people how beautiful that language is. 373 more words


I had enjoyed working as a teacher in an NGO. Unlike a lot of people who work in NGOs because of their passion to change the lives of those in need, I had taken this up as a meaningful way to keep my mind occupied. 361 more words


6 Things That Are Easier as a 6th Year Teacher

School begins in less than one month. This year I have a new school, a new classroom, and new coworkers. Five years ago, I was sitting at my parent’s home in Kansas, just a few weeks away from moving out for good. 1,700 more words

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A Note On Plagiarism

As an English professor a recurring theme in my career is plagiarism. No matter how much help I offer, often times students fail to show up scheduled one on one meetings, remain confused in class, and choose to give up. 423 more words

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