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How to Land a Full-Time Job in Academia: 8 Items of Concern

Ah, the elusive full-time job in the academic world…. It is hard to come by these days. How do you get it?

I originally wanted to write a satire on the academic job search, but I figured that this approach would be less helpful. 2,011 more words

Academic Job Market

So, How Was Your First Day of School?

As a teacher, my first day actually began the night before. I didn’t sleep well, probably from the excitement and anticipation of meeting my new class the next day, and I always had a dream that I wasn’t in my classroom when my new students arrived- not a good way to start the school year. 654 more words


Teaching Practicum: First round of observation


The lecturer that observed me was very tolerable, and alhamdulillah he even asked for my permission before the observations were done! :)  Dr.Syed was a very polite man and has interesting views on psychology and education. 1,261 more words

Teaching Practicum

Prayers for Discernment: PhD Rejections

S:  Hello, this is St. Scholastica.  How may I help you?
This prayer may be recorded for quality control purposes. 

P: Holy Scholastica, I’m having a tough time with my graduate school choices, 401 more words

Welcome to "Tales From the Classroom and Lessons Learned"!

Welcome, and thanks for visiting! “Tales From the Classroom and Lessons Learned” is an education blog in the sense that my experiences as a teacher and principal help to define who I am- that may be good or bad, depending upon who you ask. 272 more words


Westfield Middle School Lesson Plans

As part of my ED228 class, I created five distinct lesson plans and then created those lessons on my own Moodle course for students at Westfield Middle School to interact with. 121 more words

Teaching Experience

Math Coordinate Lesson

The goal of this lesson was to have students identify the coordinates of a specific object on a positive Cartesian plane and place objects correctly based on their coordinates. 68 more words

Teaching Experience