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To the Students Who Will Be Teachers:

You’re thinking right now about becoming a teacher. You were probably inspired by an amazing educator. Maybe it was a homeroom teacher who got you through a bad time in your life. 1,032 more words

Letters To My Students

My summers as a dance specialist at Camp Wise

In June 2015 I embarked on the scariest but most exciting experience of my life so far and it was the best decision I ever made. 502 more words

Teaching Experience

To the "Good" Students:

I see a lot of myself in you. Studying hard, reading books, obedient to teachers, standards held high by yourself, and already as stressed out as any adult. 663 more words

Letters To My Students

To the LGBTQIA+ Students:

Hi, so I’m Bi-sexual. Yep, the rumors were true kids. If some of you asked, I was honest, but I didn’t volunteer that information much. Some of you told me in whispers that you were girls that like girls or boys who liked boys, and I was always supportive of you. 825 more words


To the "Bad" Students:

“Bad” is an awful and vague term. I’ve honestly never thought you were “bad.” Lazy maybe, sure, or unmotivated, burnt out, or exhausted because your Dad drinks too much so you can’t get home until he’s asleep. 1,248 more words

Letters To My Students

9/30/2017 GTP Desert Ridge Invitational

I’ve been working as a marching band instructor at Gilbert High School this season, it’s been a huge time commitment and has really stretched my schedule thin, but I love it. 527 more words

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistantship

I have been funded through UMBC through a Teaching Assistantship, and have had the pleasure to act as the TA for IS 303. This experience has allowed me to both refine and develop a number of skills. 44 more words

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