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This week was about adapting for me. Shortly before the class began, I was told that there was a meeting for an extracurricular group halfway through my class and that some of the students would need to leave. 396 more words

Teaching Experience

And as quickly as it began...

My last week in the school came far sooner than I expected. It felt like just the other day I walked into the classroom, extremely nervous and unsure of everything. 569 more words

Teaching Experience

Clear expectations can do wonders!

This week in my field work, I taught a lesson about median and range. The concepts were fairly simple, and my cooperating teacher had said that they had caught on to the previous topics in the chapter very quickly. 355 more words

Teaching Experience

Yes, um, You at the back!

Over the last several weeks I have been teaching a grade seven class a math unit. This week, they concluded their unit and wrote a test on Thursday. 349 more words

Teaching Experience


“The Registered Teacher Criteria have the potential to not only guarantee minimum standards of teaching, but to provide an aspirational framework of continued professional learning and development that will impact on the learning outcomes of children and young people in all settings.” 122 more words


Subjects/Topics Taught

Year 7 (high mixed ability)

  • spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • ‘Coraline’ shared novel
  • ‘Once’ shared novel

Year 8 (low mixed ability)

Teaching Experience

Timing Timing Timing!

Halfway through already! This experience has been going so quickly, it’s hard to believe there are only four weeks left. While it still feels very new and as though I am still trying to find my bearings, I have been able to begin to recognize some of my strengths and weaknesses. 322 more words

Teaching Experience