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The Truth About India: On NESTs/NNESTs Issue

Before speaking about India, let me first talk of what I thought about regarding the NESTs/NNESTs issue when I came across it for the very first time, on Twitter (I don’t remember when). 1,096 more words

Academic Qualifications

Welcome to "Tales From the Classroom and Lessons Learned"!

Welcome, and thanks for visiting! If you get a chance, please read my first post entitled “Andrew Cuomo, Teacher Applicant”. Sorry about the length- there is such frustration with New York’s Governor Cuomo and his statements and positions regarding public schools and teachers that I got carried away. 239 more words


Westfield Middle School Lesson Plans

As part of my ED228 class, I created five distinct lesson plans and then created those lessons on my own Moodle course for students at Westfield Middle School to interact with. 121 more words

Teaching Experience

Math Coordinate Lesson

The goal of this lesson was to have students identify the coordinates of a specific object on a positive Cartesian plane and place objects correctly based on their coordinates. 68 more words

Teaching Experience

Angle Math Lesson

This lesson is probably one of my favourite lessons I taught. The goal of this lesson was to have students recognize and identify acute angles, right angles and obtuse angles. 93 more words

Teaching Experience

Fraction Game

Fractions can be a difficult and often boring topic for students to learn. Therefore, for my grade five students, I decided to create a fraction game incorporating the different sub-topics that they covered such as equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions and adding and subtracting fractions. 76 more words

Teaching Experience

Apple Picking

This field trip was an amazing experience! I learned a great deal about how to manage students during a class field trip.

1. Come prepared: Have student’s personal contact information at hand as well as an medical supplies… 84 more words

Teaching Experience